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Westminster Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite injuries can be severe and detrimental to your health. It's important to seek treatment right away if you have been bitten by a dog. Otherwise, infection and further serious complications can occur.

If you have been seriously injured by a dog bite, then after seeking medical attention it is in your best interest to enlist the help of a qualified Westminster Personal Injury Attorney. Recovery can be expensive, and there is no better way to ensure a better recovery than finding the best dog bite attorney to represent you in your dog bite case.

The Reality of Dog Bites

Consider five fatal attacks included in National Center for Disease Control statistics:

  • Bitten on the forearm by a Pit Bull, a man considered the bite to not be serious. However, a powerful and quick scattering bacterium had been set into the gash via the dog's teeth plaque buildup. The man died 4 days later from this potent bacterial contagion.
  • A teenage girl gave birth to an infant. Hysterical, she threw the hour old infant into a nearby junk yard where two Pit Bulls resided. The dogs killed the newborn.
  • A mixed breed Shepherd dog trots into a bedroom. Lifting a newborn out of a crib he proudly brought the infant, held by the head, into the living room where the adults were.
  • An evil, brutal thug ties down his girlfriend. He then orders his obedient and well trained Pit Bull to repeatedly attack her.  Convicted of murder the thug is serving a 20-year sentence.
  • A senior man tries to halt his German shepherd who is fence fighting with a neighbor's canine. Still in an emotional state, the dog turns on his owner. The man is severely mauled. Fatal head and neck wounds are inflicted.

Yes, the agency was correct. Five people perished from dog bites. But were these bites the result of deliberate aggression? What was the level of violent behavior or was there any displayed? What initiated each attack? Was it human or dog conduct?

So the supposed deaths via dogs (according to the CDC) cannot be used to label violent behavior, or the violence of particular breeds, as aggression is not clear or distinct. The divergence amid experts, and the lack of new figures, were two of the reasons why an appellate court in Ohio ruled that a pair of breed-based dangerous dog laws were unconstitutional City of Toledo v. Tellings, 5th Dist. No. L-04-1224.

Population Control

In Westminster, there are approximately 90,000 people and around 18,000 dogs. With a high percentage of pedestrian traffic from mail carriers, to children walking home from school, these statistics foreshadow a high possibility of a large number of dog attacks.

Not all incidents are reported. Dog bite victims don't essentially know what sort of canine bit them. There is no idea of exactly how many dogs of any one breed live in the USA.

Seek Recovery From Your Dog Bite Injuries
The experienced Westminster dog bite lawyers at Bisnar Chase have dedicated their practice to making sure that dog bite victims can recover from their injuries.
If you have been severely injured by a dog bite, please feel free to contact an experienced Westminster dog bite attorney at our law office for more information regarding your situation. Get a free consultation today.

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