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California Class Action Employment Lawyer

California employees have arguably the most protection from their employers than citizens of any other state in America. California's employment laws are always changing, opening the door for employers to make mistakes that could cost them millions of dollars.

On the other hand, California's complex federal and state laws leave employees with a weak understanding of their rights.

Jerusalem Beligan, a Bisnar Chase employment attorney, believes that employees are not receiving enough information to know that their employers are in violation of their rights.

"Victims of employment violations are rarely informed of the everyday benefits that they are required to take advantage of. The economic climate has left a large portion of the workforce with few options and a willingness to sacrifice their wellbeing to please their employers. California State and Federal law imposes regulations on business owners to ensure that their employees remain happy, healthy, and productive individuals. When an employer fails to uphold their responsibilities and allows employees to work themselves towards an early grave, I take great pride in ensuring those wronged receive justice."

- Jerusalem Beligan, Bisnar Chase, LLP

Mr. Beligan is a California employment law attorney who has been practicing law for a little over a decade, including recovering millions of dollars of unpaid wages to wronged employees in both individual and class action cases.

If you feel your current or former employer is acting in an unethical way toward their employees, you and fellow employees may be entitled to financial compensation. Call us now at 800-561-4887 to learn more.

Identifying California Employment Law Violations

It is not uncommon for employees to contact class action law firms to pursue compensation for violations that are minor or non-existent. For example, employees are fired from their jobs after years of dedicated service and are looking for revenge.

These former employees call up their local wrongful termination attorney, tell them the story, and then receive news that their employers had actually followed California's termination procedures. The employee adjusts to their new circumstance and the employer never gives a second thought.

Unfortunately, what some wrongful termination attorneys fail to identify are the other violations for which the employer in the example is guilty of. Employees are often unaware of their rights, so they are not equipped to know what employment law violations their employer has violated.

Beligan feels that the lack of investigation by sub-par law firms may be contributing to California employment law violations as employers continue to escape employment lawsuits.

Uber Class Action Lawsuit

Uber is arguably the most popular ride sharing mobile application service available internationally. Uber helps thousands upon thousands of people find transportation and helped others make a steady income on their own schedule.

Unfortunately, the story does not stop there. Lawsuits against Uber are increasing exponentially each day between their negligence toward customer safety to how they treat and classify employees.

According to CNN, the ride share service has been consistently juggling lawsuits between governments across the globe, passengers, drivers, and competitors for the past eight years.

One of the major issues that results in increasing lawsuits against Uber is that workers, both full-time and part-time, are considered private contractors instead of employees, and because of this, do not receive the same type of legal protection which includes overtime pay and minimum wage.

Other lawsuits against Uber include discrimination against disabled passengers, price fixing, passenger safety and the ride share's refusal to implement more strict background checks.

If you are a driver or former driver of Uber or Lyft and you are seeking compensation for lost wages and damages, our California employment law lawyers may be able to help you seek compensation.

Wage and Hour Violations

Employees are asked to work extremely long hours now more than ever and accomplish large quantities of work during their shifts. As employers continue to try and squeeze as much work out of their workforce, misclassification of exempt employees and a wide variety of other wage and hour employment law violations can go unnoticed. It is a thin line between adhering to California's strict employer laws and flying under the radar, but an experienced wage and hour lawyer will be able to examine your facts and find out if your situation qualifies.

Violations of California wage and hour law include employers not allowing legally mandated breaks, not paying overtime to workers who deserve it, not meeting minimum wage requirements, and more. Because wage and hour practices within a company usually apply to all employees the same, resulting cases against the employer usually become class action cases when multiple current or former employees join the lawsuit. Wage and hour lawsuits generally consist of unpaid overtime wages, unpaid wages, and failure to meet minimum wage requirements.

A recent example of a wage and hour class action involves the Southern Californian supermarket giant Vons, a division of Safeway Inc. In the resent lawsuit, 500 current and former employees claim that Vons, Safeway and all other companies under the Safeway corporate umbrella failed to pay their employees overtime wages for work that they performed over an eight hour shift or shifts that were less than 10 hours apart from each other. In addition, according to the class action lawsuit, Vons also allegedly falsified their payroll records to cover up not paying their employees for the overtime work that they had done. The lawsuit also claims that Vons made their employees work through their meal breaks. Plaintiffs of this class action are seeking $4 million in damages.

If you or someone you know has worked under these conditions in California, it is in your best interest to contact an experienced wage and hour employment lawyer like Beligan from, Bisnar Chase. Wage and hour law is governed by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and California Labor code and requires an intricate grasp by an experienced legal professional for proper representation.

Wells Fargo Class Action Lawsuit

Lawsuits have recently been filed against Wells Fargo from customers, employees and many other employees in between. The issues vary from Wells Fargo allegedly spamming their customers and prospects with robocalls and text spam to overdraft fees. The lawsuit that is the most shocking to hear is one that involves Wells Fargo firing and demoting employees because they refused to open fake bank accounts within the bank.

Six former Wells Fargo employees filed the lawsuit against the bank to recover damages they and their fellow colleagues sustained during their time with Wells Fargo. It has been reported that over 5300 Wells Fargo employees were fired for either failing to open fake accounts or whisleblowing via an ethics hotline about what the company was up to. Plaintiffs of this class action lawsuit are seeking $7.2 billion in damages.

If your place of work forces you to work unethically or blackmails you, we urge you to seek the professional legal council of the California employment law lawyers of Bisnar Chase. No one should have to work in these conditions.

How to File a Lawsuit Against a Company

If you feel that you were or are treated unfairly at your place of work or former place of work, call us now at 800-561-4887 to speak with Jerusalem Beligan and the rest of our lawyers at Bisnar Chase. When you call toll free, we will set up a free, no-obligation consultation with you to discuss your legal rights and to see if your case qualifies you and other employees to compensation.

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