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Brian Chase has spent decades fighting for the rights of injured plaintiffs, recovering maximum compensation. Our mission is to provide superior client representation.
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We've represented thousands of clients with great results. Winning cases for over four decades and awarded some of the top accolades in our field.
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Brian Chase has dedicated his career to helping injured people obtain justice. A top-rated and award-winning attorney, Brian works tirelessly for his clients and has an outstanding track record.
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"To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner, while experiencing high job satisfaction and making our world a safer place." That is the heart and soul of Bisnar | Chase.
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Nation’s top rated Trial Lawyers

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Top-Rated California Personal Injury Lawyers

We’ve provided superior services as California personal injury attorneys for over four decades, taking on complex cases for injured victims with winning results.Whether you’ve suffered an injury from a bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, auto defect, or motor vehicle accident, our seasoned trial lawyers, some of the top personal injury attorneys, will fight for you in and out of California courtrooms.

After a car accident, many people search online for the ‘best personal injury attorney California’ offers to fight negligent drivers. However, make sure you choose a law firm, like our personal injury lawyers in California, that aligns with your expectations and your right to total financial compensation.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Having the right legal representation from your injury law firm is essential if you’ve been involved in an accident or injured in California. Whether your injury is mild or as severe as a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, our California personal injury lawyers specialize in helping those injured due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing.

We can help you navigate the legal system and fight for the financial compensation you deserve. Finding the right tort lawyer in Southern California means researching and choosing an attorney with the experience, reputation, and resources to win your case.

Finding a California Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A California personal injury attorney helps people injured by the negligence or wrongdoing of the responsible party. From help with your medical treatment plans to medical liens, the attorney and supporting staff will look out for you and your best interests.

An experienced accident lawyer, like our California personal injury attorneys, can help you recover medical expenses and lost wages while securing financial compensation for the injury victim’s pain, suffering, and emotional distress throughout the legal process.

A California wrongful death lawyer may be able to help you with many different types of injuries, including car accidents, wrongful death, severe dog bites, and dangerous products causing catastrophic injuries.

Contact our car accident lawyers in California for immediate help and a free case evaluation if you’ve been in a recent MV collision. Call 949-203-3814. Outside of California, call toll-free at 1-800-561-4887. We’ve recovered over $800M with a 99% success rate in handling personal and bodily injury claims for injured plaintiffs and have a proven track record.

Regardless of the type of injury case, we have experienced injury attorneys in dozens of practice areas to assist you.  Our priority is to give you superior legal representation. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

A top-rated injury lawyer like the personal injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase consistently proves their skills in and out of courtrooms. They have a track record of success, which makes them highly sought-after by plaintiffs and other California attorneys. The legal advice is free, so call now. 800-561-4887.

7 Common Personal Injury Questions You May Have

  1. How much do personal injury lawyers charge in California? On average, it can range from 33.1/3 to 42%, depending on the resources committed to your case. This can include expert witnesses, depositions, evidence storage, and court file work involved.
  2. What is considered an injury claim? It is a claim you (the plaintiff) brought if you have suffered harm or injury at no fault or partial fault. It is a civil liability issue that allows injury victims to receive compensation for injuries and property damages.
  3. What is the statute of limitations for accident claims in California?  The statute of limitations in California is two years for most case types. The clock begins running from the date of the injury or accident.
  4. How long will it take to settle an accident case? This will depend on how complex or straightforward your case is. Typically, it will take 6–12 months if the case is straightforward. More complex cases can take up to two years. Many times, people are in a rush to get their cases settled quickly. Still, the attorney’s best interest is always to get the best financial compensation for you, which can take longer because of ongoing negotiations with defendants and insurance companies.
  5. How will I be paid? Your California personal injury lawyer will distribute the funds from a client fund account. After attorney fees are paid, the remainder will be sent to the client.
  6. Who can I sue for my accident? The at-fault party, whether it be a person, government entity, or business.
  7. Do I have to pay upfront for representation?  No. We work on a contingency fee basis and only charge you after winning the case. Whether it’s minor or serious injuries or the time and effort it takes to work, you will not be charged upfront.

Introduction to Managing Partner/Trial Lawyer Brian D. Chase

Nationally known and top-rated auto defect and California personal injury lawyer Brian D. Chase serves injured plaintiffs with trust, passion, and results. His California personal injury law firm has been featured on various networks, highlighting the dangers of auto defects for consumers. He is the author of two books on dangerous auto defects.

Mr. Chase is passionate about giving back to our communities with various programs he has implemented to help those less fortunate, including veterans, the homeless, and children with cancer in Southern California.

