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Orange County Hit and Run Lawyers

Orange County Hit and Run Lawyers

We represent people who've been injured in a hit and run accident in Orange County. Bisnar Chase has spent the last 40 years helping Orange County residents receive maximum compensation for their injuries. Our plaintiff hit and run attorneys are top rated trial lawyers who've collected over $650 Million in verdicts and settlements.

If you've been injured by a hit and run driver call our experienced Orange County Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation. Call 949-203-3814.

Hit and Runs are More Common Than You Think

Over 3.1 million people live in Orange County which is only 948sq mi. Many roadways do not have crosswalks, have poorly lit streets and a high amount of vehicles. Consider the following:

  • 1 in 5 of all pedestrian fatalities are hit-and-runs
  • 60 percent of hit and runs involve pedestrians
  • Southern California has the highest percentages of hit and runs in the entire country
  • Individuals convicted of felony hit and runs that injured someone face up to a year in prison, $10,000 fine and points on their DMV record

To learn more about Orange County Hit and Run Statistics, click here.

Why Do Hit and Runs Occur?

There are many reasons why people who run down a pedestrian or are involved in an accident flee from the scene. Reasons can range from plain fear of getting in trouble with the law, preexisting records, to just not caring or wanting to deal with the situation.

A high number of hit and runs are alcohol or drug related, which sends a clear message to all pedestrians and safe drivers to be on the lookout at all times to avoid the following:

  • Drunk drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Reckless driver
  • Car accidents that involve unsuspecting people
  • Mechanical error
  • Pedestrians or cyclist in unmarked areas or blindspots

The experienced Hit and Run Attorneys at Bisnar Chase will make sure your case receives maximum compensation.

In the Video below, an act of road rage and hit and run situation is captured from a vehicles dashcam.

How Do You Collect on a Hit and Run in Orange County?

Just because the person left the scene doesn't mean they won't be caught. If the hit and run motorist is located, you may be able to file a claim against their insurance company for compensation. If they are not located, then you can file a claim with your own insurance company under your UM - uninsured motorist portion of the policy.

You should take precautions not to discuss the accident with your insurance company before consulting an Orange County Hit and Run Lawyers so that you may preserve your rights. The personal injury settlement process should be guided by an experienced attorney who understands UM policies.

What is a UM Policy? (Uninsured Motorist)

Uninsured or underinsured coverage protects you when the other driver fails to have adequate coverage. In the case of a hit and run, whether as a pedestrian or in another vehicle, your UM coverage of your policy can cover your medical costs and related expenses. Most people carry a UM clause in their policy but to be sure you can review your policy rider for full details. It's crucial to make sure your own insurance company gives you a fair settlement.

Remember, the insurance companies make money when they pay out less claims so even if you are their customer they'll want to avoid paying the claim if possible. An Orange County Hit and Run Attorney can help you with this. Bisnar Chase has been representing hit and run victims -- both in vehicle and pedestrian accidents for over three decades.

Who Will Decide My Hit and Run Case?

UM benefits are typically handled outside of a courtroom. A third party arbitrator will decide the case and there are no appeals, generally speaking. You, your insurance company and the arbitrator will come to an agreement. You still reserve the right to sue the individual in court for your injuries (if they are located), but if they have no assets or insurance it's typically not a good idea.

Contact an Experienced Orange County Hit and Run Attorney

We offer a no obligation consultation regarding your accident. You can discuss your options with one of our Orange County Hit and Run Lawyer free of cost to find out your options. If we decide to take your case you will not pay unless we win. We also advance all costs during the case. Call 949-203-3814 for Free Information about an Orange County Hit and Run Injury.

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