Truck Accident Evidence to Increase Compensation

truck accident

Gathering crucial evidence in the aftermath of a devastating truck accident can be extremely important when it comes to getting compensated for your losses.

Accidents involving large trucks often result in catastrophic or fatal injuries – particularly for occupants of passenger vehicles who get hit by trucks.

Important Truck Accident Evidence

When it comes to truck crashes, there are certain pieces of evidence that can help strengthen your claim including:

Accident reports: When a truck accident occurs, law enforcement officials typically arrive at the scene. The accident report usually contains important information including the date, time, and location of the accident; eyewitness information; and law enforcement officials’ assessment of what occurred and who was at fault. It is important that you obtain a copy of the accident report. Your truck accident attorney can also help you obtain a copy of the report.

Evidence from the scene: After a truck collision, it is critical to get evidence from the scene. If possible, take photographs of the accident scene including property damage, tire marks on the roadway, of your vehicle, and the truck involved as well as images of your injuries. It might also help to shoot videos on your cell phone of the accident scene and the surrounding area.

Driver logs: Under federal Hours of Service rules, truck drivers are required to take breaks to avoid exhaustion while driving. Electronic Logging Devices record the time when truck drivers are on the road and when they take breaks. If an accident occurred because of driver fatigue, these driver logs will become an important piece of evidence that shows the driver was not well rested at the time of the accident.

Black box information: Most large trucks are equipped with event data recorders or black boxes that can provide a great deal of information about why an accident occurred. For example, these devices can provide information such as how fast the truck was going and whether the driver attempted to brake just before the collision occurred. These types of information can point to the cause of the truck crash.

In addition to these, your truck accident attorney may also be able to obtain the truck’s maintenance records, particularly if the accident occurred due to a mechanical malfunction caused by poor truck maintenance. Your attorney will send out a spoliation letter to request that all evidence related to the accident be preserved. Sending out this document ensures that the evidence in a truck accident is not lost or destroyed.

Filing a Truck Crash Lawsuit

Compiling such key pieces of evidence can help substantiate your claim and strengthen your case. If you have suffered major injuries in a truck accident, you may be looking at damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

You need an experienced truck accident attorney on your side early on in the process who will help obtain and preserve such evidence.

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