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California Employment Law Attorneys

California Employment Law Attorneys

The California employment law attorneys at Bisnar Chase have been fighting and winning the cases they represent for over 45 years. Our law firm has established not only a 99% success rate but a significant reputation of professionalism, compassion, experience, and skill.

Our paralegals, mediators, negotiators, lawyers, and other legal staff have won over $800 million for our clients and continue to change people’s situations, find them justice, and rebuild their lives.

The complex field of employment law encompasses many legal issues within the workplace. California law protects the rights of employees with regard to treatment in the workplace, fair wage payment, meal and rest breaks, and overtime payment.

Bisnar Chase’s California Employment Law Attorneys represent employees whose worker rights have been violated, who have not been paid for the work they have completed, and who are not given appropriate rights with regard to breaks. If you feel like you need an employment lawyer for any issues in the workplace, contact us for a free consultation at (800) 561-4887.


Employee Rights in California

Top 5 Most Common Employment & Workplace Violations

There are many misconceptions, justifications, and plain old wrongdoing by small businesses and large corporations all over the world, every single day. It’s up to you, to ensure that you know when you are being taken advantage of or led down a path that is not efficient for you, and probably not legal.

Many companies employ HR departments to ensure they are legally compliant. But in many cases, mistakes are made that impact the rights of workers.

Here is a list of the Top 5 most common employment and workplace violations that workers should know about:

  1. Not Paying OvertimeIt is not up to your employer if you are eligible for overtime pay or not. If you are non-exempt, your employer must pay you time and a half for all hours you work after 40 hours in a specified week.
  2. Misclassification of Workers: Many companies try and sneak under the radar and get away with sneaky justifications and stretching regulations. Some will treat independent contractors like employees, and also treat employees like independent contractors, allowing them to fill out a 1099 form at the end of the year.
  3. Working Off the Clock with No Pay: All non-exempt workers must be compensated for their time working, taking calls, and or other business matters when off the clock, at night, on the weekends, at home, or away from their desk.
  4. Disciplining for Social Media: The National Labor Relations Act protects employees’ ability to communicate and discuss how much they make between each other. This gives a legal opportunity to correct information being shared in the situation of a unionizing event or any other circumstance.
  5. Salary with no overtime for supervisor: According to the DOL, there is a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that states employers must pay their foreman or supervisor in charge of other employees of a manual labor position overtime, and not try and pay them a salary alone.

These are just a few examples of types of employment claims. Many others are common across California. For example, people with jobs involving manual labor, such as farmworkers and factory workers, are often subject to poor working conditions. Even if these people are undocumented workers, they can file a lawsuit against their employer.

The violations, issues, and concerns of what many businesses and corporations are getting away with are devastating, making the importance of knowing, understanding, and standing up for you, your co-workers, and your family’s rights even stronger.

You may not be the only one experiencing these violations and deceptions. They could be silently or unknowingly happening to your friends, family, and coworkers. Now that you are aware of not only what is wrong, but identifying the problem and being bold enough to hire an aggressively skilled and experienced law firm that specializes in employment law legal representation.

Let Bisnar Chase win this case for you, recovering maximum compensation, as we have for over 12,000 clients, bringing in over $800 million.

California Employment Law Trial Attorneys

We know the laws regarding California workplaces from front to back and we will let you know if your case against your employer qualifies you for compensation.

Our law firm has an outstanding team of legal professionals that work every case down to the last detail. Our California employment attorneys are also trial lawyers and take cases to trial on a regular basis.

Having superior legal representation when taking legal action against your employer is the smartest thing you can do. The lawyers at Bisnar Chase have almost 4 decades of experience winning employment rights and employment law cases.

Experiencing a violation from your employer can not only be extremely frustrating and financially devastating, but it can also cause depression, PTSD, emotional and interpersonal communication problems. These significant impacts on your personal life can be utterly traumatic and can rip families apart.

Don’t settle for a law firm that refuses to try your case or simply settle with your employer. Read the following summaries of the different categories of employment law down below.

