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Huntington Beach Boat Accident Lawyer

huntington beach boat accident lawyer

The Huntington Beach boat accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase will fight for your rights if you suffer injuries on a boat, or on the water in any capacity. Our award-winning team has a long track record of success and is here to help.

Part of the joy of visiting or living in Orange County, California, is the ability to get out on the water. We have picturesque oceans, bays, and peninsulas with plentiful access to boats, water sports, and other watercraft. But it can be dangerous.

It is all too easy to suffer an injury on the water. Whether you are injured in a boat crash or an onboard fall, our team is dedicated to your cause. We have helped countless injury victims in Huntington Beach and can do the same for you.

With a 99% success rate and more than $800 million won for our clients, Bisnar Chase is the top choice for a boating accident lawsuit. Contact us now for a free consultation and a no win, no fee promise designed to protect you and ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Huntington Beach Boat Accident Resources

Boating Accidents

For our purposes as personal injury attorneys, a boat accident is any incident on or involving a boat or watercraft that results in physical injuries to a person.

We have seen plenty of injuries suffered on vessels and during water sports. Even areas with traditionally calm waters, such as the Newport Beach peninsula bay, can have choppy waters.

In many cases, accidents involve people who have less experience navigating water hazards. But there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Even the most experienced seafarers can be caught out by the conditions and get into trouble.

Types of Boat Accidents

The most common forms of boating accidents include:

  • A collision between two boats.

  • Crash between a ship and a stationary object, such as a dock or buoy.

  • A boat flooding or capsizing.

  • A passenger slip-and-fall accident onboard the boat.

  • Persons falling overboard into the water.

  • A person in the water being struck by a craft or pulled into its propeller or wake.

  • A mechanical malfunction or fire onboard.

Any one of these incidents can have catastrophic consequences for the victim. If you or a loved one have suffered due to a boating accident, contact us at Bisnar Chase to find out if you have a case.

Top Causes of Boating Accidents in Huntington Beach

-Our firm takes on boat accident claims that are caused by some form of negligence.

Many injuries on boats are caused by some element of human error, but there are plenty of potential causes. Common causes include:

  • Reckless driving.

  • Speeding.

  • Sharp turns and unsafe maneuvers.

  • Dangerous waters.

  • Extreme weather conditions.

  • Failing to follow proper procedures.

  • Operator inexperience or poor decision-making.

  • Improper anchoring.

  • Machinery faults.

  • Equipment failure.

  • Passenger behavior.

  • Lack of crew training.

  • Anchoring issues.

  • Ignition, exhaust, or venting problems.

  • Unsafe onboard conditions.

If you have been involved in an accident and been injured, contact our Huntington Beach boat accident lawyer for a free case evaluation. Call 949-203-3814.

What Injuries Can You Get from a Boat Accident?

There are plenty of different ways you can suffer harm while on or near a boat.

Impact trauma: Boats are constantly in motion, creating a significant danger for those onboard suffering trauma. This might be through a trip or slip and fall, being hit by an object, etc. This can result in open wounds, broken bones, head injuries, muscle or ligament damage, neck or spine injuries, and much more.

Burns or electric shocks: When you are on a boat, everything around you is part of a complex machine. And machines can malfunction. Machinery and equipment failures can lead to fires, short circuits, and other electrical issues.

Drowning or hypothermia: When victims end up in the water without proper safety precautions, they may be put into great danger. Drowning is made more likely by poor weather conditions, while hypothermia is a genuine concern, especially in open waters – even in the warm climate of California.

There are significant dangers associated with getting on the water. Boating injuries can have severe and life-altering consequences. Let us know how you were hurt. If negligence is involved, we are here to help you. Our boat accident attorneys in Huntington Beach offer a free consultation with no obligation.

Who is Liable for Your Boat Accident Injuries?

Our job is to identify who is responsible for your injuries and take legal action accordingly.

Someone might be legally responsible if they owe you a duty of care, they were negligent in that duty, and we can show a direct link between that negligence and your injuries.

Boat Accident Liability

The responsible parties can include:

  • The boat’s captain.

  • Crew members and boat staff.

  • A boat operator.

  • The boat manufacturer.

  • A craft lease or rental company.

  • Charter companies.

Liability can be a complex issue, and various parties might sometimes share liability. For example, on a charter, the yacht will be operated by a captain. The captain and charter company might share responsibility.

When you hire a Duffy boat, the rental company is responsible for providing a boat in good working order with the necessary safety equipment.

You need a Huntington Beach boating accident attorney on your side to identify all potentially liable parties and hold them accountable for their negligence.

