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Riverside Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

riverside parking lot accident lawyers

Our team of Riverside Parking Lot Accident Lawyers have the ability to take a complex case and win. We have proven this over and over, establishing a solid 96% Success Rate. Our clients are family to us and our staff of paralegals, mediators and other important employees at Bisnar Chase are dedicated to ensuring that you and your case always come first.

Parking lot accidents happen every single day, varying from minor fender-benders, to fatal pedestrian hit and runs. Every situation is important and must be handled appropriately and with the utmost respect.

If you have experienced an accident or personal injury in a parking lot accident, contact our Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers.

Bisnar Chase has won over $650 Million for our clients and wants to invite you and your case to be a crucial part of our award winning success.

For immediate assistance Call 951-530-3711, and receive a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation. If we don't win, you don't pay.

Negligent Parking Lot Design and Maintenance

design of empty riverside parking lot People utilize parking lots to temporarily park their vehicles, motorcycles, bikes and other forms of transportation, so they can take care of what needs to get done in our busy lives.

Getting some grocery shopping done, enjoying a night at the movies, even working our daily jobs. Besides the every day hazards of reckless drivers and all types of accidents that take place in parking lots and parking structures, poor design and negligence maintenance is a huge factor.

Many parking lot designs have been overlooked and have actually been made to act as a perfect recipe for carnage. Some poor parking lot design flaws can consist of:

  • No stop signs
  • Tight and narrow parking spaces
  • Aisles designed for two cars that only fit one or less
  • Poorly illuminated or no lighting at all
  • Design that gives singular lane priority, causing overall traffic and backups
  • Faulty stop lights
  • None or too many crosswalks

For information on parking lot rules and regulations, visit

Top 3 Most Common Parking Lot Accidents

Drivers and pedestrians feel safe in parking lots and parking garages because of the slow speeds and confined spaces, limiting a drivers excess ability of motion and over-maneuverability. This is a false and misleading thought process.

It is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous being a pedestrian and or driver in a parking area. Here is a list of the Top 3 Most Common Parking Lot Accidents:

  • Hit-and-Runs - Whether the hit and run victims are walking or jogging pedestrians, cyclist, skateboarders or on some other form of transportation, hit and runs happen every day. The hit and run suspect avoids stopping, checking on the victim and calling for medical attention and exchanging insurance information because they do not want to deal with the situation out of pure negligence, has a prior history with the law, or the hit and run was intentional. If you witness a hit and run, call 911 and give any information you may have, but always stay alert and take your health and safety as a priority.
  • Pedestrian Accidents - Pedestrian accidents can be related to distracted driving, reckless driving, auto defects and road rage. Many pedestrian accidents can result in serious injury and death because of the weight ratio between a person and a vehicle.
  • Fender-Benders - Fender-benders are prevalent in parking lots and parking structures because of the tightly situated parking area and congested traffic. Rear-endings, side swipes, head-on impacts and other types of fender-benders can all be minor with no injuries, to severe with catastrophic injuries. Never take any fender-bender or car accident lightly. Always seek medical attention and file a police report so documentation of injuries are related to the accident.
riverside parking lot fender bender

If We Don't Win, You Don't Pay

Bisnar Chase wants to make sure you are properly represented by the best legal staff available. Our team of parking lot attorneys have over 39 Years of Experience and have won over $650 Million for our clients.

We will fight the good fight and always stand by your side. Our firm will also advance all costs and enable leans to make sure you are taken care of for when we win your case. If we do not win your case, you do not pay us anything.

Why Avoid Immediately Contacting Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies are in the money making business. As much as they tell you they are your friends and want to help you as much as they can, they will play hardball from the beginning, to ensure they give the least amount of money, saving them the most amount of money.

Our skilled and experienced staff of paralegals negotiate with insurance adjusters every single day and understand what it takes to get you the most money possible.

Many people will agree to pay off in cash and avoid minor to severe fender-bender and car, pedestrian and other types of accidents. This is a bad idea for a few reasons:

  • Damage Invisible to the Eye: While it looks as though there is a minor scratch, crack, ding or dent, it is very possible and very common that the frame of your vehicle was torqued, bent and manipulated which can harm your vehicles health and cause major problems down the line, and quite possible result in a serious or fatal car wreck.
  • Medical costs: Many rear-endings result in whiplash. Because of your body going into shock or not feeling the pain right away, you could experience severe neck, back or other body pain in the following days after the accident. Medical bills, doctors visits, treatments, physical therapy, medication and other aspects of seeking medical attention can quickly add up, and without insurance coverage from the person who hit you, if you paid everything off under the table, there is nothing more you or we can do.
  • Don't Ruin Your Chances of Maximum Compensation: Many people will contact their insurance provider to get the process going as soon as possible. The only problem is that insurance companies want to make sure they don't pay out as much as they have to. They want to give as little as they have to, regardless of your situation.

There are massive benefits to having insurance, but knowing when to contact them, how to do so and understanding your Insurance Legal Rights in California is a necessity.

In order to get maximum compensation, you should contact our skilled and dedicated team of Riverside Parking Lot Lawyers and receive a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation.

Contact our Riverside Office.

For immediate assistance Call 951-530-3711.

Top 5 Parking Structure Hazards

As if parking lots were not dangerous enough, parking structures and parking garages can be a scary place when it comes to reckless driving, congested traffic and enclosed spaces.

There are many hazards but the Top 5 Parking Structure Hazards are as follows:

  1. Concrete poles, beams and steel supports and cables
  2. Premise liabilities (stairs, elevators, railing, etc)
  3. Risk of structure failing or collapsing (especially in earthquake risk locations)
  4. Elevated levels
  5. Low-hanging ceilings

riverside parking garage structure top 5 hazards

Parking Lot Accident Statistics

You wouldn't think parking lots are on of the most common places for accidents, but they are. Here are some statistics provided by a CBS News report that will make you look twice before crossing the street from your parking spot to the store entrance.

  • 25% of all parking lot accidents are caused by vehicles backing up. It is advisable that you watch out for other drivers and pedestrians while doing so.
  • NHTSA estimates that 22% (more than one-fifth) of children between ages 5 and 9 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. Most of these accidents occurred because drivers failed to see kids while backing up their vehicles.
  • 1 out of 5 car accidents take place in a parking lot
  • Tragically, an average of over 500 people (drivers and pedestrians) were killed each year in parking lot accidents.
  • 50,000+ crashes per year from parking lot accidents
  • 60,000 injuries per year from parking lot accidents

Legal Representation for Parking Lot Accidents

Our team of Riverside Parking Lot Accident Lawyers know what it takes to fight and win a case, and have proven it time and time again, establishing a 96% Success Rate.

Bisnar Chase attorneys, paralegals and other legal team staff have won over $650 Million for our clients and strive everyday to help peoples lives and make the world a safer place.

With over 40 Years of Experience, we have the knowledge, resources, reputation and skill to take on complex cases and win maximum compensation.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a parking lot accident or has experienced a personal injury in a parking lot accident, contact us for a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation.

For immediate assistance Call 951-530-3711.

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