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Riverside Rollover Accident Attorneys

Riverside Rollover Accident Attorneys

A rollover accident is a type of car accident that results in the vehicle rolling over on its side or roof.

The most common causes of a rollover are:

  • – Oversteering, which is when the driver turns the steering wheel too much and loses control of the vehicle.
  • – Understeering, which is when the driver turns the steering wheel too little and loses control of the vehicle.
  • – Loss of traction due to ice or snow on a roadway.
  • – Impact from another vehicle.
  • – Driver error: Exhausting, distracted driving or intoxication.

But some rollover accidents are caused by defective design and those accidents must be investigated to not only compensate the victim, but to prevent future accidents that could harm or kill someone else.

Riverside rollover accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase have a long and successful track record of representing seriously and catastrophically injured clients.

We hold at-fault parties be it negligent drivers or manufacturers of defective vehicles accountable for the injuries and losses sustained by the victims. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Riverside rollover accident, please contact us right away to discuss your legal options.

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Riverside Rollover Accidents

What Is A Rollover Accident?

A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle tips over to its side or completely overturns onto its roof. This type of a crash can be extremely dangerous because it often results in catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Even victims who survive Riverside rollover accidents suffer major injuries such as bone fractures, neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries that result in permanent physical disabilities.

These types of injuries can affect not only the lives of the injured victims, but also their family members. Injuries resulting from a motor vehicle rollover can take a long time to recover from and cause permanent disability. Because rollover accidents are typically so violent, the damage tends to be severe including major neck and back injuries as well as traumatic brain injuries.

Because of the higher center of gravity of vans, trucks and SUVs, a tip-over accident is more common and trying to slow down the momentum is almost impossible once the vehicle begins to roll.

Surprisingly, about 55% of rollovers don’t happen on curves or on/off ramps. They are typically on the wide open roads and highways. 

Rollover Crash Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rollover crashes account for about a third of all passenger fatalities. In fact, there are over 280,000 rollovers resulting in approximately 10,000 traffic deaths each year in the United States. About three percent of accidents are rollover crashes but of those, there is a high rate of fatality. 

You can certainly reduce your chances of being fatally injured in a rollover by wearing a seatbelt. Passengers who are properly buckled are 75 percent less likely to sustain fatal injuries in a rollover.

Rollovers Involving Vehicle Defects

In addition to negligent drivers, rollover accidents are commonly caused by auto defects as well. Rollover crashes could be caused by:

Tire defects

Tires are the most important part of a car. They are used to move the vehicle from one place to another. There are many defects that a tire can have. These defects can be classified into two major categories: manufacturing defects and wear-related defects.

Manufacturing defects happen when the tire is being made and include things like air bubbles in the rubber, incorrect thicknesses, or wrong chemical composition. Wear-related defects happen after tires have been used for some time and include things like cracks in the sidewalls, worn treads, or worn belts inside the tire.

Brake problems

The brake defect is a safety issue that can be potentially life-threatening. The brakes are an essential part of the car and if they are not working properly, it can lead to accidents and injuries.

Brake defects are caused by many factors, for example the manufacturing process or the materials used in the brake pad.

Poor vehicle design

Poor vehicle design is a huge problem in the automotive industry. The car companies have been designing cars that have inherent dangers.

There are more than 33,000 vehicle-related deaths in the United States every year. Poor design has made it difficult for drivers to  drive effectively, and due to this, there are more accidents. The design of these cars is a major contributor to these fatalities.

Steering failure

Steering wheel failure caused by defective steering inputs is a serious issue that can lead to a lot of accidents and cause death. 

When your steering wheel fails, it means that it has become disconnected from your wheels or there is something wrong with it. If this happens, you will not be able to control your car and could cause an accident or get into an accident with another vehicle on the road.

Vehicle stalling issues

If your vehicle has a stalling defect, it can be a very serious situation, especially if you are on a freeway or highway and can result in serious rear-end collisions

When safety features fail during a rollover crash, serious injuries can occur. For example, if an airbag fails to deploy in a violent rollover crash, the vehicle’s occupants will not be protected and are likely to suffer major traumatic injuries. The vehicle’s occupants could get partially or fully ejected if a seat belt fails. If a seat belt collapses during a rollover collision, severe or catastrophic injuries could occur.

Injuries from a Motor Vehicle Rollover

Injuries from a rollover accident can be very serious and even life-threatening.  These injuries are usually caused by the sudden stop of the car causing the body to slam into something like a steering wheel or dashboard.

Some of the injuries that can occur in a rollover accident include neck injuries, back injuries, and internal injuries.  If you are involved in a rollover accident, it is important to get medical attention as soon as possible.

Rollover Prevention

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce your chances of being injured or killed in a Riverside rollover accident.

  • Mind your speed. In addition to obeying the speed limit, it is advisable to slow down while making turns and in wet conditions. Speed could cause drivers to lost control of their vehicles.
  • Stay focused. A sudden jerk of the wheel can cause your vehicle to tip over. Distracted drivers sometimes fail to notice changes in traffic and roadway conditions that could have been avoided. If a distracted driver looks up at the last moment, he or she may try to jerk the wheel, resulting in a rollover.
  • Stay sober and alert. Drowsy and intoxicated drivers are more likely to let their vehicles drift off the roadway. Many rollover accidents occur after a car leaves the roadway when the driver attempts to turn back into traffic.
  • Choose the right vehicle. Top-heavy vehicles are more likely to tip over in an accident. This is why so many rollovers involve large SUVs, passenger vans, minivans and pickups. Many SUVs have been redesigned to make them wider and lower to the ground, but they are still more likely to roll during an accident than smaller passenger cars.
  • Avoid debris. Some rollovers result from debris on the roadway. It is dangerous to strike large debris or to jerk your wheel to avoid debris. Try to make slow, measured turns to avoid hazardous conditions and report roadway debris to the authorities.
  • Wear a seatbelt. During a rollover, the momentum of the occupants will continue. Those who are not secured inside the vehicle can get partially or completely ejected. Ejection injuries are often catastrophic or fatal because the victim undergoes trauma during the initial crash, when crashing into the window and when striking the ground.
  • Inspect your vehicle. Having properly inflated tires and well maintained brakes will reduce your chances of getting involved in a rollover crash.
  • Obey traffic signs. Rollovers involving multiple vehicles often result from broadside collisions. If you yield the right-of-way at intersections and obey traffic control devices, you are less likely to be involved in a T-bone accident.

Contact a Riverside Rollover Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a rollover accident, it is important that you remain calm and notify the authorities. Seek medical attention right away and gather as much information as possible from the scene of the crash.

Injured victims should consult a Riverside Rollover Accident Lawyer and can seek compensation from the at-fault parties for damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost future income
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact our award-winning Accident Attorneys at 951-530-3711 for a free consultation.

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