Wage and Hour Law Violations

Wage and hour cases are seen most frequently out of all the types of cases in employment law because these cases are easily the most documented cases of employment law violations. Wage violation occurs in the following situations:

  • Employer fails to provide pay stubs with detailed information.
  • Employees are classified as “exempt” and are not given overtime pay.
  • An employer does not provide employees with 10-minute breaks for every four hours of work.
  • Employers do not provide employees with meal breaks within the first five hours of work.
  • Employer neglects to provide paid time for tasks required to properly prepare for work.
  • Employer neglects to ensure employees are meeting minimum wage requirements.
  • Employer neglects to provide second meal breaks for shifts longer than 10 hours.

Learn more about the specific California laws regarding wage and hour violations:


Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Harassment on the job and unfair wages and discrimination are the realities of millions of American workers and apply when an employee of a company legitimately fears going to their workplace due to the hostile environment they encounter there. Filing a lawsuit in these situations is difficult, but not impossible. Visit our hostile workplace environment page to see if you have a case.

Wrongful Termination

California is an “at-will” employment state, meaning an employer may terminate an employee at any time, with or without cause. Though there are exceptions to this law, like in cases of whistleblowing or discrimination, the legal language generally makes it very difficult to bring a case against a company for wrongful termination. 

Some attorneys will ignore wrongful termination cases because of this difficulty. Still, Bisnar Chase investigates evidence of wrongdoing not only within the termination process but also in other aspects of the employer’s treatment of its workers.

What are the rights of an employee when they are fired?

Employers must provide a notice of termination to their employees. This notice must contain the date on which the employer intends to terminate employment, or if the employer does not know the exact date, a good faith estimate of when it will occur.

The notice must also include information about any benefits paid out as part of termination and explain how they are calculated. An employee may be able to challenge an unfair dismissal by applying for wrongful dismissal.

A wrongful dismissal occurs when there is no reasonable cause for termination and the employer has not provided adequate notice.

Should I consult a lawyer before I am fired?

There are many reasons why you might be fired. But before you start panicking, it is important to know that there are some things that you can do to protect yourself.

If the employer has not given you a reason for the termination, it is essential to determine whether they have violated your rights. For example, if they have discriminated against you or violated your contract by terminating your employment without notice or giving a reason.

 If this is the case and the employer does not comply with their legal obligations, you should consult a lawyer before accepting any settlement offer from them. At-Will termination can apply in certain states.

What About Workplace Sensitivity

To address workplace sensitivity and implied bias, it’s important for employers to create a culture of inclusion and respect. This can be achieved through education, training, and ongoing communication.

First, employers should provide employees with training on sensitivity and bias, including how to recognize and address these issues in the workplace. This can help employees understand the impact of their words and actions and empower them to speak up when they see or experience bias.

Second, employers should establish clear policies and procedures for addressing sensitivity and bias in the workplace. This can include guidelines for reporting incidents and a process for investigating and resolving complaints.

Third, employers should regularly communicate with employees about the importance of sensitivity and inclusiveness and encourage open and honest dialogue about these issues. This can help create a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics and addressing bias when it arises.

In addition, employers should strive to create a diverse and inclusive workforce and regularly evaluate their hiring and promotion practices to ensure that all employees have an equal opportunity to succeed. This can help create a more inclusive and respectful workplace for all.

Many employment-related complaints often come down to sensitivity, not actual abuse. However, it can carry over into abuse, whether it’s emotional or escalates to physical. An employment law attorney can tell you if your abuse claims meet the standards to file a legal claim.


Important Employment Laws for California Workers to Know

Best Employment Lawyers Near Me

Employees who deal with wage violations, wrongful termination, harassment, or a hostile work environment have a right to receive compensation.

  • Attorneys specializing in wrongful termination
  • Employment contract
  • Experienced in wage and hour disputes
  • Sexual harassment representation

Our top-rated California employment law attorneys have defended workers’ rights in courtrooms for over 45 years. We have the experience and resources to take on some of the most challenging cases in the state of California, many of which were previously rejected and denied by other very reputable firms because of their lack of experience, lack of knowledge, lack of resources, and lack of ability to win their cases.

At Bisnar Chase, we will win your case, or you don’t pay anything. We have five locations to serve clients throughout the state of California and if you are too injured to travel, we can come to you.

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