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Riverside Product Liability Lawyers

Riverside Product Liability Lawyers

Riverside Product Liability Lawyers at Bisnar Chase are here to help and represent you and your Product Liability or Product Defect case.

We put our trust and faith when buying toys and other items for our children, friends and loved ones.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys have won over $650 Million for our clients and have established a 96% Success Rate over the last 39 years.

Let Bisnar Chase represent you and win your case.

If you have experienced an injury in result of a defective product, contact our highly skilled Personal Injury Attorneys. For immediate assistance call 951-530-3711, and you can receive a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation

You Should Be Able To Trust What You Buy

Whether it's buying Christmas presents, birthdays gifts, grocery shopping or even back to school shopping, we never expect what we're buying to cause us personal injury.

When large corporations or even small businesses sell a product that results in a consumers injury, sickness or death, they must accept responsibility and be held accountable to the fullest extent.

Especially when we are buying and using products for our children, friends, family and loved ones, we should not have to deal with a posionous reaction, explosion, burn, laceration, traumatic head injury or other serious or potentially fatal injury.

No Company Too Big for Bisnar Chase

Enormous corporations around the world like large retailers, auto makers and sporting goods manufacturers provide products and services we are supposed to count on for our safety and well-being.

When these safety guarentees are proven false at the expense of the consumer, large corporations need to be held accountable.

Bisnar Chase will go up against anyone. Our attorneys have taken on and won against the largest auto makers, automotive part manufacturers and other automobile industry giants and are ready to do so for you.

Top 10 Scariest Defective Products

According to Time Magazine, this is a full list of of the Top 10 Most Prominent and Scary Product Recalls in History:

Statute of Limitations in Riverside

It is good to not be impulsive and strategically analyze all aspects of any situation.

When taking a legal approach, understanding everything about your case, what to do and what not to do, shows the importance of having a skilled Riverside Product Liability Lawyer to represent you and your case, making strategic decisions and making an impact in the outcome of your case.

While being strategic and selective throughout the process of your case, understanding you only have so much time to file a case, before the incident becomes irrelevant due to waiting too long.

Waiting too long will make it legally impossible to take any legal action, resulting in you losing your compensation you are entitled to.

Make sure you get in contact with our team of lawyers as quickly as possible.

For immediate assistance and a Free Case Evaluation and Consultation, Call 951-530-3711.

You Don't Pay Anything

Bisnar Chase understands this is a very difficult time for you, mentally, physically and financially. When you choose our firm to represent you and your case, we will cover and advance all costs throughout your case.

If we do not win your case, you do not pay anything, meaning everything we advanced and covered is complentary on Bisnar Chase.

Keep in mind this contingency guarentee is a great benefit for you, but we do have a 96% Success Rate, have won over $650 Million for our clients and have over 39 years of experience.

To find out if you have a claim contact our Riverside Product Liability Attorneys for a Free Case Review. We will go over the case with you free of cost. If we represent you, there will be no fee unless we win.

Call us today at 951-530-3711. We will fight for you!

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