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Crafting for a Cause

Bisnar Chase created Crafting for a Cause to knit blanket for ICU babies

Crafting For a Cause is a charity close to our hearts

For over nine years, our team has been involved in purchasing, filling, and donating backpacks for those in need through our Backpacks4Life charity

We have donated over 21,000 backpacks to various charities and organizations throughout California, ranging from churches and homeless shelters to veteran charities. Our team is passionate about helping those around us and giving back.

We wanted to expand our “giving back” to include clothing items that are knitted or crocheted to help those in need. Our team makes the clothing items by hand with care and attention. Each volunteer knits or crochets items, which are then supplied to local veterans and the homeless.

Ten members of the Bisnar Chase family formed the crafting group in an effort to help people in need across Southern California. 

Our mission is simple: “Help those who need it. Do more.” Crafting is very near and dear to all of us and we truly enjoy working on our projects together, so what a great idea to donate our beautiful handmade crafts!

We have just launched Crafting For a Cause and will be updating this page soon with the projects and events that we are participating in.

 We will be showcasing all of our current and past projects, along with images of our work. If you know someone who can benefit from our work, please contact us at [email protected].

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    Consumer Class Action

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    Motor Vehicle Accident

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    Auto Defect – Seat Manufacturers, Johnson Controls

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    Motorcycle Accident

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    Defective Seatback

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    Bicycle Accident