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Orange County Employment Attorneys

Orange County employment lawyers

Contact our team of skilled Orange County employment lawyers for immediate help with workplace legal problems. Bisnar Chase has secured major verdicts and settlements for employees in wrongful termination claims, harassment cases, and wage and hour disputes.

Employees have rights under California state laws and federal laws. If your rights have been violated in the workplace, or you have been mistreated or victimized by your employer, we can help.

Our expert attorneys have decades of experience in winning Orange County lawsuits. We deal with everything from individual claims to class action lawsuits against employers. Bisnar Chase has a 99% success rate and can win the compensation you deserve.

Orange County Employment Lawyer

Types of Employment Cases in Orange County

We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. We also expect proper compensation according to the terms of our employment.

When employers fail in these regards, you can file an employment lawsuit in Orange County. At Bisnar Chase, we handle a range of different cases. These include:

➤  Unlawful termination
Wrongful termination involves an employee being fired illegally (in breach of employment laws or the terms of their contract).

➤  Unfair wage and hour
Employees can take legal action over wage and hour violations, such as being denied minimum wage, overtime pay, proper lunch and break times, and more.

➤  Workplace harassment
When an employee is harassed or abused in the workplace – either sexual harassment or otherwise – they may file a claim, particularly if an employer knew about the problem and failed to act.

Sexual harassment in the workplace - an employer touches an employee's hand, creating a hostile work environment.

➤  Hostile work environments
Workers may have a case if they are abused or discriminated against at work, putting them in a hostile environment.

➤  Fair severance packages
Disputes over severance packages can be handled by an employment lawyer to ensure the worker gets the compensation they deserve.

➤  Class action
If several workers are mistreated in some way by the same employer, they can improve their claim by joining forces to file a class action employment lawsuit.

We represent employees across Orange County. Our Newport Beach office is centrally located near you and we offer a free consultation with a no win, no fee guarantee.

Orange County Wage and Hour Violations

One of the most common forms of employment claim filed against employers is a wage/hour violation.

Several case types fall under the wage/hour category. These include:

  • Overtime: Failure to provide owed overtime pay
  • Minimum wage: Failure to pay state/federal minimum wage
  • Wages owed: Failure to pay wages for work/time completed
  • Work expenses: Failure to pay business expenses
  • Commission/Tips: Withholding earned tips or commissions
  • Lunch and breaks: Failure to observe legally required breaks
  • Vacation time/pay: Failure to provide earned time or compensation

If you have lost out due to your employer violating wage and hour regulations, contact the Orange County employment lawyers of Bisnar Chase for help. We have a 99% success rate and will fight for you.

What is At-Will Employment in California?

An employer and worker shake hands after signing an employment contract.

California is an at-will employment state. As such, most workers in CA are considered at-will employees. But what does that mean?

It means that an employer can fire a worker without having to give a reason. As long as the firing is not for an unlawful reason, or in breach of the employee’s contract, it is fair game.

Likewise, an at-will employee can leave their role at any time without having to give any notice. At-will employment laws give employers a lot of protection, but it does not mean that they are immune from being sued.

Examples of Wrongful Termination in Orange County

Despite California being an at-will employment state, several acts may constitute wrongful or unlawful termination.

This means that you might be able to file an employment lawsuit after being fired, even if you were an at-will employee.

Under California employment law, an employer may not fire a worker for:

  • Taking time off for jury duty (230.a)
  • Being the victim of a crime or appearing in court per a subpoena (230.b)
  • Taking time off to perform emergency duty (230.3.a)
  • Taking off up to 40 hours annually (not exceeding eight hours per month) to take part in activities at the school or daycare of the employee’s child (230.8.a)
  • Revealing the wage amount they earn to others (232.c)
  • Disclosing information on their employer’s working conditions (232.5)
  • Using, or attempting to use sick leave for a child, parent, or spouse (233.c)

These are just some of the conditions that can lead to a wrongful termination lawsuit in Orange County.

