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Huntington Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Huntington Beach bicycle accident lawyer

A top-rated Huntington Beach bicycle accident lawyer at Bisnar Chase is on hand to help you recover maximum compensation if you are injured in a cycling crash.

Huntington Beach is a cycling hotspot, with thousands of riders pedaling (or e-biking) through the area every day. But bicyclists are vulnerable. When a cyclist is hit by a car or falls from their bike at high speeds, they are often left with severe injuries.

When another party’s negligence causes your injuries, you need a skilled legal team on your side to secure fair compensation. At Bisnar Chase, we have an outstanding team of personal injury lawyers based in Huntington Beach. We have a 99% success rate and have made it our mission to ensure justice is done.

Contact our dedicated team of legal professionals now for a free consultation. We offer a no win, no fee promise and have a long track record of success spanning more than four decades. Call (949) 203-3814 or contact us online today to find out if you have a case.

Huntington Beach Bicycle Accident Resources

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle accident claim involves any crash resulting in cyclist injuries. Many more of these accidents happen across Orange County than most people realize.

But why do we see so many cycling crashes, and what are the most common causes of bike accidents in and around Huntington Beach?

  • Careless and reckless driving: Many bike accidents involve a cyclist being hit by a vehicle, such as a car, truck, or bus.

  • Road conditions: Bicycles are not as good at compensating for poor surfaces as larger vehicles. Potholes, damaged road surfaces, and a lack of signage and proper bike lanes frequently cause accidents.

  • Weather and visibility: Poor weather can make conditions slippery and dangerous for cyclists. It can also make the rider harder to spot for motorists.

  • Cyclist error: Sometimes, the cyclist will make a mistake or a poor decision that contributes to an accident. But that does not necessarily stop you from filing a legal claim, depending on the circumstances of your accident.

Contact Bisnar Chase to put your bike accident claim in good hands. Our team of seasoned bike accident attorneys handle countless claims just like yours. We can maximize your compensation and put you on the road to recovery.

Dangerous Driving is Fatal for Cyclists in Huntington Beach

Dangerous driving can have disastrous consequences for bike riders, causing catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. It can include:

  • Tailgating cyclists: This is a hazardous behavior, but unfortunately, it is very common. Drivers often become frustrated when stuck behind a slow cyclist, especially on smaller roads without cycling lanes, such as downtown areas. They will get too close to the back of the bike and risk causing an accident.
  • Distracted driving: One of the top causes of car accidents in California, distracted driving can involve texting, setting a GPS or putting on a podcast, eating, drinking, or anything else that takes a driver’s eyes off the road and potentially causes a collision with a rider.
  • Speeding: Traveling at dangerous speeds above the marked limit makes it more likely for a car to collide with a bicycle. Higher speeds also make serious injuries more likely.
  • Illegal moves: When drivers ignore the rules of the road, it can cause accidents. This might involve running a stop sign, running through a red light, and other similar scenarios.
  • Careless driving: Sometimes, a driver might fail to take proper care. For example, they might make a left turn but fail to spot a cyclist on the other side of the street because they are focusing solely on the oncoming traffic.
  • Driving under the influence: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs reduces reaction time and massively increases the likelihood of a crash.
  • Drivers ‘buzzing’: Another common occurrence is a maneuver called buzzing – when a driver passes a cyclist but comes much too close to the bike. A small mistake turns buzzing into a collision.
At Bisnar Chase, we handle car accidents involving bikes and pedestrians that result in physical injuries. Bicycle accident victims can contact us now to secure first-class legal representation. A good bicycle accident lawyer can be the difference in thousands of dollars in compensation over a lawyer not seasoned in this type of case.

Bike Riding in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a cycling hotspot. In particular, the oceanfront has dedicated bike paths and is always filled with recreational riders. Orange County has plenty of bike trails, including the Huntington Beach bike path, starting where Warner Avenue meets Pacific Coast Highway near Bolsa Chica State Beach.

The most popular section is the six-mile stretch from Huntington Beach Pier to Newport Beach Pier. Other routes include the Santa Ana River Trail, south of Huntington State Beach.

You can also see PCH packed with large groups of cyclists at weekends, while youngsters riding to school and commuters cycling to work are familiar weekday sights. The city has plenty of bike shops and rental locations offering standard bicycles, electric bikes, tandem bikes, surrey cruisers, and more.

Injuries to Bicycle Accident Victims

The injuries you sustain from a bike crash can be life-altering. The initial impact with an object or vehicle can cause plenty of damage on its own. But the fall from the bike and the secondary impact with the road surface can be just as bad.

