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The Bisnar Chase Principle: Fees & Costs

Our Unique Method of Protecting You

  • The people that become our clients are shielded from paying fees or costs if their case is not successful.
  • Our method is in writing and it is guaranteed. It will protect you.
  • You are not likely to find such protection methods with other California personal injury attorneys.

Here is the big difference, we will advance all necessary costs of your case and we will shield you from having to repay those advances if your case is not successful.

  • Our method will save you from paying the costs of your case while it is on-going.
  • Our method could save you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Our method is clearly and fully spelled out in plain language in our attorney-client agreement.
  • Our method will give you great piece of mind.

You can obtain our legal services without any money out up front or out of your pocket. Our program guarantees you that no matter the outcome of your personal injury case, you will never have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs if your case is not successful. Thousands of people have benefited from our unique method of protecting clients.

Call us at 949-203-3814 and we’ll explain it all to you without any obligation on your part.

For anyone who has been seriously injured or lost a family member due to an accident or a defective product, here are more details:

We Will Provide You With:
  1. A free, confidential legal consultation. Your consultation will include an assessment of your situation and a discussion of your options. You will come away with an understanding of your rights, options and the possibilities. You will be under absolutely no obligation to hire us.
  2. We will come to you. If you are unable to come to us for a consultation, we will come to you, provide the consultation by phone, over the internet or provide you transportation to come to us. Our out of state clients handle everything over the phone and through the mail or internet.
  3. No Upfront Costs. There are no upfront costs or fees for you to pay to get your case started. All fees and costs are paid on the back end if your case is successful.
  4. No Fee Unless You Win. As with most of the best California personal injury law firms, you will pay no fee unless money is recovered on your case, it is called a “contingent fee”. Your fee is contingent upon your recovery. No recovery, no fee. Your fee is based upon a percentage of the fee recovered for you. Your fee percentage is based upon a sliding scale and depends upon your case type, duration and its costs. Your exact fee terms will be spelled out precisely in your attorney-fee agreement. *California’s ethics rules require that costs remain the client’s responsibility. Read on, we have a way of taking care of this as well.
  5. We will advance your costs. We will advance all costs necessary to pursue your case. In some cases this amounts to a couple thousand dollars. If your case was to go to trial, it could easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Product defect cases have run over a million dollars in costs. Costs are things like expert witness fees, cost of testing, court filing fees, court reporter fees, deposition costs, document acquisition costs, presentation expenses and so on.
  6. We will protect you from repaying costs with our unique “Cost Protection Method”. California’s ethics rules require that costs are the client's responsibility.  However, as long as you follow our advice, we will not require you to reimburse us the costs we advance on your case if your case is not successful. We call this our “Cost Protection Method”. Follow our advice and you will not be at risk for the costs of your case. Our method of shielding you from costs is in writing and contained in our attorney-client agreement. See the agreement for the full terms of this benefit to you. We are not aware of any other personal injury law firm that will protect you from the costs of an unsuccessful case in this way. This could save you tens of thousands of dollars.
  7. Your questions answered and rights explained. During and after your consultation you will be encouraged to call us whenever you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your case.
  8. Your calls and emails will be answered promptly. You will receive a return phone call or return email from us within one business day, guaranteed.
  9. You will be constantly kept informed. We will call you at least once a month to check on you, update you on the progress of your case and answer any questions you may have, guaranteed. This is also a unique guarantee that is not offered by any law firms we are aware of.
  10. The best client care in the business. We make it a point to take care of our clients' comfort and concerns better than anyone in our industry. You will always be treated warmly, professionally and promptly. Come in and try us. You will feel our friendly difference immediately.
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