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Riverside Amusement Park Accident Attorneys

Riverside Amusement Park Accident Attorneys

Riverside Amusement Park Accident Attorneys are here to represent you and your loved ones.

Theme Parks can be a great way to spend a free day with friends and family, however, when park staff becomes negligent to the safety of their attendants, things can take an ugly turn for the worst if you get injured on a ride or simply navigating through the park.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury at an amusement park, contact our team of skilled Riverside Amusement Park Accident Attorneys. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the physical and emotional pain suffered as a result of injury.

The lawyers at the Bisnar Chase law firm have a collective total of over 40 years of experience and service representing personal injury cases including victims of amusement park accidents in Riverside and the Inland Empire. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Call to talk to our Riverside Personal Injury Lawyers now at 951-530-3711 if you've been injured in an amusement park accident and need an attorney in the Riverside area.

Dangers of Theme Parks

With a short travel, residents of Riverside can be at any number of theme parks in under an hour. Riverside residents have the luxury and privilege of entertainment options that many other cities in American have.

California amusement and theme parks such as Castle Park, Disneyland, Disney's Californian Adventure, Magic Mountain, Scandia, Universal Studios, Sea World, Legoland and Knott's Berry Farm attract` millions of people from all over the country into our great state each year.

Amusement parks are big businesses and the popularity and increased competition among amusement parks drives owners to create rides that are higher, faster, and scarier than the next.

While amusement parks have tremendous safety and security measures in place, unfortunately, this desire for hosting the most extreme rides leads to a greater number of more severe accidents. Injuries that occur at amusement parks are the result of:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Structural damage
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Missing safety equipment
  • Lap bars or safety restraints that malfunction
  • Improper assembly or maintenance of rides
  • Negligent operator behavior

In the ABC News video below, a tragic accident at a waterslide amusement park is the result of a ride defect.

These failures or malfunctions can cause broken or bloody noses, skin lacerations, broken ribs and limbs, whiplash, brain hemorrhages, paralysis and even death.

In the past several decades, over a dozen people have died at amusement parks. A relatively low number, however when non-death injuries occur, they can be catastrophic causing permanent injury like the young girl in New Jersey who lost both feet when a cable snapped and cut them off or the young man who was decapitated from the Batman roller-coaster in Georgia.

Six Flags has had a history of accidents and injuries throughout the country. Research shows a lot of injuries happen when people disobey safety orders like staying behind all gates and fences of rides.

Still, some people disobey the safety signs and hop over fences to retrieve items they may have lost on the ride, typically hats and wallets. Those people put themselves in great danger.

Other injuries are not always caused by guests of the park but rather negligent security or failed safety equipment. Recently in Ohio, three people were shocked while they stood in line at a carnival when a live cable came loose.

One of the injured was an 8 year old boy seriously injured by shock while leaning on a guard rail while standing in line.

Wrongful Death Claim

If you have lost a loved one due to an amusement park accident, you may be able to recover financial compensation such as pain and suffering, funeral costs, loss of future income, companionship, etc.

Contact our team of wrongful death attorneys to discuss your situation with a Free Consultation and Case Evaluation. For immediate assistance Call 951-530-3711.

Injuries and catastrophic results need to be properly represented so that those who are to blame are held fully accountable for what they have done.

Don't let it go without doing what is right. Let Bisnar Chase represent you and your family so that we can bring peace of mind and help with financial problems in relation to the amusement park accident you have experienced.

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Lawyers will advance all costs, cover medical bills and make sure you are completely taken care of, because If we don't win your case, you don't pay.

Get The Best Legal Representation

Find out if you have a personal injury case for a theme park injury during your free consultation with Bisnar Chase.

Premise liability cases such as these can be complex and the legal system hard to maneuver without the help of a trained and experienced Riverside amusement park accident lawyer. Our attorneys are very experienced in premise liability cases and have won over $650 Million for over 12,000 clients.

Call us at 951-530-3711 for a Free Consultation..

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