Seek Financial Compensation

If you suffered injuries in an accident that was the fault of another person or entity, you might have to overcome impossible obstacles. You have the right to seek financial compensation for the serious losses you have experienced through a serious injury case in California that holds at-fault parties responsible for their actions.

Do not speak with insurance companies before consulting with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer in California who will protect your interests, not the insurance company.

Essential issues about your case will need to be discussed, from strict liability to pain and suffering, medical bills, and economic and non-economic damages. Your California injury lawyer can protect you regarding these elements of the case.

We can help if you need assistance with injuries resulting from negligence near Newport Beach. We offer seven meeting locations throughout California, making working with our personal injury law firm convenient.

You may schedule a free consultation with our Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Riverside offices. For specialized cases, we also have a San Francisco meeting location. Our main location is in Newport Beach.

Skilled Legal Representation in California

Success in California’s injury cases can only be assured through skilled legal representation by some of the best lawyers. Bisnar Chase exclusively represents plaintiffs for serious injuries resulting from car accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, product defects, auto defect injuries, and other serious or catastrophic injuries.

Our California personal injury attorneys have the resources, expertise, experience, and talent to take on some of the most complex cases with outstanding results. We cover all of California and offer a guarantee to shield you from financial burden until your case is won.

Class-Action & Employment Lawyer

Injury compensation doesn’t just apply to auto accident or premises liability cases. Those harmed by employers or products could also recover compensation through a class action lawsuit

Our law firm has an independent class action and employee rights department to assist you with discrimination, wage and hour violations, and wrongful termination.

We also handle product class action suits, such as a data breach claim or a dangerous product that harmed you. Contact our class action and employment lawyers for a free case consultation.

California Trial Lawyers Who Win

Throughout California, defense teams and local courts know who our accident and injury lawyers are. We have spent decades in and out of the courtroom fighting for justice for injured victims in California injury cases. Our California trial lawyers put a lot of pride and work into representing the injured under tort law. Some of the best lawyers refer their most challenging cases to Bisnar Chase for a successful personal injury lawsuit.

Our reputation for winning challenging injury cases, including catastrophic brain injuries, product liability, and serious auto accidents, stands on its own. We have a 99% success rate and have collected almost a billion dollars for our clients with years of experience.

Experienced Tort Attorneys

Founded by John Bisnar in 1978, Bisnar Chase has top-rated personal injury lawyers dedicated to a superior client experience. Partner Brian Chase is a respected accident and injury lawyer nationwide, taking on some of the largest auto defect cases and defective product manufacturers. At Bisnar Chase, our award-winning attorneys have found continued courtroom success since 1978.

With over $800M won, including punitive damages, and thousands represented, our firm has earned a reputation as one of California’s premiere injury law firms. Call 800-561-4887 for a free consultation.

Success Stories

What Our Clients Say

Award-winning California Personal Injury Attorneys

We are a top-rated personal injury law firm year after year because of our commitment to excellence. Exceptional trial attorneys manage cases ranging from minor to severe injuries. Brain injuries can be deadly, typically due to car accidents or other motor vehicle collisions. Due to these serious accidents, victims usually experience severe physical and emotional damage.

Serious accidents may even result in fatalities, shattering families and sending them on the hunt for justice. Negotiating the complicated world of litigation after such an incident is necessary to obtain fair financial compensation for plaintiffs. Your California personal injury attorney appreciates the seriousness of these cases and diligently advocates for the interests of our clients.

Our California personal injury lawyers collect evidence, speak with witnesses, and defend our client’s rights to obtain favorable judgments and settlements. The law firm’s legal knowledge and experience encompasses various accidents, including truck accidents, premises injuries, serious burns, spinal cord injuries, and head trauma—these call for particular talent because of the often complex dynamics present, especially regarding auto defects.

A committed California personal injury lawyer provides free consultations to accident victims and their families, offering helpful support and legal counsel at the worst of times. They also provide significant benefits in ensuring that personal injuries are appropriately treated and that victims obtain the recovery they deserve following a major accident.

Financial Benefits of Hiring an Injury Lawyer

For those affected by a physical injury due to someone else’s negligence, working with a qualified personal injury lawyer in California is often worth the cost, offering financial benefits for both present and future outcomes.

Preventing critical mistakes in your case by shielding you from the insurance adjusters who will come for you immediately to secure a lower payout, they’ll come at you with compassion and seem very caring, but it’s all to protect the insurance company’s bottom line, not to pay you a fair settlement.

