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Huntington Beach Product Liability Lawyer

Huntington Beach product liability lawyers

A skilled Huntington Beach product liability lawyer at Bisnar Chase will help you win maximum compensation if you are injured by a dangerous or defective product.

Many items are sold with dangerous flaws. Sometimes, manufacturers cut corners to save money. Other times, they design a poor product that puts consumers in danger. The cause does not matter; those responsible for the product can be held accountable thanks to California’s strict liability laws.

When you or a loved one suffer due to a dangerous product, recover the compensation you deserve with the help of a top-rated personal injury law firm in Huntington Beach.

Bisnar Chase is a top choice, with a 99% success rate and more than $800 million won for our clients. Our mission is to provide superior representation while emphasizing client care.

We provide a free consultation with no obligations and a no win, no fee guarantee. Contact us today by phone, text, email, or live chat to find out if you have a case.

Product Liability Resources in Huntington Beach

What is Product Liability?

Product liability is a legal term. It refers to the legal responsibility of a manufacturer or producer of consumer goods if the item is faulty or malfunctions and causes injuries to a user.

Sometimes, companies admit they have made mistakes and issue a voluntary recall. In others, they will fight against any accusations of wrongdoing.

There are countless examples of people suffering injuries due to defective products and manufacturer negligence, with more than 30 million injuries occurring every year in the U.S.

If you have a product liability claim, contact a top-rated law firm today for help.

What Types of Product Liability Claims Do We Handle?

At Bisnar Chase, we handle product liability claims involving all sorts of consumer goods. These include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicles: More than 25 million cars are recalled every year due to potentially dangerous faults that can cause motor vehicle accidents. Our firm has a national reputation for dealing with auto defect cases such as airbag failures.

  • Electronic gadgets: A lot of electronics have the potential to cause serious injuries when they malfunction or are designed poorly.

  • Lithium-ion batteries: Many electronic devices, such as mobile phones and vaping devices, are fitted with lithium-ion batteries. But these batteries can ignite without warning.

  • Toys and other products for children: Products for infants and youngsters must have strict safety standards to ensure they are safe for young users. This includes everything from sleeping rockers to toys.

  • Micro-mobility products: Electric scooters, e-bikes, and hoverboards have been linked with serious accidents and injuries, even when used as intended.

  • Pharmaceutical: We have handled claims involving various medications that have later been found to cause serious side effects and long-term issues.

  • Defective medical devices: A medical device or implant is meant to improve your quality of life. But a faulty device can be catastrophic. Common cases involve hip implants, mesh products, and breast implants.

  • Tools and equipment: Power tools and construction equipment, from drills to scaffolding, must be in good working order. The stakes are high when this type of equipment fails.

  • Household and industrial products: Many well-used products have been found to have deadly defects. For example, Roundup weed killer and basic talcum powder have been linked to certain cancers.

Those listed above are just a sample of the cases we handle. If you believe you may have a claim, contact an experienced product liability lawyer at Bisnar Chase for guidance.

How Do You Know If You Have a Product Liability Case in Huntington Beach, CA?

The simplest way to know if you have a product liability claim is to contact our team at Bisnar Chase. Our intake specialists will discuss the details of your accident and provide detailed advice.

We can only take personal injury cases involving physical injuries. If you have a valid claim and we can take it on, our team will talk you through the signing process and then get to work for you immediately.

If we cannot help, we will refer you to another firm or provide other options you could explore.

To prove your case, we must build a body of evidence establishing that:

  1. The defendant was involved in the chain of distribution of a defective product.

  2. That the defect existed when it left the possession of the defendant.

  3. That you (the plaintiff) used the product as directed or intended, or in a reasonable manner.

  4. You suffered harm due to the defect.

We encourage all clients to document their injuries. Write an account of your accident and take pictures of any visible injuries every week. We can also collect medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and expert testimonies to help establish your case.

