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What Would Your Attorney Referral Fee Be?

Bisnar Chase has paid out 7,8 & 9 figures in referral fees for all types of cases.

We welcome you to partner with Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys in major auto product liability/crashworthiness cases and all other types of catastrophic injury cases. We also welcome your class-action and employment law cases. We have a team of eight attorneys to serve many practice areas.

Some of the Case Types You Can Refer

Some Recent Verdicts & Settlements

  • Multiple 9 – Figures
    Seatback Failure – Auto Defect

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    Caustic Ingestion – Premises Liability

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    Airbag/Restraints – Auto Defect

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    Car vs Pedestrian Accident

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    Burn Injury – Product Defect

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    15-Passenger Van – Auto Defect

  • Multiple 7 – Figures
    Door Latch Failure – Auto Defect

  • Multiple 7 – Figures
    Motorcycle Accident

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    Dangerous Condition – Government Entity

  • Multiple 8 – Figures
    Rollover/Roofcrush – Auto Defect

  • Multiple 7 – Figures
    Seat Belt Failure – Auto Defect

  • Multiple 7 – Figures
    Auto Accident

Bisnar Chase legal team

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Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys has obtained substantial verdicts and settlements in thousands of personal injury cases. We get results – because we do our homework – and we have the resources to win. Partner with Bisnar Chase or refer us to the cases you cannot take and we will compensate your firm with generous referral fees.

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Brian Chase of Bisnar Chase

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Brian Chase has seen dozens of missed cases from attorneys who did not recognize a potential case. Some of these cases came as a result of an auto defect, and the law offices that dismissed the cases were not trained to recognize or take auto defect cases. Many of these “Missed Cases” have resulted in 7-, 8-, and 9-figure settlements.

Brian Chase will come to your firm and educate your intake personnel and paralegals on how to recognize an auto defect case. Schedule a free presentation today!

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