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Tustin Dog Bite Attorney

Tustin Dog Bite Attorney

The Tustin Dog Bite Lawyers of Bisnar Chase understand that an animal attack can be physically and psychologically traumatizing. We believe that you should be fairly compensated for the emotional and catastrophic injuries you have experienced from a dog bite.

For 40 years our personal injury attorneys have been helping clients who have endured pain and suffering recover over $650 Million dollars in settlements. If you or someone you know is seeking compensation for damages from being bitten by a dog, call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation and to speak to an experienced dog bite lawyer.

Dog Bite Statute of Limitations

Time is of the essence to file your dog bite injury claim in California. The statute of limitations for victims is two years. This statute applies to serious and not so serious dog bites, wounds, and scratches to the victim.

Recovering Costs for Your Losses

Dog bite victims who suffer severe injuries must go through months of treatment that include procedures such as cosmetic surgery. Even with such advanced treatments, they may be left with permanent scars or disfigurement. The injured party not only faces a painful healing process but dog bite victims also face hefty medical bills.

The California Dog Bite Law states: "The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog."

Below are possible damages you may be entitled to as a dog bite victim:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Dental reconstruction
  • Psychiatric or psychological treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Past and future hospital or medical costs

Children Suffering from Dog Bites

As a parent watching your child undergo a serious injury can be difficult and can invoke a feeling of helplessness. Before seeking out legal representation for your little one, there are actions you can take beforehand to make the process much easier.

3 steps to follow if your child has been bitten by a dog:

1. Exchange information with the owner: After you have sought out immediate medical attention and your child is being examined by a doctor, trading information with the owner of the dog is vital. The reason is that you need to inquire if the dog has the necessary shots for illnesses such as rabies. The sooner you know this information the quicker you will be able to notify a medical professional.

2. Gather evidence: Putting together a portfolio of eyewitness reports and photos would be very beneficial for your child's dog bite case. The more physical evidence you can provide to your attorney, the better your chances will be of gaining compensation.

3. Hire a dog bite lawyer: After you have collected ample evidence for your suit finding legal representation for your child is vital. An experienced dog bite attorney can inform you of your rights and can give you an estimate of the amount you will gain in a court of law.

Euthanization and Dog Attacks

If your dog was the culprit in an attack, euthanization depends on the severity of the attack and also if the dog has had a previous dog bite incident. As the owner of the dog, you have to understand that you are 100% liable for the injuries that the victim has endured.

Although there are many factors that can invoke dog aggression a prominent cause can be a rabies infection. By law, a dog must a have a rabies vaccination. If the dog is not vaccinated this is a violation of the California Penal Code § 398, but because your dog is considered your property you can opt out of them having a rabies shot. If you do not provide your dog with a rabies vaccination though and they bite someone, depending on the state you live in your pet can be euthanized.

Determining the Severity of the Dog Bite

When evaluating the severity of a dog bite, animal and medical professionals have categorized the wounds in six dog bite levels. These positions are based on the behavior of the dog, the wound inflicted by the dog and also the medical attention that is needed for the injuries.

6 types of dog bite wounds:

  • Grade 1: The dog exhibits hostile behavior which usually results in frightening an animal or human.
  • Grade 2: A human or animal has been bitten by a dog but the skin did not suffer any tears.
  • Grade 3: People who have experienced a level 3 bite display teeth bites from the dog and the wound is no deeper than half of the dog tooth.
  • Grade 4: At this stage, one to four injuries have been accounted for and those injuries result and bleeding and bruising. Th dog will often jerk it's head from each side to apply the wound.
  • Grade 5: Multiple injuries and aggression can lead for the dog to be euthanized at this level. The animal is seen as a threat and an extreme danger to people.
  • Grade 6: Although it is uncommon, there are fatal dog attacks, this is known to be the most severe of dog attacks and the animal is immediately euthanized.
  • How to Survive a Dog Attack

    There are certain behaviors that may trigger or incline a dog to attack you. Do you run or do you fight the dog off? The following video will provide you with information on why dogs bite you and how you can you defend yourself.

    Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers

    At Bisnar Chase we have a long and successful track record of helping dog bite victims pursue fair and full compensation for their losses. We have also helped these victims hold negligent dog owners accountable.

    If you or someone you know has been injured in a Tustin dog bite attack please call 949-203-3814 to speak to top rated injury lawyers specializing in animal bite cases and find out how we can help you pursue your legal rights.

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