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The loss of a loved one can be devastating and traumatic, turning your world upside down in an instant. No amount of money can fill that awful void, but the experienced Orange County wrongful death lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to help you fight for justice and compensation.

For many people, the last thing they feel like doing after suffering a loss is calling an attorney. But so many deaths are the result of negligence. This means that they are preventable, caused by another person or entity’s careless, reckless, or malicious actions. These are cases of wrongful death.

If you have lost someone to wrongful death in Orange County, our team can offer you compassionate support and expert legal help at this terrible time. Call (949) 203-3814, use the live chat feature on our website for 24/7 service or click here to email us. We offer a FREE consultation with no obligations.

Orange County Wrongful Death Resources

Managing partner Brian Chase discusses why it is important to have a lawyer on your side for a wrongful death claim.

Orange County Wrongful Death Lawsuits

What is wrongful death, and how do you know if you have a case? Wrongful death is a legal term. It refers to a fatality that was caused by someone else’s negligence. According to California law, survivors of the deceased victim (usually family members or dependents) can sue the negligent parties by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Several factors must be present to file a wrongful death lawsuit in Orange County, CA.

  • A human has died.
  • Negligent actions or malicious acts caused or contributed to the death.
  • Surviving family members must have suffered an element of financial loss due to the death.
  • A representative is appointed to file a claim on behalf of the deceased person and their survivors.

A skilled lawyer can recover compensation for the family members by proving these elements.

Wrongful death is a civil lawsuit and is entirely separate from any criminal action taken by police and prosecutors. Civil cases do not come with punishments such as jail time. They are designed to secure financial compensation for the victim’s loved ones.

Civil v. Criminal

The case of O.J. Simpson is a famous example of the difference between criminal and civil proceedings after a fatality. O.J. Simpson was arrested and charged with the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994. He first underwent a criminal trial but was acquitted of the charges.
However, the family of Ronald Goldman was still able to file a separate civil wrongful death lawsuit with the California courts. Civil cases have a lower standard of proof required, and they were awarded $33.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

Allowing survivors to file a civil suit has several benefits.

  • It can provide financial compensation for family members.
  • Wrongdoers are held accountable for their negligence.
  • A successful lawsuit offers some measure of justice.

Some people have mixed feelings about making a wrongful death claim in Orange County after losing a loved one. It can be a horrific and confusing time, and it is difficult to know when to seek legal advice. We are not here to tell you how you should or should not feel after the death of a loved one. Everyone processes grief differently. This is a tough time, and nothing anyone says can change that.

Let us share the burden. An Orange County wrongful death attorney from Bisnar Chase will provide compassion and support. We take care of every element of your case, allowing you to focus on getting your life back on track.

We take pride in holding at-fault parties accountable and securing the maximum possible compensation. This allows the victim to provide for the people who depend on them, even after they are gone.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Orange County

Accidents of all types happen every day in Orange County. In tragic cases, they may prove to be fatal. The following are some of the most common causes of wrongful death in Orange County:

  • Auto accidents: The roads around Orange County are busy and congested. A volume of traffic brings with it added danger. Fatal car accidents are frighteningly frequent across Southern California. Truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, and other vehicular collisions are also common.
  • Fall injuries and other premises liability: More than 40,000 people die from fall injuries across the U.S. every year. The numbers are staggering. Other premises liability accidents, in which a person is hurt on someone else’s property, also account for plenty of deaths.
  • Pedestrian and cycling accidents: Roads are not only dangerous for motorists. Foot traffic is high in Orange County due to the beautiful year-round weather. But pedestrians and cyclists, as well as e-bike and e-scooter riders, are vulnerable in the event of a collision.
  • Dangerous and defective products: Some products are poorly designed or badly manufactured. When a dangerous item malfunctions, it can be deadly. Examples include defective car parts, exploding lithium-ion batteries, and much more.
  • Workplace injuries: While most workplaces are perfectly safe, some can provide genuine dangers. For example, construction workers on a job site may face dangerous hazards that threaten their safety.
  • Violent attacks and assaults: While many common causes of wrongful death in Orange County involve accidents, some are caused by intentional violent acts or acts of violence with unintended outcomes.

These are just some of the top causes of wrongful death around OC. No matter how it happened, if you have lost a loved one to a fatal accident caused by negligence, contact the Orange County wrongful death lawyers of Bisnar Chase for guidance now.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

California law restricts who can and cannot file a wrongful death lawsuit in Orange County. This is designed to prevent speculative claims and ensure those who have suffered genuine loss are appropriately compensated.

