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Working with a Riverside truck accident lawyer is the best way to ensure you are fully compensated after a crash. The Bisnar Chase team has a 99% success rate and takes great pride in protecting the rights of Riverside truck crash victims.

Our team puts a focus on the client experience. We are here for you when you need us most, providing unparalleled support during this challenging period and maximizing the value of your personal injury claim. Contact us now for a free consultation with no obligations – call (951) 530-3711, email us, or use our website live chat.

Riverside Semi Truck Accident Resources

Commercial Trucking Accidents in Riverside

Riverside County has significant truck traffic compared to other areas, including other major cities across the Inland Empire. For one thing, the county has nearly 2.5 million residents, creating massive trucking and transportation needs. The Riverside area has also become a hub for giant industrial distribution centers.

More than 700 industrial warehouses are in and around Riverside, including a 1-million square-foot Amazon distribution center. These massive demands have left Riverside and the surrounding cities with masses of truck traffic. Thousands of commercial trucks rumble through the area every day, including semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and more.

Commercial truck accidents in Riverside can be deadly. Big rigs are colossal vehicles and are more challenging to control than regular cars. When involved in a collision, a semi-truck will cause immense damage. The chances of a victim in a smaller vehicle suffering catastrophic injuries are high.

When you are involved in a crash, it is vital that you contact a Riverside trucking accident attorney at Bisnar Chase as soon as possible. We will handle every aspect of your claim to secure compensation for you while you focus on recovery.

Commercial Trucking Regulations Help with Safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established regulations to ensure commercial truck drivers’ safety and the public’s well-being. Regulations require drivers to maintain a commercial driver’s license, register with the FMCSA, obtain a US Department of Transportation (DOT) number, and carry mandatory minimum insurance.

There are also extensive laws on the maximum size and weight of commercial truck shipments, as well as loading laws and much more.

Additionally, hours of service requirements are in place to help combat driver fatigue, and new training requirements have been established to ensure all commercial truck drivers are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable of their vehicles. These regulations are essential to combating the high number of daily commercial truck accidents. More oversight is still needed.

Types of Riverside Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents in and around Riverside can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. Because these vehicles are so large and difficult to control, they require special licenses for drivers to operate them. But major accidents still happen. These are just some of the most common types of truck wrecks in Riverside:

  • Lane change crashes:

One of the most dangerous aspects of truck driving is its blind spots. It can be challenging for truck drivers to identify when cars are alongside them or approaching quickly. That can make changing lanes extremely dangerous and significantly increase the chance of a semi-truck collision.

  • Rear-end truck crash:

 18-wheelers and other large trucks are extremely heavy. That means that their braking distance is enormous. A truck driver cannot slam on the brakes and stop quickly. Sudden blockages or driver inattention can result in a large truck crashing into another vehicle from behind, known as rear-ending.

  • Jackknife truck accident:

When a semi-truck jackknifes, the trailer part swings out to one side rather than being pulled straight behind the truck cab. Jackknifing might occur due to sudden braking, icy conditions, or improper loading, and it can be almost impossible for the truck driver to regain control.

  • Head-on collisions:

If a truck driver veers across lanes because they are tired or distracted, they could be involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle.

  • Tire Blowout:

Everyone has seen the shredded remains of large truck tires at the side of the freeway. Large trucks carry heavy cargo, and it is not uncommon for their tires to fail. Tire issues may include a puncture, tire blowouts, or tire separation. When it happens – even with 18-wheelers – it can be difficult for the driver to keep control.

  • Truck rollover accident:

A rollover crash occurs when a truck leaves its wheels and tips over onto its side or roof. These massive commercial trucks have a high center of gravity, especially when loaded incorrectly. Improper loading can leave the trailer unbalanced and prone to rolling, particularly at high-speed corners.

  • Underride Accidents:

Underriding refers to a smaller vehicle crashing into a truck trailer and becoming caught underneath it. An underride accident will usually cause severe damage to the smaller car and put the truck at risk of losing control. These types of major accidents often result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.

  • Auto defect:

Auto defects can contribute to a commercial trucking accident, including seat-back failure and roof crush.

No matter how your accident happened, you should contact our Riverside truck accident lawyers, who will fight for your rights. You need to work with an attorney who will put you first. At Bisnar Chase, we are here to help in any way we can.

Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents in Riverside

A crash involving a passenger car and a semi truck can be deadly for those in the car due to the massive size and weight disparity between the vehicles. There are many potential causes for a truck wreck in Riverside, from driver error to terrible road conditions. Below are just some of the top reasons:

  • Speeding:

Everyone is in a hurry, especially commercial truck drivers with a tight schedule. If a truck exceeds the speed limit or cars around a trailer are speeding, it dramatically increases the chances of a crash.

