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Huntington Beach Truck Accident Attorneys

Huntington beach truck accident lawyer

The experienced Huntington Beach Truck Accident Lawyers at Bisnar Chase can help gather the evidence that is required to hold negligent parties liable for your vehicle wreck.

Injured victims can seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation and other related damages.

The drunk or impaired truck driver and the company that negligently hired him or her should be held accountable for the losses you and your family have faced.

Do you find yourself asking "who is the best attorney near me that I can turn to?"

If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent truck driver, the personal injury law firm of Bisnar Chase can help you better understand your legal rights and options.

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Huntington Beach Semi-Truck Collisions that Take Place Frequently

Big-rig accidents can be deadly. Semi-trucks weigh up to three thousand pounds and because of their weight, it is difficult for trucks to come to an immediate stop in case of an emergency. If truck companies, drivers and manufacturers become careless this can cause serious property damage and can even cost lives as well.

Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Jackknife accidents: When an 18-wheel-truck suddenly swings it's trailer at a 90-degree angle this is known as "jackknifing". Jackknifing can take place if the weather is making driving conditions hazardous. If the wheels of a truck are locked and the highways are slippery due to snow or rain the trailer of the truck can swing uncontrollably. When a trucker is driving over a safe speed limit and suddenly brakes immediately this can also cause the cargo to swing at an angle.
  • Rollovers: Truckers who speed at a curve have the potential to cause a rollover accident. In a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 45% of rollover collisions took place due to a trucker speeding. One of the biggest factors of why rollovers take place is due to misjudgment. If a truck driver does not slow down when approaching a turn this can lead to a semi to flipping over.
  • Backing collisions: Truck drivers who are careless when reversing can be labeled as negligent in a court of law. When backing up a trucker should do so slowly and become pay special attention to their surroundings. Even if a trucker takes precautions though they can still accidentally injure someone due to a person or car Trucker backing upbeing in their blind spot. The blind spot of a 18 wheeler can be as large as 70 feet. Semi-truck drivers can avoid colliding into someone or damaging property by simply adjusting their mirrors.
  • Dangerous cargo crashes: Cargo crashing into a vehicle can be fatal especially if the cargo that was being carried was hazardous. Some examples of dangerous cargo can include radioactive substances, poisonous materials, flammable objects or explosives. It is very common for a trucker to lose their life if they collide or rollover with flammable cargo.
  • T-bone accidents: T-bone collisions commonly take place at intersections when a semi-truck is making a left-hand turn. Factors that contribute to a T-bone accident can include a driver texting and driving, running a red light or switching lanes abruptly. T-bone car accidents can be deadly especially if the impact occurs on the driver side of a four-door vehicle.

Who is Liable for your Injuries?

Semi-truck accident victims automatically assume that the person who would be accountable for their injuries and losses would be the truck driver. While that can be the case at times, other entities can also be liable for the damages a truck accident victim has faced. Entities that can also be held responsible for injuries and losses can be the trucking company, cargo company or the manufacturer of the big-rig.

At times many trucking companies feel a need to cut corners and save money on upkeep. This can potentially lead to a semi truck collision. Parts of a truck that are important to check regularly are coolant leaks, oil fluid level for diesel exhaust and air filters.

Common Huntington Beach Big-Rig Accident Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 23% of truck crashes leave victims with severe injuries. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration stated that over the years truck accidents had increased by 9%. With truck collisions on the rise, many have been disabled or the collisions were fatal.

For those who survive common injuries that may be experienced are:

  • Broken bones: Four-door motor vehicle drivers run the risk of suffering from multiple bone fractures due to the weight of a semi. Drivers also face multiple injuries due to the airbag deploying after an accident. Airbag accidents can leave a person with fractures and lacerations to the face. Many will need facial reconstruction surgery in order to fix a broken jaw or deep cut on the face.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: Head injuries are one of the most severe injuries a auto accident victim can face. Traumatic brain injuries are classified as any blow to the head that disturbs the brain from functioning regularly. Unlike most injuries, head injuries are dangerous because a strong blow to the head and the effects that follow can be long-lasting. If a person experiences trauma to the head it may be difficult for a person to retain information, verbalize feelings or it can cause a person to be suicidal.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The spinal cord is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and if just one piece is disrupted it can be paralyzing. Spinal cord injuries are separated into four categories which include cervical spinal cord injuries, lumbar spinal cord injuries, thoracic spinal cord injuries and sacral spinal cord injuries. Each differs in which part of the body will be affected. For example, those who have suffered from a "sacral spinal cord injury" will be left with injuries that will affect the back of the thighs, buttocks hips and organs in the pelvic region.

Various Types of Compensation You Can Win

After a truck accident, many injury victims are left with hefty medical expenses and have lost out on wages due to being out of work for weeks or even months at a time. At times insurance companies may not cover all the costs for the damages. If you were involved in a semi-truck collision, contact one of our best Huntington Beach truck accident attorneys to learn more about the compensation you can receive from your crash.

You can be compensated for expenses such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering

Contact a Huntington Beach, Ca Truck Accident Lawyer

If a drunk or impaired truck driver caused your truck accident, the driver and his or her employer can be held criminally and civilly liable for the injuries and damages caused. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation and other related damages. Families of deceased victims can file a wrongful death accident claim seeking compensation for damages such as lost future income, funeral expenses and medical costs.

The experienced Huntington Beach truck accident attorneys at Bisnar Chase can help gather the evidence that is required to hold the negligent parties liable. The drunk or impaired truck driver and the company that negligently hired him/her should be held accountable.

Immediately call an experienced and reputable Orange County Personal Injury Law Office of Bisnar Chase for a free consultation at 949-203-3814.

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