  • A study published in 2019 found that people who hire a personal injury attorney to file their claim win 31% higher settlements on average than those who don’t.
  • According to the National Center for State Courts, 84% of people working with a personal injury lawyer to settle their case receive compensation, compared to just 56% without legal representation.
  • A survey conducted by the Insurance Research Council found that people who use injury attorneys win more money faster, with the average case resolved within ten months when an attorney was used compared to 18 months for cases handled alone.
Martindale Nolo hiring a personal injury lawyer study

Other Benefits of Using a Law Firm

  • Timely advice and experienced legal guidance
  • Legal representation can help you manage your case properly
  • Professional skills and experience for maximum compensation
  • Protecting your rights with a trustworthy, seasoned personal injury attorney
  • We work to reduce medical costs and ensure medical
  • Access to your attorney and legal team when most fail to communicate efficiently
  • We use our funds to protect you from financial liability
  • Guidance in protecting your settlement funds for life

Building Strong Cases, Delivering Results

We have the financial resources, experience, and talent to handle some of Southern California’s most complex accident and injury cases. From hiring the best experts to securing evidence on your behalf, we have a duty to represent accident victims throughout litigation or the settlement process.

Browse our practice areas below for more information and how we can help you. With a near 100% success rate and hundreds of millions recovered, we can probably help you, too.

Suffering serious injuries while understanding how the laws apply to your injuries is stressful; our accident attorney will work to ensure you can recover while we do the work.

The accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase are some of the most formidable litigators in California. The damages you can recover in your injury claim depend on an excellent lawyer and legal team that get winning results. There are no upfront fees or costs, and the consultation is free.

Types of personal injury cases we take

  • Car accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Auto defects
  • Truck accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Dangerous products
  • Mass torts
  • Employment law
  • Class action

There may be other areas of practice that we can help you with that are not listed here. The specifics of your case will need to be discussed with a lawyer to determine how we can help you or whether we can refer you to an attorney who specializes in a case like yours—for example, medical malpractice or workman’s comp cases.

We have a vast network of associates and attorneys that we work with to make sure you are given the best direction possible in finding help if it is an area of practice that we do not take.

Our professional associations and relationships with legal professionals are great resources for brainstorming cases and finding the best possible direction.

Let us Prove Negligence in Your Lawsuit

In the realm of personal injury cases, the process of demonstrating negligence plays a pivotal role. Negligence, a legal concept, refers to the failure to exercise reasonable care, resulting in harm or serious injury to another individual.

To successfully prove negligence and seek appropriate compensation, it is crucial to understand the fundamental elements involved. By following these guidelines, we can more effectively navigate the complexities of establishing negligence in our personal injury cases.

1. Duty of Care: To establish negligence, it is imperative to demonstrate that the defendant owed a duty of care to the injured party. Duty of care refers to the legal obligation to act with reasonable caution and prudence to prevent foreseeable harm to others. This duty is often determined by considering the relationship between the parties involved and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

2. Breach of Duty: The next step in proving negligence is establishing that the defendant breached their duty of care. This entails demonstrating that the defendant failed to meet the standard of care expected in the given situation. It is essential to present evidence that illustrates how the defendant’s actions, or lack thereof, deviated from what a reasonably prudent person would have done in similar circumstances.

3. Causation: Causation plays a critical role in proving negligence. It requires establishing a direct link between the defendant’s breach of duty and the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. There are two key components to consider:

a. Factual Causation: This involves showing that the defendant’s actions were a factual cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. It requires demonstrating that “but for” the defendant’s breach, the injuries would not have occurred.

b. Proximate Causation: Also referred to as foreseeability or legal causation, this aspect looks at whether the harm resulting from the defendant’s breach of duty was reasonably foreseeable. It necessitates proving that the injuries suffered were a natural and foreseeable consequence of the defendant’s actions.

4. Damages: Finally, to successfully prove negligence, the plaintiff must demonstrate that they suffered actual damages due to the defendant’s breach of duty. These damages can include physical injuries, emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of income, and other quantifiable losses. It is crucial to gather and present relevant evidence, such as medical records, bills, and expert testimony, to substantiate the extent of the damages incurred.

By comprehensively addressing these elements, we can strengthen your case when seeking to establish negligence in your bodily injury claim.

Why Choose Bisnar|Chase?

American Academy of Attorneys

California has no shortage of  injury lawyers, but at Bisnar Chase, we have earned a reputation as one of California’s premier personal injury law firms. Our team of trial attorneys has the passion, drive, and desire to help others and to help make our world a safer place. Because of the cases we have fought and won, we have penalized some of the biggest corporations in the US and stood up for the consumer, who otherwise may not have had a voice. Whether it’s a motor vehicle accident or a defective product, we can help. From securing evidence to dealing with the insurance company, our legal experts and personal injury attorneys will help you or your family in the recovery of your life and make a bad situation better.


