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Federal Safety Regulators Are Investigating Amazon Basics Products for Safety Hazards

California Appellate Court Holds Amazon Responsible for Exploding Hoverboard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is investigating Amazon-branded electronic products highlighted in a CNN investigation last year. CNN reported that dozens of Amazon Basics electronic products remained for sale on despite consumers saying that the products had melted, exploded, or burst into flames. Lawmakers have called on the company to look into the matter and recall any defective products sold on the platform that pose dangers to consumers.

Now, CNN is reporting that the CPSC is reviewing at least eight of the items highlighted in CNN’s investigation. Among these products are surge protectors, phone charging cords, a patio heater, a battery charger, and a voice-activated microwave that consumers reported had caught fire. The CPSC has not said how many of these products are under review or what safety concerns are being investigated. CPSC also rejected CNN’s request for records about the Amazon Basics products citing the pending investigations.

No Recalls or Customer Notifications

One customer, who told CNN last year about how his surge protector had turned into what resembled a “blowtorch” and started a fire in his home, confirmed to CNN that CPSC contacted him for the first time in February to find out about his experience. The consumer had posted a review about the fire in 2018 and received a,500 payment to cover damage to his home in a settlement in which Amazon had denied any liability.

CNN found that Amazon continued to sell that same surge protector for nearly two years after that incident, even though 40 other customers had also reported that the product was a fire hazard and had caused damage to their homes or belongings. While Amazon pulled the surge protectors from its site in 2019, it didn’t notify customers about the dangers. They also did not post anything about why that product was pulled on their website.

Product Liability Issues

Product manufacturers are responsible for making and putting items in the marketplace that are safe for consumers to use. Based on CNN’s reporting, it appears that Amazon has been putting products in its online marketplace that many consumers have reported are dangerous.

If a dangerous and defective product has injured you or a loved one, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and other potential parties. Amazon, as an online retailer, has the responsibility to sell products that are safe and recall dangerous products. An experienced product defect lawyer can help victims, and their families better understand their legal rights and options.


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