Do not delay. Contact us at Bisnar Chase today for a free consultation.

What is Manufacturer Negligence in a Product Defect Case?

A successful product liability claim will typically revolve around one of the following forms of defect:

  • Poor design: This is when the product’s initial design includes inherent issues that could put consumers in danger.

Example: Several infant rockers were recalled due to a dangerous design defect that allows children to roll over or suffocate if they fall asleep.

  • Manufacturing mistakes: Defective manufacturing could involve using substandard materials or making mistakes in the assembly process.

Example: If a low-grade material is used for a vehicle seat belt that breaks under pressure, or a seat belt pillar loop is fixed in the wrong position in a vehicle, it could make the belt fail in a crash.

  • Lack of testing: Most products have strict standards and must be tested to ensure their safety before being released to the public. A failure to conduct proper quality control can leave manufacturers unaware of unreasonably dangerous conditions.

Example: A battery-operated device could be prone to combustion under long hours of use. But this problem will only be revealed if thoroughly tested before release.

  • Failure to warn: Every product must provide proper instructions, including warnings of any potential dangers. Any warning should also carry safe age guidance. Not doing so is a failure to warn.

Example: If a toy with small parts does not carry an age restriction and a choking warning, it could be given to a child who is too young and could be injured by the product.

Other forms of negligence could include false advertising and incorrect or potentially dangerous packaging.

Our skilled product liability lawyers serving Huntington Beach will conduct a thorough investigation to prove that defects exist in your dangerous product case.

Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

If you have suffered injuries due to a dangerous product malfunction, you are bound to have questions. It is natural to want to know as much as you can about the legal process, and who you are filing a claim against.

The liable party is the individual or company responsible for the defect and accident. That is who we will file a claim against.

In product defects cases, the most common liable parties include:

  • Designers.

  • Manufacturers.

  • Third-party companies.

  • Retailers.

  • Marketing teams.

Sometimes, one company will handle every element of distribution, from design and assembly to packaging and marketing. In other instances, some of these tasks might be outsourced.

Liability could belong to anyone involved in the chain of distribution, depending on the circumstances of the case. That might include the retailer that stocked the product.

Multiple companies can be named as defendants in a product liability lawsuit. An experienced attorney will include anyone sharing an element of responsibility to seek compensation for injured victims.

Types of Injuries Suffered Due to Dangerous Products

Accidents caused by dangerous or malfunctioning products can cause various injuries. Some are relatively minor, such as abrasions, burns, and broken bones. In most cases, you will fully recover from this type of injury, but you might still be able to file a legal claim.

However, some accidents result in catastrophic injuries that impact the victim for the rest of their life. These can include:

  • Amputations.

  • Nerve damage.

  • Scarring.

  • Traumatic brain injuries.

  • Spinal cord damage.

A victim might even suffer fatal injuries. In this event, a victim’s family member can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the deceased. Our product liability attorneys are here to provide superior representation to victims and their families across the Huntington Beach area.

Product Liability Laws in California

At Bisnar Chase, we handle defective product cases in Orange County and across Southern California. We take pride in serving residents of the Huntington Beach area, with a primary office in Newport Beach for easy access to our product liability attorneys.

Cases in Huntington Beach fall under California state laws. Relevant laws include:

Strict liability statute: In most personal injury cases, the plaintiff must prove the defendant was negligent. But that is not always the case in defective product cases, where California’s strict liability statute applies. This means that when a product is dangerous when used in a reasonable manner, those responsible for designing, manufacturing, selling, or marketing the product may be strictly liable for any injuries it causes.

Statute of limitations: There is a time limit on filing a claim over a personal injury legal issue in California. The statute of limitations is two years, and the clock starts running from the date of the injury. Some timelines are less cut and dried than others. For example, if you develop cancer after using a product, you may not have an exact date to work from. In this case, the clock starts when you become aware or should reasonably have been aware of the injury.

