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Orange County Unpaid Wages Attorney

Orange County Wage and Hour Attorney

If you feel that your employer has violated your rights, or would like to receive a Free Consultation to find out if they have, Call our highly experienced team of skilled Unpaid Wages Attorneys at 949-203-3814.

These days, far too many employees are being taken advantage of by greedy employers. California workers are being asked to work unfair hours at low wages with no breaks and little respect.

Minimum Wage Violations

According to the Department of Labor there were over $246 Million in back wages for 2015 compared to $240 Million the year before.

The DOL received over 22,000 complaints in 2015 alone about back wages and minimum wage violations. Employers who are found to violate minimum wage laws may be held liable for substantial settlements and verdicts if investigated properly.

One of the most important aspects of an employment lawsuit is proper investigation by attorneys who know what to look for. Many Bisnar Chase clients who received large verdicts and settlements were unaware of their employer's most important employment violations.

The Orange County Minimum Wage Attorneys at Bisnar Chase know what questions to ask and how to ask them. You can rest assured that they will uncover every violation and hold your employer accountable.

Overtime Violations and Lost Wages

It seems like common sense, but employees who work more than full time hours are entitled to overtime pay.

Some employers throughout California "conveniently" overlook such dedication and steal money directly from their employee's pockets through their refusal to pay fair wages.

  • California state law requires 1 1/2 times the regular wage for daily overtime following 40 hours worked in a week.
  • 8 hours in a day for all non-exempt employees.
  • If a non-exempt employee works more than 12 hours in a day, their employer must pay them 2 times their regular wage.

In 2008, nearly $12.8 million in back wages was awarded to more than 9,500 employees due to violations of the Overtime Security regulations (29 C.F.R. Part 541).

Although cited in substantially fewer cases, back wages that resulted from determinations that some employees were unable to meet the duties test for exempt employees was close to $4 million and was felt by nearly 2,900 employees.

Overtime violations still run rampant today, and many victims have yet to come forward to pursue claims for compensation.

Meals and Break Periods

No matter how dedicated you are to your job, your employer is required to make sure that you take a break every so often. Employees these days are under a substantial amount of pressure to outperform and outwork their coworkers, but employers are supposed to step in and make sure that we are not working ourselves to death.

Employers are required to give their employees 30 minute unpaid meal break period for every 5 hours of work performed in a day. In addition, 10 minutes of paid rest breaks every four hours are required.

These are not guidelines or suggestions, these are rules enforced by the state of California to make sure that we are working under conditions that will keep the average employee healthy and happy.

Violations may not seem to warrant extravagant monetary compensation, but results prove otherwise.

To find out if you are entitled to compensation for a employment violation please call 949-203-3814 for a Free Case Evaluation.

The Orange County wage and hour lawyers at Bisnar Chase have been working with satisfied clients for years and have successfully tried several cases that have resulted in multi million dollar settlements and verdicts.

Superior Client Representation by Aggressive Attorneys

Bisnar Chase will find out what violations your employer is guilty of and give you top-notch legal representation throughout the duration of your case.

Our Wage and Hour Lawyers have been practicing in California for over 39 Years, since 1978 and have a long history of satisfied clients. Establishing a 96% Success Rate, Bisnar Chase has won over $650 Million for our clients.

Call 949-203-3814 for a Free Employment Rights Consultation and Complimentary Case Evaluation.

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