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Tustin Wrongful Death Attorney

Having to make the decisions after your loved one's death is a difficult burden to bear. Many of our clients suffer extreme depression and anxiety trying to cope with their loss while taking care of their new responsibilities. Hiring a Tustin wrongful death attorney will help you with more than the legal aspect of your loss; our attorneys have a nearly-perfect success rate helping Tustin victims and we share our combined experience with you to help you move forward with your life.

We are passionate about helping families hold their wrongdoers accountable for the death of their loved ones, and we provide a first-class experience to every one of our clients.

Superior Wrongful Death Representation

John Bisnar and Brian Chase envisioned a different kind of experience when constructing the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm. John Bisnar suffered a catastrophic injury in his youth and hired an attorney who was unable to provide him with proper representation which lead to a very unfavorable case outcome. John vowed that he would provide his clients with the type of experience that injury victims and their families need to help recover from a traumatic incident. John's case required superior legal representation, and he knew that he could have done a better job than his attorney.

30 years later, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys are some of the top wrongful death lawyers in the nation and have received countless awards for their courtroom achievements. Brian Chase, senior partner, has most recently obtained a record breaking 24.7 million dollar verdict in August of 2011 and has received the Trial Lawyer of the Year award. John Bisnar and Brian Chase have top ratings on as well as Martindale Hubbell and have consistently set the standard for superior client representation.

Tustin Wrongful Death Attorneys

Tustin Wrongful Death Attorneys with Experience

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have assisted more than 10,000 clients while sustaining a 97.5% success rate. Over the years we have represented many families whose loved one's death was the result of a personal injury that our other clients fell victim to as well.

This gives us unrivalled experience assisting Tustin wrongful death victims since we have taken similar cases to trial and have been awarded the maximum amount of compensation allowable by law. We know exactly how to win your case, and have proven results assisting other families with similar situations.Our success will give you the peace of mind that you need to concentrate on recovering from your loss.

No matter how your loved one suffered fatal injuries, we can help. The following is a list of personal injuries that have resulted in our client's demise. We have experienced tremendous success representing victims of these particular cases, but it is a small sample of the types of injuries we can help you with.

  • Auto Accidents
  • Product Defects
  • Auto Defects
  • Dog Attacks
  • Premises Liability
  • Train Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Hazardous Roadways

If you or your loved one are in need of an experienced Tustin wrongful death attorney, contact us immediately. Our Tustin lawyers offer free professional evaluations and will inform you of your options with no obligation to sign with our firm.

Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

Family members of wrongful death victims have a limited amount of time to pursue compensation for their loved one's death. In California, some families have as little as 6 months from the date their loved one was injured. Call a Tustin wrongful death lawyer today to get all of the information you need to move forward.

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