Contact us today for a free case review and ensure you have a top product liability attorney on your side.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

We understand that filing a lawsuit can feel daunting for a lot of people. That is especially true in product liability cases.

A product defect claim will pit you against large companies with serious resources at their disposal. These cases take a lot of time and work.

Going solo against the legal teams of major companies and corporations is a non-starter. But working with a skilled attorney is the best way to protect your rights.

Our team will help you every step of the way.

  • We offer a free consultation and work on contingency to protect you from out-of-pocket costs.

  • Our team will keep in regular contact as your case progresses. Unlike some other law firms, we are easy to reach.

  • We will collect evidence and build a winning case, including conducting depositions and hiring experts.

  • Your attorney will handle communications with the opposing side. You need trained negotiators on your team for this type of case.

  • We are always ready to go to trial if a settlement cannot be agreed upon. Not all law firms have the resources or experience to handle large trials. But we have a great trial record and will take your case all the way.

Most claims that enter litigation are resolved through an out-of-court settlement. This is because trials are costly, take longer, and can be unpredictable.

If a fair settlement can be agreed upon, that is often the best option for both sides. But we have an outstanding track record when securing favorable jury verdicts. If the defense plays hardball, we are ready to go to trial for you.

Whether your claim is resolved through settlement or verdict, our firm has extensive experience and is the top choice for you.

What is Your Case Worth?

In seeking financial compensation, it is important to strike the right balance. We want to be realistic, but any award should cover the bills you are left with after an accident, project future costs, and – in some cases – punish the at-fault company and ensure it is held liable.

We typically seek compensation for factors including:

  • Medical bills.

  • Lost wages if an injury prevents you from working.

  • Ongoing care and projected future medical treatment costs.

  • Property damage.

  • Pain and suffering.

  • Punitive damages to punish the defendant.

It is the job of your product liability lawyer to maximize the value of your case. At Bisnar Chase, we have a track record of securing the top possible outcome.

Some of our top product liability case results include:

  • Auto Product Liability: $32,698,073

  • Defective Seat Back Failure: $24,744,764

  • Auto Product Liability: $14,443,205

  • Product Liability: $12,248,000

We are passionate about holding commercial giants accountable and make it our mission to fight for justice.

Free Consultation and a No Win, No Fee Promise

You can contact us by calling, texting, sending an email, or submitting an inquiry through our website live chat.

When you do so, you will speak to or be contacted by one of our team members. This initial consultation is always free for all clients, giving you the legal guidance you need without paying anything.

We will continue to protect you financially if we sign your case. Our firm offers a no win, no fee promise, also called working on contingency.

Essentially, this prevents you from paying out any initial up-front costs. We take care of all the costs required to get your case going. This can include filing fees and hiring experts and investigators to build your case.

When we win, a pre-agreed percentage of the settlement or verdict will go toward covering our costs and fees. The majority goes straight to you. But if we don’t win, you pay nothing.

We believe in the no win, no fee system. Anyone who suffers an injury caused by a defective product should not have to worry about whether they can afford a lawyer. This system makes our legal services affordable for everyone.

Product Liability Statistics

Graph showing that product liability lawsuits have the highest average compensation of any personal injury cases.

Defective Product Class Actions

A class action lawsuit could be filed by a group of people suffering from the same dangerous product condition. The class could involve two or more people.

Class actions are particularly likely in product cases. That is because when a product is mass-produced, a fault may exist in all or many of the units.

For example, if a safety issue exists in a car, many vehicles from the same production line will likely carry the same fault. Anyone injured due to the defect could join the lawsuit, adding weight to the case.

A class action could see a plaintiff from Huntington Beach join other plaintiffs nationwide.

Product Liability FAQs

Let us answer any questions you might have before taking the plunge with a faulty product lawsuit. If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please get in touch. We will be happy to answer any queries you have.

In most product defect cases, you have two years from the date of the injury to file your claim. There may be exceptions, so please get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible.