Once on the ground, an injured cyclist is also vulnerable to further collisions with oncoming vehicles. Common injuries include:
  • Scrapes and bruises.
  • Broken bones.
  • Road rash.
  • Head and neck injuries.
  • Back injuries.
  • Whiplash and concussions.
  • Spinal cord damage.
  • Crush injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
At Bisnar Chase, we handle cases involving physical injuries, and almost all bike wrecks result in significant bodily harm. Contact us now to get the ball rolling with your case.

What to do After a Bike Accident

After being involved in a bike accident, you need to take any possible steps to protect yourself, both in terms of physical injuries and your legal rights.

In the most severe cases involving catastrophic injuries, you should not move. Wait for emergency treatment. However, if you can move:
  • Report the accident. Stay calm and contact the police. Let them know if your injuries require the presence of paramedics at the scene. We can request a copy of the police report at a later date.
  • Document the accident. If you can do so, take pictures of the scene and circumstances of the crash. Take photos of your injuries, as well as the damage to your bike and any other vehicles involved.
  • Speak to witnesses. Identify any witnesses to the accident and take down their contact details.
  • Personal information. Take down information from the offending driver, including their name, license plate, and insurance details.
  • Medical treatment. If you do not receive treatment at the scene, visit your doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t think your injuries are serious. In terms of a legal claim, it is essential that we can show the impact the crash had on you through medical records.
  • Contact a lawyer. Speak to a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

TIP: Consult a bike accident lawyer before speaking to the negligent party’s insurance company. If anyone calls you, politely decline to talk. Tell them you will call back once you have spoken to your attorney.

Do I Need to Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a skilled attorney for your bicycle accident case is essential. Even relatively minor accidents can leave you with expensive medical bills and cause you to miss work. The costs add up, and you should never be left out of pocket due to somebody else’s negligence.

The statistics show that working with a law firm will increase your compensatory payout. Your legal team will start by reviewing your case for free. Once you sign with us, we will:
  • Take care of filing any paperwork and adhere to all court deadlines.
  • Advance the costs required to win your case to save you from out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Assemble evidence to build a case.
  • Source expert testimonies and conduct depositions.
  • Conduct all negotiations on your behalf.
  • Prepare for trial and take your case before a jury if necessary.
  • Stay in regular contact with you so you always know how your case is progressing.
  • Assist with collections after we win.
The steps above can be challenging and time-consuming. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your recovery while we take care of the tough stuff for you.

Who Do I File a Lawsuit Against After a Bike Crash?

A legal claim can be filed against anyone who is at least partially liable for your accident. That means anyone whose negligence contributed to your injuries.

In the case of a bicycle accident, the negligent party is usually a driver who hits you with their vehicle. It could also be a government entity if problems with the road itself caused the accident.

The legal process can be broken down into different stages.

  1. Pre-litigation: A claim against the at-fault party’s insurance policy. The insurance company may pay out a settlement.
  2. Litigation: We will file a case with the courts if a fair offer is not made during pre-litigation. This may result in a jury trial to decide whether the defendant was at fault and the level of compensation due. However, a settlement can still be agreed upon with the defense at any time before a jury delivers its verdict.

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. This is because trials are expensive and unpredictable for both sides. However, sometimes going to trial and winning a verdict is the only way to ensure the victim is fully compensated.

Not all law firms are equipped to handle jury trials. Some want to settle at all costs because they do not have the resources or experience to go to trial. At Bisnar Chase, we are different. We have a history of securing outstanding results at trial. We will assess your case and make the right choice for you.

How Much Compensation Can I Win After a Bike Crash?

Everyone wants to know what their case could be worth. And we understand that, in most cases, this is not out of greed. Many of our clients are simply concerned about paying their medical bills or being able to buy a new bike if theirs was damaged.

Injured victims can seek compensation for a range of factors. These include:
  • Lost wages if your injury prevents you from working.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Physical therapy.
  • The projected cost of ongoing care.
  • Property damage.
Those listed above are known as economic damages. This means that we can assign a provable dollar amount to them. But your compensatory award could also include non-economic damages, such as:
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Emotional trauma.
  • Punitive damages.
If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, your Huntington Beach bike accident attorney could file a wrongful death lawsuit. This might produce additional compensation for the loss of love, care, companionship, and support.

Important Bicycle Laws in California

Several laws are in place specifically to protect cyclists and prevent accidents across Southern California. They include:

  • Huntington Beach municipal code 10.84.160: California has no statewide law banning cycling on sidewalks. But local Huntington Beach guidance prevents cyclists from using sidewalks near businesses, schools, churches, playgrounds, and on pedestrian crossings.
  • California Vehicle Code 21760 (a): The ‘three feet for safety act’ requires drivers to leave a three-foot gap when passing cyclists and to slow to a safe speed.
  • CVC 21208: Cyclists should stay within a bike lane when possible, and when a lane is present. That is not always the case on HB roads.
  • CVC 21202: Riders should cycle in the same direction as traffic and stick to the right edge of the roadway when possible. However, they can leave the right side when avoiding blockages or preparing to turn. It is also important to note that cyclists are allowed to ‘take the lane’ and pull out into the center of the lane when passing obstacles, etc. When a rider does so, they should be treated as another vehicle and should not be passed.
  • CVC 21212: Any rider under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.

