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Working Long Hours - A Nationwide Study

Working Long Hours – Nationwide Study

A recent proposal to increase the maximum workweek from 52 to 69 hours in South Korea has sparked a controversial debate over work-life balance. In response, Bisnar Chase surveyed 3,000 American employees to determine their willingness to work longer hours.

The results showed that the average worker could tolerate a 44.4-hour standard workweek, with Alaskans having the highest working thresholds at 50.3 hours and Montanans accepting an increase of only 1 hour to 41 hours. When presented with a hypothetical scenario, 60% of respondents were willing to work longer to retire earlier.

However, 45% said the biggest downside to working more hours would be their mental and physical health risk. The survey found that a significant portion of respondents would strongly oppose any increase in the nation’s working hours, with over half stating that they would participate in street protests to demonstrate their opposition to the new law.