  • Driver fatigue:

There are strict regulations on truck drivers’ hours on the road. But commercial truck drivers can still suffer fatigue after long road hours. Exhaustion can lead to reduced attention or reflexes.

  • Improper loading:

If a truck trailer is not loaded correctly, it may result in an unbalanced and unsafe truck or even unsecured cargo spilling into the roadway.

  • Driving under the influence:

When truck drivers (or other motorists on the roads) drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it can put everyone around them at risk, these substances significantly affect reflexes and decision-making.

  • Distracted driving:

Drivers who use their phones or eat and drink while driving, causing them to look away from the road, can put all road users at risk.

  • Semi Truck defects:

Sometimes, an accident will result from a fault with the vehicle rather than a human error on the roads. Some examples include brake failure, defective truck trailer hook-ups, tire separation, etc.

  • Road issues:

In some cases, trucking accidents result from problems with the road itself. Road issues could include everything from a poorly designed intersection with low visibility to a highway covered in dangerous potholes that cause a truck to veer out of control.

  • Weather conditions:

We do not often get adverse weather conditions in Riverside. But when it rains, it can cause severe problems on the road. Visibility issues and skid risks can lead to severe truck accidents.

  • Maintenance:

Negligence in completing proper inspections or truck maintenance can cause extreme dangers for large commercial vehicles. For example, a broken turn signal or tail light on a tractor-trailer rig could be deadly.

If you or a family member have been involved in an accident involving large trucking vehicles in Riverside, contact our personal injury lawyers for a free case review. We will discuss the details of your case and give free legal advice on whether you could have a claim and the amount we could aim to recover for you in compensation.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Truck Crash Claim?

We always advise potential clients to work with an attorney. We know, that sounds biased. But we genuinely believe that it is the best course of action. The period in your life immediately after an accident will be a stressful whirlwind.

You may have to get your vehicle fixed, get to appointments with a doctor or physical therapist, and much more. The last thing you need on top of that is to deal with the insurance companies and legal system.

Skilled Riverside County truck accident lawyers will take the burden from you and make sure every aspect of your truck accident claim is handled on time so that you can focus on your recovery.

Hiring a lawyer for a truck accident in Riverside is even more critical when you have been involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle and sustained a significant injury.

The truck driver is likely to be represented by their trucking company, with endless resources to fight against your claim. If they have professional negotiators on their side, you should have the same.

Most truck accident lawsuits start with settlement negotiations with the at-fault party’s insurance company. But those insurers are not on your side. They are actively working against you, trying to settle truck accident claim for as little money as possible.

Our experienced truck accident lawyers in Riverside County will either secure a maximum value fair settlement or will be able to escalate your case and take it to trial if necessary.

Choosing the Right Truck Accident Law Firm in Riverside

As shown above, you must hire a personal injury attorney to maximize your chances of success. But there are tons of truck accident lawyers across the Inland Empire. How do you know which law firm to choose?

We believe that Bisnar Chase stands apart from the competition. Below are just a few of the qualities that we can bring to your case:

  • We have won millions of dollars for injury victims in truck accident cases
  • We have a 99% success rate
  • Extensive experience
  • Available 24/7 through phone, chat and email
  • Our law firm has been in business for more than 45 years
  • Bisnar Chase has a national reputation for auto defect cases
  • We maximize the value of cases, with more than $800 million won to date
  • Our team includes trial lawyers who are just as comfortable fighting for you in the courtroom as they are at the negotiating table
  • We offer a fee structure on a contingency basis. There are no upfront fees

But it is not just about the numbers. We pride ourselves on offering compassion, support, and the best client experience possible. We are dedicated to doing right by you and will keep in regular contact to provide claim updates.

At Bisnar Chase, we have the skill, experience, and resources to take your case. We will not rest until we recover the compensation you deserve. Trust us to fight for you.

What to Do After Being Injured in a Truck Crash in Riverside

If you and your passengers were involved in a truck accident, you must remain calm. Your party’s actions after being injured in a truck accident can affect your ability to receive compensation from the at-fault party. After a truck accident, it is essential to:

  • Seek medical attention:

A vital part of the truck accident claims process is establishing the extent of your injuries. If you see a doctor that same day, it establishes when you were hurt and documents the severity of your injuries. You should visit a doctor even if your truck accident injuries are minor. If you fail to see a doctor immediately, the insurance adjuster may claim that you were not truly injured.

