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Bisnar Chase represents victims where negligence has caused severe injuries. We make sure that unsafe drivers, dog owners, product manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies are held accountable for any actions they take that result in injury and death.

We also fight for workers whose employers did not follow California labor laws and have not received appropriate compensation for the work they have completed.

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California Personal Injury Attorneys

Contact our experienced and dedicated California personal injury lawyers for immediate help. Call 949-203-3814. Outside of California call toll free 1-800-561-4887.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by another person or organization's negligence, you may be facing insurmountable challenges. You have the right to seek injury compensation for the serious losses you have experienced through a personal injury case that holds at-fault parties responsible for their actions. Do not speak with insurance companies before you consult with a qualified and experienced injury attorney who will protect your interest, not the insurance companies.

Top Notch Legal Representation in California

Success in California personal injury cases can only be assured through skilled legal representation by some of the best lawyers. Bisnar Chase exclusively represents plaintiffs for injuries resulting from car accidents, severe dog bites, motorcycle accidents, product defects, auto defect injuries, and other serious or catastrophic injuries. We have the resources, experience, and talent to take on some of the most complex personal injury cases. We cover all of California.

Award Winning California Personal Injury Attorneys

Founded by John Bisnar in 1978, Bisnar Chase is a California personal injury law firm dedicated to a superior client experience. Trial Lawyer & Partner, Brian Chase is a respected personal injury attorney throughout the nation having taken on some of the largest auto defect cases and defective product manufacturers. At Bisnar Chase, our award winning injury attorneys have found continued courtroom success since 1978. With over $300M won and thousands represented, our firm has earned a reputation as one of California's toughest injury law firms. Call 800-561-4887 for a free consultation.

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  • “Brian Chase's life mission is to protect those injured by large corporations & negligent parties.”

    Trial Lawyer, Brian Chase

    Brian Chase on why he became a personal injury attorney

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We have the resources, experience, and talent to take on some of the most complex personal injury cases in California. Browse through our practice areas below for more information:

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California has no shortage of personal injury attorneys but at Bisnar Chase we have earned a reputation as one of the premiere law firms in California. Our team of trial attorneys have the passion, drive & desire to help others and to help make our world a safer place.

Because of cases we have fought & won, we have penalized some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. and stood up for the consumer - who otherwise may not have had a voice. Ask for your FREE consultation now with one of our experienced and top rated California personal injury attorneys! Call 800-561-4887