The First Steps to Take After a Boat Accident

The steps you need to take to protect your health and legal rights after an accident on the water will often depend on the kind of craft you are on. Generally, we advise people to:

  • Stop the boat or inform a crew member so they can do so.

  • Assess your injuries and seek the necessary treatment, whether that involves first aid while you get to land or requesting emergency attention.

  • Once you are out of danger, collect any evidence possible. For example, take pictures of the scene, your injuries, and any visible causes of the incident.

  • Contact an experienced boat accident lawyer. You need an expert to assess the case and provide support and representation.

Legal Reasons to Report a Boat Crash

Whether you are operating a boat, involved in a collision with another vessel, or suffered injuries from a boat crash, it is important to report it. In many cases, an official report is legally required under California law.

An accident must be reported to the California state Division of Boating and Waterways if it results in a death, a disappearance, or an injury that requires treatment beyond first aid.

A report must also be filed if the crash caused damage to another person’s boat or property that exceeds $500 in value.

Deaths must be reported within 24 hours of the accident. Injuries should be reported within 48 hours, and property damage should be reported within ten days.

If you decide to take legal action, an official report is essential to the evidence required.

Do I Need an Attorney After a Boating Crash?

Some people try to take on injury claims on their own. But statistics show that working with a lawyer nearly always produces superior results. Boating accidents are often particularly challenging due to the variable conditions, dangers, and potential parties involved. They can be more difficult to win than many other motor vehicle claims.

Hiring a boat accident attorney in Huntington Beach provides the best possible chance of success in your claim. A skilled representative will maximize the value of your case and take any pressure off you.

What to Expect from Your Lawyer

Our law firm is here to take on every aspect of your case. We will:

  • Give clear and concise guidance on the best direction for your case based on our extensive experience.
  • Complete and submit all paperwork according to court deadlines.

  • Use our experience to build a strong body of evidence to win your case.

  • Arrange medical appointments (dependent on circumstances).

  • Provide regular communication and support so you always know the status of your claim.

  • Handle all out-of-court negotiations with insurance companies and defense teams.

  • Fight for you in court if a jury trial is necessary.

  • Provide our expert skills and decades of experience to give you the greatest possible chance of success and to allow you to focus on recovery knowing your case is under control.

At Bisnar Chase, our injury attorneys have a 99% success rate and have recovered more than $800 million for our clients. Trust us with your case, and let us fight for the compensation you deserve.

Damages and Compensation: What is Your Injury Case Worth?

The financial compensation you could receive will depend on many factors, such as the circumstances of the crash, the degree of negligence involved, and the severity of your injuries.

Generally speaking, the more significant an accident’s impact on the victim, the greater the compensation required to make them whole. Monetary awards can cover:

  • Medical expenses.

  • Lost wages.

  • Ongoing treatments and care.

  • Property damage and other losses.

  • Trauma.

  • Pain and suffering.

  • Loss of life, companionship, love, and support, in a wrongful death case.

  • Punitive damages to punish the actions of the at-fault party.

  • Economic and non-economic damages.

Speak to a boat accident lawyer in Huntington Beach at Bisnar Chase today for a free case evaluation and to ensure you are not shortchanged.

Boat Accident Statistics

The number of accidents, injuries, and deaths in Southern California waterways makes for alarming reading.

Statistics provided by the state Division of Boating and Waterways show the number of incidents in 2016 – the most recent published statistics by the state organization as of 2023.

  • Nearly 600 waterway accidents occurred across California in 2016.

  • Of those statewide accidents, 282 happened in Southern California waters.

  • The majority of accidents occurred in the Pacific Ocean and Newport Harbor, while others also occurred in Huntington Harbor.

  • There are about 50,000 registered vessels in Orange County.

  • A huge 41% of accidents involve people operating rented vessels.

Even when you do everything right, boating safety is not guaranteed. Our coastal waters can be dangerous. But working with a California boating accident lawyer will ensure that you are not just another statistic.

We explore the rise in local boat accidents and boating injuries in this blog.

Other Waterway Accidents

We handle claims related to all types of boats, from a Duffy boat to a sailing boat, a charter yacht, a barge, or even a cruise ship.

But you do not need to be in a boat to be injured on the water. At Bisnar Chase, we handle all kinds of accident cases, including other types of water-based injuries.

These could involve a personal watercraft, jet skiing (or a similar device), water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, or simply swimming.

It does not matter what activity you were doing when you were injured. If you were harmed due to someone’s negligence, we might be able to help. Contact us to find out.

