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California Dangerous Roads Injury Attorney

California dangerous roads injury attorney

The California Dangerous Roads Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase specialize in Cal-trans accidents, dangerous roads and negligence issues by city and government entities.

Hazardous road conditions lead to tens of thousands of accidents every year. These conditions include unsafe guard rails, slippery roads due to bad weather, inadequate or inappropriate road design, bad lighting, debris in lanes of traffic, and badly marked constructions zones.

Whether you're driving a car, truck or motorcycle you can be affected by dangerous and hazardous road conditions. The last thing you expect is to be in a serious car accident over faulty road design. Many of these dangerous conditions should not be there to begin with and you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

If you or someone you know has physically, emotionally or mentally suffered from injuries in a hazardous road accident contact the law firm of Bisnar Chase.

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Actions to Take After a Road Accident

You immediately need to contact a dangerous road lawyer if you have been involved in a incident and the cause of the accident was poorly constructed road. A hazardous road lawyer can make a thorough investigation of the highway in which you were received your injuries. The process that your attorney may take is first hiring an engineer to examine the area in which you were hurt.

If they are to blame, a governmental entity should be held accountable for not properly designing a safe road for drivers. The dangerous road lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been taking on the toughest cases involving dangerous road conditions for 40 years. Call 1-800-561-4887 to speak with a high-quality legal representative.

Making a Claim Under the Federal Tort Claims Act

Under the Federal Tort Claims Act you can make a claim for a negligent act. Under the FTCA, the federal government acts as a self-insurer, and recognizes liability for the negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of its employees acting within the scope of their official duties. An experienced dangerous roads lawyer will understand the difficulties dealing with the federal government.

Typical Hazardous Road Conditions

  • Loose rocks and gravel
  • Road debris
  • Potholes & road resurfacing
  • Overgrown trees and bushes blocking view
  • Signs and signals in disrepair
  • Bad lighting
  • Unsafe construction zones

These dangerous road conditions lead to accidents all the time, some very serious like spinal cord injuries, permanent back damage, head injuries and lifelong brain damage. Regardless of the nature of your hazardous road accident, you may want to consult an attorney to determine whether you can recoup damages for your personal injury.

In many cases, hazardous road conditions coexist with other liability factors. For instance, a negligent or speeding driver may have dodged debris and driven your car off the road. In such cases, you may be able to collect damages from either (or both) the negligent driver and the entity responsible for maintaining the road.

Recent Dangerous Roads Case Victories

Who is Liable for a Hazardous Road Crash?

Many may think that the entities that are responsible for hazardous road accident a government entity on a city, county or state level. There are other sources that can be held accountable for car crashes as well. Construction or landscaping companies can pose a threat to drivers. These organizations hold the duty of taking preventative measures to ensure that those who travel around or through these sites are kept safe.

Some of these safety measures can be speed limits, proper lighting and traffic cones.
There are situations were a driver can be held accountable for an accident on a dangerous roadway.  An example of a driver being responsible for an accident on a road is if they are speeding and carrying heavy material. If a driver is going above the speed limit and does not have a home appliance such as an oven strapped down correctly, this can pose a danger to the person driving from behind.

3 Common Hazardous Conditions

Whether its harsh weather conditions or a lack of traffic signals, roads can be very dangerous if there are not enough safety measures taken. Hazardous roads are the cause of many traffic injuries and deaths each year in the United States.
Inadequately designed roads can also potentially affect pedestrians and cyclists. The following lists the top five common unsafe road conditions.

Bad weather conditions

Over a million accidents occur because of harsh weather conditions. Of that amount, about 5,900 deaths took place as well. What is also surprising is that most accidents occur not during the winter time, but in the summertime. During the summer there is more congestion on the roads due to students being out of school, people vacationing and construction.

Poorly designed roads

Roads that are not properly constructed can lead to numerous accidents.  Poorly constructed roads can also leave wear and tears on your car. One of the causes that can lead to a vehicle crashing or can lead to serious damage to your automobile, is potholes. Potholes are formed when water leaks in the soil under the asphalt. Once the water has leaked into the soil (beneath the asphalt) it weakens the foundation. The asphalt then cannot withstand the weight of the cars and over time creates the hole. Los Angeles is the city with the most potholes in the nation.

Road injury Lawyer in California

Image Courtesy of Summit County Engineers


Construction sites can pose a threat to drivers when there is not a sufficient amount of safety measures taken. For instance, if there are not any traffic cones to direct drivers towards a clear path then this can confuse drivers and can lead to head-on collisions. Another hazard that construction sites can have is poor lighting. If motorists cannot see the road then they can potentially crash into the construction site itself.

Expertise When You Need It Most

Proving dangerous road conditions exist can be a complex case. Our trial attorneys have over 40 years in hazardous and dangerous road conditions and we've collected and settled close to $650 Million for our clients.

A good trial attorney with vast knowledge of dangerous road condition cases can be the difference between winning and losing your case. Just because a police report says you were at fault doesn't mean its true. You'll need a seasoned hazardous road attorney by your side.

When a a dangerous road accident occurs reach out to the California Dangerous Road Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase at 1-800-561-4887and speak to professional for legal advice.

Consultations are always free and if there is no win there is no fee.

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