Cyclists in Huntington Beach are responsible for riding safely, ensuring their bike is properly maintained and in a safe working condition, and remaining visible by fitting lights to their bike when riding in darkness.

But drivers also owe a duty of care to cyclists and must obey all traffic laws, especially when they are close to a bike.

More guidance on where you can bike safely can be found here, while cycling advice from Huntington Beach Police Department is here.

Bicycle Accident Statistics in Huntington Beach CA.

The numbers of bike accidents, injuries, and fatalities in Huntington Beach and across the rest of California are staggering.

  • Over a one-year period, Huntington Beach Police Department responded to 112 crashes involving cyclists.
  • Those crashes caused 100 injuries and three fatalities, and that is solely in the city of Huntington Beach.
  • According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study, the most common cause of a bike accident is being hit by a car, accounting for 30% of all accidents. That is followed by falls (17%), road repair (13%), rider error (13%), collisions with fixed objects (7%), and dogs running in front of the bike (4%).
A pie chart showing the top causes of bicycle accidents. The most common cause is being hit by a car at 30% of all accidents.

Stay safe on our roads, and contact a bicycle accident attorney at Bisnar Chase if you are involved in a collision caused by someone else.

Bicycle Accident FAQs

We are here to answer any questions about filing a bicycle accident lawsuit. Call or email us today to ensure you are fully informed. The most frequently asked questions we are asked include:

Even if a cyclist’s error was partly to blame for causing an accident, they might still have a case against another negligent party. According to California’s comparative negligence law, the plaintiff’s compensation may be reduced by their degree of fault. But a personal injury victim can and should still pursue a claim.

We advise those suffering injuries to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you do not think your injuries are serious, visit a doctor soon after the accident.

Only those under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. The absence of protective gear should not affect your claim, but contact an attorney at Bisnar Chase to discuss your case in more detail.

The time it takes to resolve a case depends on the circumstances of the accident. Contact our team for a free case review for a more accurate estimate relevant to your claim.

The Most Dangerous Cycling Times in Huntington Beach

With most bicycle accidents caused by drivers of other vehicles, the most dangerous times to be on a bike in Huntington Beach are traffic rush hours.

Peak traffic times include 7 am to 9 am, when most people head to work or school. The same goes for the 3 pm to 6 pm period, when most people return home. Cyclists can be in danger at any time, but the risk goes up with the number of cars and trucks on the road.

No Win No Fee Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Many people are understandably worried about the costs involved with taking legal action. With Bisnar Chase, you do not have to worry.

We offer a no win, no fee promise to all clients. This is also referred to as working on contingency. Through this system, we advance the costs necessary to win your case. We handle the filing fees and expenses required to build a winning case, so you face no out-of-pocket expenses or initial outlay. When we win, the majority of the compensation goes to you as the plaintiff. We keep a pre-agreed percentage to cover our costs and fees. The best part is that there is no risk to the client. If we do not win, you owe us nothing.

E-Bike Dangers in California Beach Cities

E-bikes are electric-powered bikes that travel at higher speeds than basic pedal bicycles. They have an electric motor that either assists someone pedaling or propels the bike forward with no rider input.

We have seen e-bike stores popping up across Huntington Beach, with this new form of transport becoming massively popular in recent years. But the spike in e-bike usage has also caused a spike in accidents. They carry more risk than pedal-powered bicycles because they are capable of higher speeds and can be harder to control. If you are injured on an electric bike in Huntington Beach, we can help.

Contact the Best Bicycle Accident Attorney Near Me

Our legal team at Bisnar Chase provides superior representation. That means that we offer the best care to our clients while securing the best possible results.

That confidence is based on our outstanding track record. We have:
  • A 99% success rate.
  • $800 million recovered for our clients.
  • More than 45 years in business.
  • Thousands of satisfied clients.
  • Awards, five-star reviews, and top rankings among Huntington Beach law firms.
  • A local office nearby in Newport Beach.

Contact a top-rated Huntington Beach bicycle accident attorney at Bisnar Chase for a free consultation today. Reach us by calling (949) 203-3814. You can also use our website live chat or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Huntington Beach Bike Accident Attorney

Please contact our team at Bisnar Chase if you or a loved one are injured in a cycling accident. Most bicycle crashes involve collisions with cars or larger vehicles and can result in serious injuries.

Our bicycle accident lawyers in Huntington Beach handle cases across Orange County and have an outstanding track record. We have a 99% success rate with more than $800 million won for our clients. Contact us for a free consultation with no obligation.

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