Breach of warranty is an element of contract law relating to defective goods. It is a pillar of legal liability on which to base a case when you are injured by a product that does not meet the terms of its warranty.

All products must include instructions for safe operation with prominent warnings of any dangers associated with the product’s use. Failing to do so is a “failure to warn” and can make the manufacturer liable for injuries.

All cases are different. Some are resolved through a quick settlement, while others can involve lengthy trials. Contact us for more information based on the specifics of your case.

Best Product Liability Lawyers in Huntington Beach, CA

When you or a loved one suffer due to a defective product, you need to work with a law firm that you trust and can depend on.

At Bisnar Chase, we have helped thousands of satisfied clients win the compensation they deserve. Our statistics speak for themselves.

  • 99% success rate.

  • More than $800 million recovered for clients.

  • Over 12,000 clients served.

  • Locally based members of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce.

We firmly believe that you should base your decision on more than just numbers. We will maximize the value of your claim, but we will also provide unparalleled care and support. Our team commits to providing regular case updates, helping you to arrange medical appointments when necessary, and much more.

Our team takes everything off your plate, providing superior representation with a personal touch. We have earned our place as one of California’s top personal injury law firms.

Contact a top-rated Huntington Beach product liability attorney at Bisnar Chase today. Call (949) 203-3814 or use the contact tab on our website to submit an inquiry by email. You can also talk to a representative 24 hours a day through our live chat feature. We look forward to hearing from you.

Product Liability Lawyers in Huntington Beach

Contact us at Bisnar Chase if a dangerous or defective product has injured you. A skilled Huntington Beach product liability lawyer will help you win maximum compensation after an accident involving faulty or malfunctioning consumer goods.

We handle cases involving vehicle defects, faulty electronics, poorly-designed medical devices, and much more. We handle claims throughout Orange County and have a 99% success rate, with more than $800 million recovered for our clients. Contact our top-rated trial attorneys today for a free consultation.

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Bisnar Chase Review - Natalie

I’m so impressed with this law firm. I lost my mother because of a seat defect when she was rear-ended in an auto accident and Bisnar Chase stepped up and took our case. The staff is wonderful and Brian Chase took his time explaining everything via phone with me. I’m honored to have the best of the best working on our family’s behalf, trying to get justice for my Mom, because of a negligent car company still manufacturing faulty seats. I look forward to working with this firm and am hopeful for a positive outcome. Thank you so much, Brian Chase. I know you will work your hardest on this case. God Bless you.

Natalie C.
Bisnar Chase Google Review

It was a pleasure working with such an amazing team. You will definitely feel welcomed and kept in the loop throughout the entire process. They do a great job making you feel like you are a part of their team which is how one should feel. The superb customer experience from finish to end. You can trust they will do all possible to promptly and efficiently handle your case.
Yes! I recommend this team…

Queen V
Bisnar Chase Google Review

I had an attorney for my truck accident who wanted almost 60% of what my case was worth. Worse than that, he was willing to settle for $5,000.00 with the insurance company even though I was still treating for whiplash and back pain. I contacted Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys because a friend recommended them. My case was handled exceptionally well! I was being kept notified throughout the whole process and only when I was comfortable with the settlement figure, did my attorney Gavin Long, accept it. I felt like we were working together and I felt listened to. I would refer Bisnar Chase to anyone who wants quality over quantity!

Lauren B
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Bisnar Chase has been amazing with me through my lawsuit. I felt real compassion for my case and I was given their very best to make sure I was well taken care of. In addition to the great service given during my case, Bisnar Chase helped me get my son to his invited USA Football Team camp in Texas. They immediately offered to help fund the trip and are so supportive of his journey. I felt Kristi is just as excited for him as I am with this opportunity. Kristi has been an absolute delight to talk with. Bisnar Chase is more than I ever expected I could get in an attorney. I would recommend them to anyone!

Christina Del Real

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