Those in the line of descent file most wrongful death claims. This includes:

  • A spouse or domestic partner
  • The children or grandchildren of the deceased
  • Possibly the parents or siblings of the deceased

Other parties may file a wrongful death claim if they can prove they were financially dependent on the deceased. This may include:

  • A putative spouse
  • Stepchildren
  • A legal guardian

The complete laws and full guidelines are listed here.

If you are unsure if you may be able to file a claim, contact our Orange County wrongful death attorneys for expert legal advice free of charge.

Why Bisnar Chase is the Best Law Firm For Your Case

We know that competition is fierce among wrongful death law firms in Orange County. We want you to get the superior representation that you deserve. But we are also sensitive that this is a difficult time for you, and you don’t need a hard sales pitch right now.

Above all, we want you to be comfortable and confident in your choice. Below are some of the qualities that we believe set us apart as a premier firm in California.

  • Client Experience: We concentrate on the client experience. Results are essential, but we also ensure you are treated with respect and compassion at every stage of the process.
  • Regular Contact: Our team will keep in regular contact with you. Other firms can be hard to reach, but our policy is to stay in touch and keep you in the loop.
  • Free Initial Case Review: We offer a free consultation with no obligations or pressure.
  • No Win No Fee: We offer a no win no fee promise that protects our clients and makes our services accessible to all.
  • Success Rate: Our firm maintains a phenomenal 99% success rate. We win for our clients.
  • Bigger Settlements and Verdicts: Winning is important, but we also maximize the value of all claims. We have won more than $700 million for our clients.

Call us now to speak to one of our specialists and get a better feel for our firm. If you decide to sign with Bisnar Chase, we will work tirelessly to secure the best possible result in your case.

Proving Liability in a Wrongful Death Case

Several steps of liability must be proven to win a wrongful death lawsuit. Essentially, you must prove that the death was a result of negligence and has impacted the survivors of the deceased. The following criteria must be met to win your case:

  • You must show that the negligent party owed a duty of care to the deceased. For example, a property owner owes a duty of care to people on their premises, while drivers owe a duty of care to other road users.
  • The at-fault party must be shown to have breached that duty of care. A driver speeding or a property owner failing to fix a known hazard are examples of breached duty of care.
  • It must be shown that the actions of the at-fault party contributed to or directly caused the death of your loved one.
  • You must show that the death has impacted the survivors of the deceased.

A skilled Orange County wrongful death lawyer will build a strong case and maximize the value of your claim.

We will work with you to establish a body of evidence, arrange expert witnesses as needed, handle all filing and deadlines, and much more. Contact us now for a free case review to find out more about getting your case started.

What is Your Wrongful Death Claim Worth?

The damages you can claim in a wrongful death lawsuit can be divided into two categories. The first is tangible financial losses. These cover:

  • Loss of income and current financial support. This accounts for potential lifetime earnings.
  • Any medical expenses related to the death, such as treatment for fatal injuries.
  • Funeral costs and related expenses.

Family members may also be able to include non-economic damages. These are not tangible but are still very real in terms of loss. They include:

  • A loss of love, affection, and companionship.
  • A loss of moral support and guidance.
  • Protection and community.

These factors are accounted for because the law acknowledges that losing a loved one is not just about money. Their passing might impact their family members and dependents financially. But those survivors have also lost a big part of their lives. The loss of the relationship is often far more devastating, and no amount of money can replace that.

When it comes to the value of your claim, every case is different. The amount you could recover will depend on your specific circumstances.

However, we can say that the Orange County wrongful death attorneys of Bisnar Chase are highly experienced in maximizing the value of wrongful death payouts.

We have won millions of dollars for the families of victims. In one recent case, our attorneys secured an $11 million jury verdict in a rehabilitation facility wrongful death case (below).

Orange County Wrongful Death FAQs

Most people find the legal process daunting. There is a lot to take in, especially when you are already dealing with the grief and confusion of losing a loved one. We are here to simplify the process for you.

We hope this page will answer many of your questions, and some of the most frequently asked questions about wrongful death lawsuits are listed below. If you have a question that has not been answered, do not hesitate to give us a call. Once you are ready to get your case started, let us know.