Settlement vs. Litigation in a Boating Crash Case

There are different phases to an injury claim. It will usually start at the pre-litigation stage. This often means a claim is made against the insurance company of the at-fault party. For example, a claim could be made against the charter company’s insurance if you are hurt on a charter cruise. The hope is that this will result in a satisfactory settlement.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached during pre-litigation, we can file a lawsuit for you. During this escalated litigation phase, we will file your case with the local courts and assemble evidence to support your claim.

Once litigation has started, the case might proceed to a trial. However, a settlement offer can still be made and accepted right up until the point that a jury delivers its verdict.

About 90% of injury cases are settled because trials are expensive and unpredictable. However, they also offer a greater potential for higher compensatory payouts. Contact us for our recommendation on how to handle your accident case.

California Boating Laws

As with the roads, waterways are subject to laws that keep people safe. For example, everyone onboard a vessel must have a life jacket. Vessels must observe passenger capacity limits, and speed limits are restricted to 5 mph in restricted areas and 35 mph in open zones.

You need to be aware of some rules, no matter what. Others might only be required if you leave the harbor in a larger vessel.

You can consult this official guide for a full rundown of California’s waterway rules.

Boat Accident FAQs for Huntington Beach, CA

If you have questions about an accident or injury suffered onboard or near a boat, we have the answers. Make sure you are fully informed about the legal process, and contact us with any further queries.

If possible, an injury will be treated using first aid on the vessel. We then advise victims to see a doctor on land as soon as possible. In serious injury cases, the victim may be airlifted to the hospital from the boat.

It is legal to drink alcohol on a boat. But as with a car, you cannot operate a vessel while under the influence. Drinking and driving a boat is negligence. Drinking as a passenger does not negate your claim, but it might affect it. Consult a top-rated boat accident lawyer for more information on your involvement in comparative negligence.

There are hundreds of watercraft accidents in and around Orange County every year. Because there are so many lakes and beaches in California, the percentage of boat accidents tends to increase annually. Not all boat accidents are serious and many may only have minor injuries and property damage. 

When someone else’s negligence causes your injury (at least in part), that party is liable. Liability will depend on the circumstances and ownership of the vessel involved. It could be an individual or a company. Contact a lawyer for boating accidents for expert guidance pertaining to your case.

At Bisnar Chase, we offer a no win, no fee promise. We advance costs and fees to save clients from unaffordable out-of-pocket outlays. We only get paid if we win for you. Injury attorneys in California typically charge about 33% of your injury case. All proceeds are collected from your case so you don’t pay anything personally.

Boat Accident Insurance

California does not require people to insure their vessels. However, owning a boat without insurance is a risky game. In fact, many harbors and marinas around the state will require insurance to store your craft.

Most owners will take out a policy to ensure that they and their passengers are protected in the event of an accident. Many injury claims will be made against the owner’s insurance policy.

Benefits of having boat insurance

Protection for your investment: Boat insurance can help protect your investment by covering damages to your boat caused by a covered peril, such as fire, theft, or an accident.

Liability coverage: Boat insurance can also provide liability coverage, which can help pay for damages or injuries you cause to others while operating your boat.

Passenger protection: Boat insurance can also provide coverage for passengers on your boat in case of an accident.

Personal property coverage: Boat insurance policies may also include personal property coverage, which can help cover the cost of lost or damaged personal items on your boat.

What is the process of filing a boat insurance claim?

Report the incident: As soon as possible after the incident occurs, report it to your insurance company. You can usually do this by calling a claims hotline, which is typically available 24/7

Provide basic information: When filing a watercraft claim, have your name, address, telephone number, and policy number handy.

Get an estimate for damage: Obtain an estimate for the cost of repairs or replacement. This may involve having a surveyor assess the damage and provide an estimate.

Speak to an Attorney: Do not give details of the accident to the insurance before you consult with a qualified boat accident attorney. The insurance company can use your words against you.

Find the Best Boat Accident Lawyer Near Me

If you are seeking compensation after a boating accident in or near the Huntington Beach coast, our talented team of attorneys is here to help.

We have decades of experience in winning injury cases. With an office in Newport Beach, we see regular crashes and incidents on the water and take pride in representing victims throughout our community.

Our team has a track record of success. Established in 1978, our law firm has a 99% success rate with more than $800 million recovered. We have helped thousands of clients and are passionate about fighting for justice.

Contact our Huntington Beach boat accident lawyers today for a free consultation. Call (949) 203-3814 to speak with a representative, or use our website live chat or email options.

Boat Accident Lawyer Huntington Beach

Please get in touch with us for a free case evaluation if you have been in a boat accident or have suffered any other waterway injury. Our boat accident lawyers in Huntington Beach have recovered over $800 million for our clients with a 99% success rate. Our team is comprised of highly-rated and skilled attorneys with trial experience and a top track record across Orange County.

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