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If you have suffered an injury from a pedestrian accident, the Tustin pedestrian accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to help. Pursuing financial compensation for your losses can be a difficult process. The attorneys of Bisnar Chase are to make winning compensation for your losses easy.

Since 1978, the law firm of Bisnar Chase has been representing clients who have endured pain and suffering from pedestrian accidents. With a 99% success rate, we have won over $800 Million in compensation for accident victims.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a pedestrian incident, our top-rated Tustin personal injury lawyers will fight for you.

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Tustin Pedestrian Accidents

Tustin Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

In order to prove liability, a California pedestrian accident victim must show that they have suffered serious physical or emotional injuries or damages. Remember a few essential questions to make your personal injury claim successful.

Important Questions to Ask When Filing Pedestrian Accident Claim

  • Were you legally crossing the road at the time of the crash?
  • Were you in a crosswalk or at an intersection?
  • Did the driver strike you while committing a traffic violation?

The answers to these questions will likely affect the outcome of your accident case. A skilled Tustin pedestrian accident lawyer can help you obtain fair compensation for your losses and help hold the at-fault party accountable.


How much money can you get from getting hit by a car as a pedestrian in California?

In California, you may be able to receive compensation for damages if you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian. You could recover medical expenses from the negligent driver who caused your accident and pain and suffering or loss of wages due to an inability to work in the aftermath of an injury sustained in such an incident.

The amount awarded will depend on factors such as the severity of injuries suffered and the length of recovery time required; however, with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Tustin, victims may receive up to six figures depending upon their unique situation. If this has happened to you or someone close, consider speaking with one of our personal injury lawyers specialized in handling these cases.

Being specific, the average payout for a pedestrian hit by a car in California is typically 2,000.00 to upwards of 75,000.00, depending on the injuries. 

How much does the attorney charge for my case?

A personal injury attorney will only charge you if they win your case; the fee is 33%, typically, of the awarded amount. If the case is lost, the client will not be charged.

How long does it take to settle a pedestrian accident case?

Your personal injury claim can take anywhere from a few months to 2 years to settle, and much of that depends on how hard your legal term works and how receptive you are in providing the information necessary to move quickly.

Questions that Insurance Companies Will Ask You

Once you have made an accident claim, insurance companies and the defense’s legal team will want specific details about the circumstances of your pedestrian accident. Investigators assigned to your claim will carefully examine when and where the pedestrian or motor vehicle accident occurred.

Factors insurance companies will ask:

  • Were you in a crosswalk or at an intersection during the collision? Under California Law Vehicle Code section 21950“The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.”
  • Did you have the right of way? Pedestrians are required to cross only in designated areas. However, drivers are responsible for exercising due care and caution, especially in areas with pedestrians. For example, a driver who strikes a pedestrian while exceeding the posted speed limit could be liable for the accident, even if the pedestrian was walking outside a marked crosswalk.
  • Why was the driver unable to avoid the collision? Unless you were running quickly across traffic, it is reasonable to assume that an alert and defensive driver should have been able to avoid the collision. Therefore, it must be determined why the accident occurred.
  • Did the driver commit a traffic violation? For example, did the driver run a red light? Did he or she run a stop sign or make an illegal or unsafe turn?

In some cases, a dangerous roadway or intersection may also cause or contribute to an injury pedestrian accident. In such cases, the city or governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roadway can also be liable. Any personal injury claim against a governmental agency must be properly filed within six months of an incident in the state of California.

Common Causes of Tustin Crosswalk Accidents

Recent data has indicated that the population in Tustin, CA is 79,795. With so many people in the city, crosswalk accidents will inevitably occur. Pedestrians can suffer from internal bleeding, traumatic head injuries, bone fractures, and partial or complete paralysis, and they can even lose their life.

The California Department of Public Health states that within seven years, “One-fifth (21%) of persons killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. “

Below are common causes, along with precautions that you can take to avoid being an accident victim.

  • Drivers not paying attention: About 330,000 accidents have occurred due to a driver texting and driving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the victims who suffer from pedestrian incidents involve children and the elderly. One way to prevent yourself from being injured is to make sure you make eye contact with the driver first before crossing.
  • Speeding: Speed limits are there to protect drivers and pedestrians alike. The NHSTA reports that thousands of people die every year due to drivers speeding. The best way to avoid being hit by a speeding driver is by taking a moment to look before you cross.
  • Alcohol-Related Incidents: Unfortunately, some drivers are very irresponsible and choose to drive after consuming alcohol. Many pedestrians lose their lives due to negligent drivers in DUI car accidents or trucking accidents. Pay attention is the number one thing a pedestrian can do to avoid being hit by a driver under the influence.

Trust Our Tustin Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

The Tustin Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Bisnar Chase have over 45 years of experience protecting the rights of injured victims and their families.

We can help victims claim compensation for damages, including medical bills, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation, and other related damages.

If you have been injured or are interested in filing a wrongful death claim for your loved one, please call 949-203-3814 for free legal advice from a top-rated personal injury law expert.

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Pedestrian safety is a growing problem in California, with 893 pedestrians killed in 2018 alone. To stay safe, pedestrians should wear bright clothing, carry a flashlight at night, cross at marked crosswalks/intersections, and make eye contact with drivers. Drivers should follow the speed limit, never drive under the influence, and always be aware of their surroundings, yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.

You may be entitled to compensation through an injury lawsuit if you’ve been injured. Contact a Tustin Pedestrian Accident Attorney to see if you have a case. There is no fee if we don’t win your injury claim. Free consultation.

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