  • Collect evidence: 

You or someone on your behalf will need to gather evidence. Besides license and insurance information, you should collect the name of the trucking company and the Department of Transportation numbers on the truck and the trailer.

  • Locate witnesses:

In addition to the contact information for the truck driver, you may want the contact information for anyone who witnessed the crash. It would also help if you noted any nearby businesses that may have captured the crash on video surveillance cameras.

  • Take photos: 

If you have a phone that can take photos, immediately photograph the crash scene. Take shots from different angles and perspectives. Show the vehicle damage and take photos of your truck accident injuries to better assist your truck accident attorney in Riverside with your case. It may prove useful to photograph your injuries as they heal as well.

Contact a Riverside truck accident attorney:

Perhaps the most crucial step is getting an expert representative. Please note that you should not worry if the severity of your injuries prevents you from carrying out any of the steps above. Your lawyer will work with you to build a case.

In the News: Riverside Truck Fatal Crashes

No one goes out at the beginning of the day expecting to be involved in an accident. But truck accidents happen every day across California. Here are just a few incidents that have hit the headlines in Riverside County recently:

  • Man Died After Crash Near Riverside Involving Two Semi-Trucks

A 49-year-old man died when his car collided with two trucks on Interstate Freeway 215 near Central Avenue. Four freeway lanes were closed as emergency services tended to the victim after the accident in September 2020. He tragically died from his injuries.

  • Fatal Accident Involving Riverside County Firetruck

A crash between a Riverside firetruck and a pickup truck left one man dead and two others injured. The collision happened at the intersection of Etiwanda Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard. The pickup driver died at the scene, while two firefighters were injured.

  • One was Killed and Several Injured in a Collision Between a Car and Box Truck

A van veered across lanes into the path of a large box truck, causing a crash that sent the van spinning out of control. The accident happened on the southbound 215 freeway near the Moreno Valley interchange. The van driver died in the collision, while six others – including children – were injured in November 2021.

Truck Accident Statistics US & California


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin (FMCSA), there were almost 350 trucks involved in fatal accidents in one year alone. California had over 100 fatal truck accidents and over 3000 non-fatal truck accidents.  Truckers killed in these accidents were around 850 in 2020, and almost 5000 fatal accidents. In California, over 4000 fatal truck accidents involved commercial vehicles.


The statistics show precisely how dangerous commercial truck accidents can be.

  • A big rig with a trailer full of cargo weighs about 80,000 pounds – roughly 25x the weight of a mid-sized sedan.
  • There are about 500,000 truck accidents across the U.S. every year.
  • In 2019 there were more than 5,000 deaths resulting from fatal truck accidents.
  • The annual truck accident fatalities have risen by more than 36% in the last decade.
  • Of those involved in truck wrecks, 67% of fatalities were the occupants of smaller passenger vehicles.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an accident involving a big rig or box truck, contact a Riverside truck crash attorney at Bisnar Chase for a free consultation.

What is the Average Settlement for a Semi Truck Accident?

Everyone wants to know how much they could win if their personal injury lawsuit is successful. The truth is that every case is different, and the amount that we recover for you will depend entirely on the circumstances of your accident and the extent of your truck accident injuries.

However, we can say that we have won hundreds of millions of dollars through settlements and jury verdicts for victims of motor vehicle accidents. Some of the factors that impact the amount recovered include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damage
  • Compromised quality of life
  • Lost ability to work in a chosen profession
  • Emotional trauma

What are economic and non-economic damages?

Economic damages refer to the monetary losses caused by an injury. This includes medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

Non-economic damages refer to the non-monetary losses associated with an injury, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

Is there a maximum compensation?

California drivers must carry liability insurance with limits of $15,000 per person for bodily injury, $30,000 per incident, and $5,000 for property damage. These limits can be much higher for commercial truck insurance policies, often up to a million. Most commercial truck companies carry a very high insurance premium to protect the companies’ assets. 

An attorney who wants to settle your case quickly should raise red flags. We are detail-oriented top-rated trial lawyers who will work very hard to get the best outcome for your case, including continued negotiations and using experts.

Riverside Truck Accident Lawsuit FAQs

We want you to be fully informed when you decide whether to take legal action and which law firm to work with.

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question not answered on this page, give us a call.

There are several potentially liable parties in Riverside truck crash cases. The accident might have been caused by the negligence of the truck driver, truck manufacturer, operators of other vehicles involved, or even city authorities if poor road conditions contributed to the accident. We can name multiple parties in accident lawsuits. Contact a Riverside truck accident lawyer at Bisnar Chase to ensure all responsible parties are held accountable.