How Do I Know if I Have an Injury Case?

 In California, the most common types of serious injury cases involve car accidents (37%), slip and falls (17%), and medical malpractice (14%), according to You have the right to seek compensation from the insurance companies and the defendant if you are injured and not at fault.

 Whether it’s a car accident, bus accident, Uber/Lyft accident, or another type of personal injury like a dog attack or slip and fall, injured plaintiffs have an absolute right to seek fair compensation for everything they’ve gone through. That can include time off work, health issues related to the injury, loss of your vehicle, and other costs arising from the injury. 

Representing yourself could cost you. Our accident attorney will give you the best personal attention to ensure a successful case. Contact a personal injury attorney near you for expert help.

How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

The amount you could recover will depend on the extent of your injuries, the impact on your life, and the type of representation you have. An excellent California personal injury lawyer with decades of experience in serious accident law can yield much higher settlements than someone unfamiliar with injury law, torts, local courts, and defense teams.

Bisnar Chase is regularly sought after when an attorney struggles to get a fair settlement for their clients because we have the skill and knowledge to maximize the value of your accident claim and the resources to take your personal injury case further and with better results.

Learn more about the value of your personal injury claim.

Filing Your CA Personal Injury Claim in Time

Because California has a strict 2-year statute of limitations, you must move quickly to secure counsel. Your California personal injury lawyer will have a lot of work ahead of them in preparing your case and dealing with the insurance companies and issues that may come up, including whether the case is taken to trial.

Having everything in order and promptly turning it over to your legal team is vital to achieving the best outcome. California law is clear on your time limits to file.

Will My Accident Case Go To Trial?

Most accident and injury claims are settled out of court with the insurance companies, but a percentage will go to trial. If you hire a personal injury attorney with little to no trial experience, you risk a poor result or having to transfer your case to a more experienced lawyer later. 

That can have a detrimental impact on your injury case. All of our lawyers are trained trial attorneys. We’ve spent decades in and out of California courts, and we will always do what is best for you, not us.


How Do You Protect Me Financially?

Our no-win, no-fee guarantee ensures that you will not pay your injury lawyer until your case is won. Even after our attorney has put considerable time, money, and effort into your claim, you will not pay if the case is lost. 

In addition, we shield you from liability until the proceedings are over so that you are not worried sick about the costs associated with your case. 

Ask for your FREE consultation and case evaluation now with one of our experienced and top-rated California personal injury lawyers.  Call 800-561-4887.

How Will You Prove My Accident Case?

Many factors must be taken into consideration to prove an accident or injury claim. Did you suffer at the fault of someone else? Did the actions of another party directly lead to your accident or injury? 

Did a company or entity cause your accident or injury? We are plaintiff lawyers. This means we only represent injured parties. Our experienced personal injury law firm will use every asset to build a strong case for you. 

We will not “settle quickly” to close your case. Our goal is to get you the best compensation possible. Sometimes this takes longer, but the benefits are worth it.


Personal Injury Damages in California

Economic damages: These can be easily quantified, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

Non-economic damages: These are more difficult to quantify damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

California has no cap on the economic damages that can be awarded in a personal injury case. However, there is a cap on the amount of non-economic damages that can be granted, currently $350,000 for an individual and $700,000 for a wrongful death case.

The amount of damages you can collect will depend on many factors, including the injury’s severity, the damages’ extent, and the defendant’s fault percentage.

The plaintiff’s own negligence can reduce damages. If the plaintiff somehow contributed to the accident’s fault, the amount of damages they can recover will be less.  According to the California Bar, the average personal injury lawsuit in California is $50,000.00. Over 80% are settled out of court, but a large majority of those are because not all California personal injury attorneys go to trial. Bisnar Chase will always do what best serves you, including going to trial if needed.

Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer

Ready to take action with your accident? Contact one of our California personal injury lawyers for a free case evaluation and legal advice on your next steps.

With over $800 million recovered, we are the right legal team for your personal injury claim. Call 800-561-4887 today.

Chosen as a top-rated law firm and trial attorneys year after year with a focus on superior representation for California plaintiffs.

How Bisnar Chase Gives Back

We know a strong community means a better life for everyone living here in California. From Orange County to the Inland Empire and throughout Los Angeles, we have donated over 25,000 backpacks filled with personal care items for those in need. 

We help our veterans, single parents, schoolchildren, and the homeless gain access to items like toothbrushes, socks, blankets, water, and other items they don’t have access to.

We created Crafting for a Cause to donate blankets and caps knitted by our staff for babies in NICU wards in local hospitals.

Backpacks 4 Life Bisnar Chase community outreach