It is also against the law to discriminate against a person and fire them over their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or age.

The Orange County employment attorneys of Bisnar Chase can help you win the compensation you deserve. Contact us now for a free case review.

Orange County Workplace Discrimination

A key aspect of labor and employment law is that employees must not be discriminated against. This means that a person must not face unfair treatment due to:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation
  • Genetic information
  • National origin
  • Age
  • Disability

Cases of workplace discrimination can leave workers facing a hostile environment every day. But you should not suffer in silence.

It is natural to fear reporting workplace violations or mistreatment. When you file a lawsuit against your employer, it often feels like David vs. Goliath. But our experts are here to help. You do not have anything to fear when you have Bisnar Chase on your side.

Our Orange County employment attorneys have taken on giant companies and won fair settlements for mistreated clients. We have the skill, experience, and resources to get the right result for you.

California Employment Law Labor Codes

An employee has been fired by wrongful termination and collects his belongings in a box.

As an employee, it is important to know your rights. If you are in the process of being let go, it is worth exploring any labor codes that may apply to your case.

For example, discharged employees must be given any unpaid wages promptly after dismissal, while workers are also entitled to maintain any benefits earned.

Visit the United States Department of Labor for further information.

If you have lost your job, you still have certain rights, such as the right to continue your health care coverage. You may also deserve compensation, depending on the circumstances of your termination, or the conditions of your employment.

Contact our highly skilled employment lawyers in Orange County for immediate help.

Top Employment Lawyers in Orange County

Meet the Bisnar Chase team! We have a roster of outstanding attorneys who take on a range of cases, from personal injury to auto defect. But we also have lawyers who focus solely on employment and class action cases.

Ian Silvers is a top-rated employment lawyer in Orange County, CA, who focuses on labor cases. Click through to his full bio using the link below to find out more about our talented team.

Employment and class action attorney Ian Silvers

Ian Silvers, employment lawyer:

“At Bisnar Chase we handle employment claims ranging from minimum wage violations and overtime violations to meal/rest period violations and misclassifications of employees with an outstanding record of success.

“It is our mission to help those who have been wronged by their employers. We fight for the rights of workers and take pride in holding wrongdoers accountable, while ensuring victims get the compensation they deserve.”

Our employment law attorneys are highly experienced and have won major verdicts and settlements worth millions of dollars to their clients. They aggressively represent those affected by wage and hour claims, employee class actions, harassment in the workplace, wrongful termination, and much more.

Labor laws are very strict in California, and you will need an experienced labor law legal team on your side to prove your case. Read on to find out exactly how an employment lawyer can help you, and check out some of our biggest wins in labor law cases to date.

Orange County Employment Law FAQs

If you are thinking of filing a claim against your employer or former employer, you are likely to have plenty of questions. We are here to put your mind at ease and help you through every step of the process.

Some of the most frequently asked questions of our employment attorneys are listed below. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In employment cases, Bisnar Chase only represents the employee making a legal claim. Our job is to show that you have been treated unfairly, or your rights have been violated. We start by offering a free consultation with no obligations. If you sign with our experienced employment law firm, we will assemble documents and records that support your claims. We will negotiate a fair settlement, or take your case to trial if necessary.

The statute of limitations for employment law cases in California varies depending on the type of case it is. For example, a wrongful termination claim must be filed within two years, while a wage and hour violation claim must be filed within three years. Contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

It is best to work with a trial lawyer. Many employment lawsuits are concluded with a settlement being paid to the employee. But in some cases, the claim must be taken to trial, and you will need a lawyer with courtroom experience. The employment attorneys at Bisnar Chase have a wealth of trial experience.

hen you meet with your employment lawyer, bring anything you feel may have an impact on your case. This could include:

  • Witness statements (from other employees, supervisors, etc.)
  • Employer/employee communications (email, written, phone recordings, etc.)
  • Written proof
  • Job description and performance reports
  • Pay stubs or invoices
  • An employee handbook or written policies

At Bisnar Chase, we work on contingency by offering offer a no win, no fee policy. This protects our clients from major costs and makes our services more accessible. Contact our intake team to learn more.

