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Orange County Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

orange county parking lot accident lawyers

Orange County Parking Lot Accident Lawyers have over 39 Years of Experience and have won over $650 Million for our clients. Having established a 96% Success Rate, our team of skilled attorneys are ready to fight and win.

The parking lot of a grocery store, beach, mall and anywhere else people park their cars can be hazardous and chaotic places.

Filled with cars, trucks, motorcycles and people wanting to get in and out quickly can establish a zone for traumatic experiences and expensive damages.

If you or a loved one has experienced a car accident, fender-bender or personal injury in result of a parking lot accident, call our experience team of Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys for a Free Consultation at 949-203-3814.

Top 6 Dangers in the Parking Lot

Parking lots can consist of small spaces, congested driving and parking areas and an increased risk factor for for many potentially dangerous situations.

Here is a list of the Top 6 Dangers in the Parking Lot:

  1. Property Damage
  2. Personal Injury
  3. Pedestrian Accidents
  4. Car Accidents
  5. Hit and Runs
  6. Wrongful Death

Even when pedestrians and drivers are fully alert, serious circumstances can lead to deadly encounters in a matter of milliseconds.

Parking Lot Accident Statistics

With the low speeds and confined space of parking lots limiting the ability of reckless drivers, the congested confines and heavy-pedestrian foot traffic of the parking lot, it can be one of the most dangerous places to be, for drivers and pedestrians.

Here are some scary statistics that will make you look twice, even three times before walking from your parking spot to the grocery store entrance.

According to a report by CBS News:

  • 2 out of 3 drivers in the parking lot are distracted
  • 1 out of 5 of all car accidents take place in a parking lot

Statistical information provided by The National Safety Council:

  • 60,000 injuries per year from parking lot accidents
  • 500+ deaths per year from parking lot accidents
  • 50,000+ crashes per year from parking lot accidents

Even though slower speeds give drivers the false-sense of having the ability to multi-task safely, it is just as distracting at 5 mph as it is at 50 mph to multi-task.

While driving through a parking lot, drivers feel comfortable:

  • Making phone calls - 66%
  • Texting - 56%
  • Emailing - 50%
  • Video Chatting - 42%
  • Social media, games and other electronic distractions are also prevalent

Top 4 Most Common Parking Lot Accidents

There are many different types of vehicles and types of drivers you may encounter in a parking lot or parking garage, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and distractions.

Here is the Top 4 Most Common Parking Lot Accidents:

  1. Wrongful Deaths - Even though traffic speed in a parking lot is considerably lower than speeds on streets and highways, the size, weight and potential danger of a vehicle is still extreme at any speed. A slow impact or fast hit can result in a casualty or fatal injury and can be experienced while walking to and from your car, waiting for a parking spot in your car, and generally anywhere, especially when dealing with negligent and reckless drivers.
  2. Pedestrian Accidents - Whether a pedestrian feels entitles or is just unaware of their surroundings, vehicles, motorcycles and even bicycles and other forms of transportations like skateboard and rollerblades can be very dangerous. Pedestrians who are on their cell phones, electronic devices and those who are wearing headphones, possibly listening to music, talking on the phone or just muffling the load outside parking lot sounds, can be an increased danger to themselves, drivers and other innocent and vulnerable lives standing nearby.
  3. Hit-and-Runs: Hit and runs are a very common factor of pedestrian accidents, car accidents and wrongful death situations. Unfortunately, hit and runs are usually a reaction of a driver who does not want to deal with the situation, has prior history with the law and does not want it to impact him or her or is negligent and oblivious to the severity of the circumstances. If you witness a hit and run accident, try and get a license plate, color, year, make and model of the hit and run vehicle. If possible, photos and videos can be very helpful, especially when identifying the suspect. It is in no way indicated that Bisnar Chase is advising you to gather this content and information based on the potential danger you could be subjected to when doing so. If you happen to have any of this information throughout the process of witnessing a hit and run accident or any other crime, such information will be beneficial. If witnessing a ht and run, pedestrian, car accident or any other type of accident or crime, call 911, seek medical attention if you were harmed and do not move, touch or contaminate the crime scene in any way. Remember to stay alert, safe and take your own health and safety as a number one priority at all times.
  4. Fender-Benders: Fender-benders can be hazardous to drivers, passengers as well as by-standers. Flying debris, violent impacts, serious and fatal injuries are major possibilities. Being rear-ended, side impacts, sudden acceleration, head ons, brake, windsheild wiper and other auto defects can cause fender-benders and car accidents, pedestrian accidents and can result in serious injury and death.

Parking Garage and Parking Structure Hazards

As if parking lots were not dangerous enough, parking garages, parking structures and other types of enclosed parking areas have an increased amount of hazards and dangers consisting of:

  • Low-hanging ceilings
  • Steel Cables
  • Tight and narrow surface area
  • Concrete beams
  • Elevated levels
  • Poles, posts and other metal structures

Other hazards pose the increased risk of:

  • Failure of structure or support beams
  • Collapse; especially in areas prone to earthquakes
  • Premise liabilities

Experienced Legal Representation that Wins

Our team of dedicated and skilled Orange County Parking Lot Accident Lawyers have established a 96% Success Rate and havewon over $650 Million for our clients. With over 39 Years of Experience, our lawyers, paralegals, legal advisors and staff have the resources, ability and know-how to take a complex case, and win.

Another reason to call Bisnar Chase, if we don't win your case, You Don't Pay.

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