Yes, you can still file a lawsuit if you were partly at fault for an accident involving a truck, according to California’s comparative negligence laws. The court will account for your actions and reduce the financial recovery, according to how much blame you share. But you can still win significant compensation.

We need to file your claim with the Riverside courts within two years of the accident. It is better not to wait too long, as that can make it harder to assemble evidence and build a strong case. Contact us now to get started.

Most cases are settled before trial, either with the at-fault party’s insurance company or their defense team. That is because it is safer for both sides, eliminating the unpredictable nature of a jury and guaranteeing compensation. However, it is necessary to go to trial to make sure you get the justice and compensation you deserve in some cases. Bisnar Chase has an excellent courtroom record.

The length of time it takes to resolve a truck accident claim will vary from case to case. Some can be settled quickly out of court, while others can take longer, especially if they go to trial. Do not be put off by the timeframe. Put your case in the hands of an experienced attorney and let them handle it.

Common Injuries Sustained in Riverside Truck Accidents

A truck accident in Riverside, CA, can be fatal. The massive size and weight of trucks make them capable of crushing smaller vehicles. Many of the most devastating injuries result from high-speed collisions on the highway, but serious injuries can also occur even in low-speed collisions.

Truck accident victims often incur significant medical expenses as well as hospitalization and rehabilitation costs. They may also lose their income due to taking time off to heal from their serious injuries.

Car occupants involved in these accidents often suffer catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Bone fractures
  • Amputations
  • Neck and head injuries
  • Concussions
  • Internal bleeding
  • Burns
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

It’s important to note that you have rights when it comes to these types of injuries as an accident victim. Our truck accident attorneys in Riverside can help inform you of your rights and seek compensation for your injuries.

No Win No Fee Truck Accident Attorneys

It is best to work with a law firm that protects you from the massive out-of-pocket costs that are often associated with filing a personal injury lawsuit. To do this, Bisnar Chase offers a no win no fee promise to all clients.

The no win no fee guarantee is a well-established system for injury law firms. Essentially, you do not pay unless we win for you. We advance all the costs and fees necessary to win your case, including filing fees and the costs required to build a body of evidence to prove your case. These costs might involve paying for investigators, expert witnesses, and more.

If we recover compensation for your injuries, a percentage goes to our firm to cover those costs. That percentage is governed by California law and is agreed upon before you sign with us. Anyone can afford to take legal action under our no win no fee agreement.

Contacting the Best Riverside Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me

It is important to remember that the trucking companies have defense attorneys and insurance companies protecting their best interests at all times. These companies have the potential to have their people at the crash site shortly after the crash, collecting evidence and gathering information that will help protect them against a personal injury lawsuit.

It is important that victims get someone on their side who will offer that same protection and peace of mind to them while keeping their best interests in mind. This is our mission at Bisnar Chase.

Bisnar Chase Riverside truck accident lawyers know what it takes to stand up and fight on behalf of our injured clients and win. Our personal injury attorneys have more than three decades of experience and during this time our firm has provided:

  • A 99% success rate
  • Over $800 million won for our clients
  • Serving Riverside since 1978
  • Served over 12,000 clients
  • No upfront fees

We are here to make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries. We have the skill and resources to take on even the largest companies and win for you. We have 5 locations throughout California so that we are near you when you need us.

Contact a Riverside truck accident lawyer at Bisnar Chase now. Call (951) 530-3711 to set up your free consultation and case evaluation. Alternately, use our website to send us an email or chat to someone 24/7 through the live chat feature. If you cannot come to us, we will come to you, and you don’t pay unless we win.

Riverside Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a truck accident and are not at fault or even only partially at fault, you may have a case. Contact our Riverside truck accident lawyers for a free consultation and to see if you have a personal injury case.

  • No fee if we don’t win
  • Over $800M recovered
  • 99% success rate

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Bisnar Chase has been amazing with me through my lawsuit. I felt real compassion for my case and I was given their very best to make sure I was well taken care of. In addition to the great service given during my case, Bisnar Chase helped me get my son to his invited USA Football Team camp in Texas. They immediately offered to help fund the trip and are so supportive of his journey. I felt Kristi is just as excited for him as I am with this opportunity. Kristi has been an absolute delight to talk with. Bisnar Chase is more than I ever expected I could get in an attorney. I would recommend them to anyone!

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Great people in this office, everyone was really helpful explaining everything. I was referred by my aunt for my car accident in October and the case went pretty fast. No problems and very professional. I was kept in the loop thru the whole process and was able to get a better settlement than my insurance company said I would. I can’t really compare them to other law firms because it was the first time I had to use an attorney, but my bad experience with the car accident was handled as well as I could have hoped.

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