Employment Law Case Studies

Bisnar Chase has an outstanding track record in handling class action and employment cases. The following are some of our top employment lawsuit results:

Amount Won Case Type
$8,750,000 Wage and hour claim
$2,500,000 Employment claim (details confidential)
$2,000,000 Wage and hour claim vs. loan company that did not pay owed overtime or meal breaks
$1,750,000 Wage and hour claim vs. defendant employer that did not provide full pay or compliant meal/rest periods
$1,750,000 Wage and hour claim
$1,700,000 Wage and hour class action lawsuit
$965,000 Wage, hour, rest and meal break claim
$812,000 Class action
$600,000 Wage and hour claim
$575,000 Wage and hour claim

We have won millions of dollars for people who have been treated unfairly in the workplace. For many of our clients, these settlement amounts have proved to be lifechanging. Let us help you too.

Bisnar Chase won a groundbreaking wage and hour violation case that set a new precedent in California.

Win Compensation with Bisnar Chase

When you need an employment lawyer in Orange County, we firmly believe that Bisnar Chase offers you the best chance of success.

Our team includes two top-rated attorneys who specialize in employment law cases. We have successfully fought for the rights of employees for more than four decades. Over that time, our firm has established a 99% success rate and won millions of dollars for workplace victims.

We help people throughout Orange County, including:

Irvine Costa Mesa Newport Beach Anaheim
Santa Ana Huntington Beach Lake Forest Laguna Niguel
Laguna Hills Mission Viejo Placentia Fullerton
Garden Grove Cypress Buena Park Fountain Valley
Dana Point San Clemente La Habra Tustin

We have a great track record when it comes to standing up to large corporations on behalf of individuals. We believe in employee rights, and will fight to hold employers accountable for negligence and mistreatment.

You have rights as an employee, and we will help you fight for compensation.

Contact the Orange County employment lawyers of Bisnar Chase now. Call (949) 203-3814 for immediate attention, or submit an email form for a free consultation.

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Bisnar Chase has been amazing with me through my lawsuit. I felt real compassion for my case and I was given their very best to make sure I was well taken care of. In addition to the great service given during my case, Bisnar Chase helped me get my son to his invited USA Football Team camp in Texas. They immediately offered to help fund the trip and are so supportive of his journey. I felt Kristi is just as excited for him as I am with this opportunity. Kristi has been an absolute delight to talk with. Bisnar Chase is more than I ever expected I could get in an attorney. I would recommend them to anyone!

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Bisnar Chase is a model #veteranowned business that is purpose-driven — showing the power of patriotism in action! Because of Bisnar Chase, low-income veterans will be able to forge new futures at home through pro bono legal care. Team Veterans Legal Institute is grateful to have Bisnar Chase as a sponsor for Lawyers for Warriors — supporting the promise to be there for our veterans when they need it most.

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It was a pleasure working with such an amazing team. You will definitely feel welcomed and kept in the loop throughout the entire process. They do a great job making you feel like you are a part of their team which is how one should feel. The superb customer experience from finish to end. You can trust they will do all possible to promptly and efficiently handle your case.
Yes! I recommend this team…

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I had an attorney for my truck accident who wanted almost 60% of what my case was worth. Worse than that, he was willing to settle for $5,000.00 with the insurance company even though I was still treating for whiplash and back pain. I contacted Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys because a friend recommended them. My case was handled exceptionally well! I was being kept notified throughout the whole process and only when I was comfortable with the settlement figure, did my attorney Gavin Long, accept it. I felt like we were working together and I felt listened to. I would refer Bisnar Chase to anyone who wants quality over quantity!

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