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Tustin Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered injuries in an accident, finding a Tustin personal injury lawyer with experience and proven results should be one of your top priorities. Victims of personal injuries need attorneys who can help them inside and outside of the courtroom. Your situation will need a personal, first-class treatment if you want to receive maximum compensation for your injuries and get your life back on track.

Most Dangerous Intersection in Tustin**

Edinger Ave & Jamboree Rd

Last 5 Years:

  • 78 Accidents
  • 55 Injuries
  • 0 Deaths

City of Tustin

  • Population: 78327
  • Avg Annual Auto Injuries per 1,000: 8
  • Tustin Crime Index* 129.3

Nearby Cities Crime Indices*:

  • Santa Ana: 200.6
  • Irvine: 89.6
  • Orange: 121.9
  • Villa Park: 100.9
Edinger Ave & Jamboree Rd intersection - street view image

* Crime index data taken from The national average is 315.5. The crime index is calculated using the population and severity of crimes vs the frequency of crimes committed.

More Unsafe Intersections in Tustin**

Walnut Ave & Newport Ave

  • Accidents: 74
  • Injuries: 38
  • Deaths: 1

Red Hill Ave & Nisson Rd

  • Accidents: 59
  • Injuries: 29
  • Deaths: 0

Jamboree Rd & El Camino Real

  • Accidents: 77
  • Injuries: 32
  • Deaths: 0

** All intersection data is taken from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System and is measured over the last 5 years of local and arterial street car accidents (non-highway). The data is not updated in real time.

Finding a Lawyer who is Right for You

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of attorneys within your region. Finding the right one to represent you can be a challenging process. It may be in your best interest to ask your friends for a recommendation. If you are searching online for a personal injury lawyers in Tustin here are some questions to ask youself:

  • Do they have a list of cases that they have recently handled?
  • Is helpful information posted on their web sites?
  • Do they have client reviews? What are their clients saying about them?
  • Do they offer free consultations?

The best way to hire an injury attorney is by scheduling a meeting and talking face to face. This way you can decide if this particular law firm is a good fit for you.

At Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, we have obtained favorable settlements or verdicts for 97.5% of those we represent; we know how to win your case and we have done so for over 10,000 clients. Call today to speak with an experienced legal professional and find out what your options are. We offer a free no obligation consultation which will give you the information needed to make an educated decision on how to move forward.

Finding an Attorney with the Right Experience

Just because a law firm has been in practice for a number of years, it is no guarantee that they have experience handling cases similar to yours. When meeting with a lawyer, don’t be afraid to ask when the last time they handled a case like yours. Make an assessment of whether they have the knowledge, skill and resources to take your case on and be successful.

Our Tustin personal injury lawyers have been assisting victims since 1978, and have done so with honesty, professionalism, and superior legal representation. Bisnar Chase partners, John Bisnar and Brian Chase, are passionate about obtaining justice for injury victims and have instilled their mission in every one of their staff members. In the last year alone, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Most recently, Brian Chase obtained a record-breaking 24.7 million dollar verdict for a client who suffered as a result of a defective product.

Tustin Personal Injury Attorneys Practice Areas

No matter what kind of personal injury you have been involved in an experienced Tustin personal injury lawyer of Bisnar Chase can help. With a team of experienced attorneys and a large knowledgeable staff, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys has all of the tools to take on your personal injury claim, and we have the results to prove it. The following is a sample of different types of personal injury cases for which we have experienced great success.

  • Bicycle Accident
    • $15,025,000
  • Defective Product
    • $24,700,000
  • Car Accident
    • $5,000,000
  • Motorcycle Accident
    • $3,000,000
  • Bike Accident
    • $3,000,000
  • Dangerous Roadway
    • $2,805,000
  • Pedestrian Accident
    • $1,000,000
  • Wrongful Death
    • $2,055,000

What You Can Expect

First and foremost, an attorney should provide you with answers. Ask what their policy is on returning calls. Will they return your call within 24 hours to answer your questions? Will they regularly keep you updated on the state of your claim? Will the lawyer be committed to your case? Were they honest in their assessment of your case?

Superior Representation For Tustin Injury Victims

The Tustin injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase give their clients more than maximum compensation. John Bisnar and Brian Chase believe that personal injury victims deserve an experience that will help them recover from their injuries on a physical and emotional level.

Victims of catastrophic injuries and those who are dealing with the death of a loved one require an attorney who provides straight talk and honest answers. Our attorneys understand that you are counting on your case to fix many of your problems, and we will treat your personal injury claim with the same attention to detail that we would provide their own family members.

John Bisnar, managing partner, experienced a personal injury accident and felt that his accident injury attorney did a horrible job representing him. Since then, John vowed to create a different kind of experience that caters to the client and treats them with the respect that they deserve. During his free time, John travels the country speaking at seminars to help other attorneys better manage their law firms. Brian Chase, senior partner, has received countless awards for his courtroom achievements including Trial Lawyer of the Year.

If you are looking for superior representation, contact Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys.

Tustin Personal Injury Attorneys

Do not settle for an attorney without experience and proven results.

The experienced Tustin personal injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase have a long and successful track record of representing seriously injured victims and their families. We specialize in personal injury cases. Our goal is to provide quality legal representation to our clients and help them achieve the best possible outcome. We have a long history of satisfied clients, and fees starting as low as 15%. Once hired, our attorneys will start working on your case immediately to come to a quick and favorable resolution.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing please contact us for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

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