Statute of limitations is a legal term that tells you how long you have to file a lawsuit. Cases in Orange County fall under California law. The statute of limitations for a wrongful death case is two years in most cases, which means you have two years from the date of death to make a claim.

Some cases are settled out of court, while others go to trial and rely on a jury verdict. The vast majority of wrongful death cases in Orange County will be settled. Juries can be unpredictable, and trials are expensive, so this method is safer and cheaper. The Orange County wrongful death lawyers of Bisnar Chase are expert negotiators and secure top settlement offers. However, sometimes the defense refuses to make a fair offer, and we are dedicated to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. Our team is also made up of tough trial lawyers and has the resources to fight for you in court when required.

Once you file a claim, how long will it take to be resolved? This depends on the case. It may be a matter of weeks, or it might take months or even years. The length of the suit will depend on lots of factors, from the manner of death to the defense of the at-fault party. We will take care of all aspects of your lawsuit during this difficult period and communicate regularly with you.

At Bisnar Chase, we offer a no win no fee promise. This is a stressful time, and you do not need to add the financial stress of covering out-of-pocket fees to that. We work on contingency, advancing the expenses necessary to win your case. If we win, we get a pre-agreed percentage of the recovery. If not, you do not owe us anything.

Wrongful Death Statistics

Accidental deaths and fatalities caused by negligence are worryingly common. Here are just a few statistics surrounding these cases:

The leading causes of death involve terminal medical conditions, most of which do not fall under wrongful death law. But the following provides a guide for accidental and malicious death causes.

Wrongful Death Orange County Causes

It should be noted that vehicle accidents and falls usually head the list. Accidental poisoning is a prominent cause of death, but that figure has spiked in recent years due to the opioid epidemic, as it encompasses drug issues.

Contact the Best Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney Near Me

If you have lost a loved one, you do not have to suffer in silence. Contact our Orange County wrongful death attorneys for compassionate guidance and superior legal representation in your case.

Our law firm has been based in Newport Beach, Orange County, for more than 45 years. We have decades of experience and have helped more than 12,000 clients.

With more than $700 million recovered and a 99% success rate, we maximize the value of your case and give you a measure of justice. Just as importantly, we are passionate about providing the best client experience. You will find our team to be compassionate and caring, while the opposition will find us to be tough negotiators who do not back down.

Contact our Orange County wrongful death lawyers now. Call (949) 203-3814, use the live chat feature on our website for 24/7 help or click here to email us.

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Great people in this office, everyone was really helpful explaining everything. I was referred by my aunt for my car accident in October and the case went pretty fast. No problems and very professional. I was kept in the loop thru the whole process and was able to get a better settlement than my insurance company said I would. I can’t really compare them to other law firms because it was the first time I had to use an attorney, but my bad experience with the car accident was handled as well as I could have hoped.

P. Montgomery
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I wasn’t sure if I needed a personal injury attorney because I’d never been in a car accident before. I assumed I’d just go straight through the other driver’s insurance but that quickly became a nightmare. I spent months fighting over the simplest of issues about my case, which was 100% the other driver’s fault. I hired Bisnar Chase to see if they could just take it over for me. I was really impressed with how much they communicated everything to me! I suddenly started getting calls from the insurance company, imagine that. My final settlement was 6 times what I asked for to begin with. Everyone I dealt with was really involved in what was best for me, not the insurance.

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I’m so impressed with this law firm. I lost my mother because of a seat defect when she was rear-ended in an auto accident and Bisnar Chase stepped up and took our case. The staff is wonderful and Brian Chase took his time explaining everything via phone with me. I’m honored to have the best of the best working on our family’s behalf, trying to get justice for my Mom, because of a negligent car company still manufacturing faulty seats. I look forward to working with this firm and am hopeful for a positive outcome. Thank you so much, Brian Chase. I know you will work your hardest on this case. God Bless you.

Natalie C.
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Bisnar Chase has been amazing with me through my lawsuit. I felt real compassion for my case and I was given their very best to make sure I was well taken care of. In addition to the great service given during my case, Bisnar Chase helped me get my son to his invited USA Football Team camp in Texas. They immediately offered to help fund the trip and are so supportive of his journey. I felt Kristi is just as excited for him as I am with this opportunity. Kristi has been an absolute delight to talk with. Bisnar Chase is more than I ever expected I could get in an attorney. I would recommend them to anyone!

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