Do I have a case for my dog bite injury?

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Santa Ana Dog Bite Lawyer

If you've been seriously injured by a dog attack in Santa Ana contact our experienced Santa Ana dog bite lawyers for a free case evaluation. We've been representing residents of Santa Ana since 1978 and have a 96% success rate. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to persue even the most complex dog bite cases.

Our dog bite lawyers have been representing Orange County residents for over 40 years. We serve all major cities throughout California with three locations to serve you. LA County, Northern California and Orange County. A phone call to us regarding your dog bite claim may be the difference in you recovering hundreds or thousands. Your injuries and stress will be evaluated into your potential dog bite case. Our Santa Ana personal injury lawyer will protect you from begining to end of case.

Santa Ana is the second most populous city in Orange County. With more than 324,000 residents the dog population is also high. Santa Ana has beautiful dog parks nearby such as the Central Bark Dog Park where dog owners can relax on benches while their dogs play.

Sometimes dogs can become aggressive for various reasons, even a dog that has never lashed out before. Sometimes dogs become aggressive towards other dogs and sometimes dogs become aggressive towards people. This can happen at a dog park, at home, or on a walk. Dogs are more likely to become aggressive towards other dogs while walking in areas they frequent such as their own neighborhood.

Being bitten by an angry dog can be a traumatic experienc e. We don't typically expect "man's best friend" to harm us in any way, but it happens fairly often. When dogs feel like they're in danger or they're confused, they act out in an irrational manner and can bite/attack humans. Our firm has handled many dog bite cases and we know how they play out.

Dog Bite Statistics - By The Numbers

Some of the facts about dog bites make for amazing statistics. It doesn't seem like it happens very often, but it certainly does.

  • 4.7 million - dog bites per year, nationally
  • 15 - times faster the dog bite rate has risen compared to dog ownership
  • 850,000 - dog bites each year that require medical attention
  • 3,000 - letter carriers that suffer dog bites every year

As you can see, it's a fairly common occurrence. Dogs must be kept in check, and when they're not, the outcome can be devastating.

What Will You Need For A Case?

A plaintiff doesn't need to prove that the dog was dangerous or had a history of biting. CALIFORNIA DOG BITE LAW, CIVIL CODE SECTION 3342. -- All you need to prove are a few simple things:

  1. The defendant owned the dog
  2. The dog bit the plaintiff
  3. The plaintiff was lawfully on the premises where the dog bite took place
  4. The dog bite caused the plaintiff injuries

These simple pieces of evidence go a long way in your case. Negligent dog owners should not be able to get away with letting their dog attack another human being. You are due just compensation, and we can help you get it. Please contact us for information and to discuss your case.

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