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Motorcycle riding is an extremely popular pastime in Riverside County, however, there are many negligent drivers out on the road that do not check their blind spots for oncoming motorcycle riders. Because of this, hundreds of innocent riders each year become the victims in motorcycle accidents.

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Motorcycle Accidents in Riverside

Because motorcycles have practically no protection for their riders, accidents involving motorcycles are many times very serious and often fatal.

In a recent years Riverside traffic reports concluded:

Top 7 Most Common Causes of Riverside Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcycle accidents, like many other types of traffic accidents, can happen in a split second. It only takes a moment of distraction or inattention. The Top 7 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Riverside include:

Motorcycle Safety Tips

The following safety tips will help even the most seasoned motorist stay proactive to potential danger on the road:

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What To Do If You're Involved in a Riverside Motorcycle Crash

Even the safest motorcycle riders can be involved in an injury accident. What you do immediately after an accident can affect your ability to receive compensation for your losses.

Reaching out to our Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyers will guarantee your best chance of receiving maximum compensation, but getting your injuries documented is very important. If you have no legal documentation of you getting injured resulting from the crash, it as though you were never injured in the first place.

Having solid and legal documentation will benefit you and your case when the time comes. Our Southern California Lawyers know how to fight for you no matter how difficult your case is or becomes and will never give up.

How to Prove that the Driver Causes the Riverside Motorcycle Accident

Making sure you have an experience Riverside Motorcycle Lawyer is important when proving and winning your case. The most effective way to prove who was at-fault in your accident is to trace your accident to an act of negligence:

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you have ground to believe that the opposing driver is at-fault and you and your Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer can use this in a court of law.

Additionally, if the accident was cause by a product defect of the opposing vehicle, you may also press charges against the manufacturer via a class action lawsuit. Filling a class action lawsuit can not only deliver you the compensation that you deserve, but can also save lives by preventing defective vehicles from staying on the road.

Negotiating Your Settlement With the Insurance Companies

It's a common belief that insurance companies put their customers first. This notion is not entirely true. The bureaucracy of many insurance companies often cut the injured short with their low-ball settlement offers.

Regardless of the offer on the table, you should talk it over with your lawyer first before signing any documentation. The reason for this is that more often than not, the settlements that are offered by the insurance companies do not fully cover your injuries and losses. Your Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer can take what is on the table and increase it through persuasion so that you are fully compensated.

Different Kinds of Compensation You Can Receive

With over 40 years of representing clients in both Riverside and the Inland Empire, Bisnar Chase has the experience you need to win your Southern California injury case. Our 96% success and high approval rating have made us the number one personal injury law firm in the Inland Empire and a force to be reckoned with concerning Southern Californian auto insurance companies.

When you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in California you can receive recovery for expenses such as:

Why Choose Bisnar Chase for Your Motorcycle Collision Claim?

A large number of motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Without a steel frame, seat belt or airbag to protect them, motorcycle riders can suffer life-altering injuries in even low-speed collisions. In such cases, victims can pursue financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim. A successful claim can result in support for medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning potential as well as pain and suffering.

When a victim is killed in a Riverside motorcycle crash due to someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, his or her family may file a wrongful death claim to receive support for their losses. At Bisnar Chase we believe that at-fault parties need to be held accountable. A successful wrongful death claim can result in support for medical costs, funeral expenses, lost future wages, loss of inheritance, pain and suffering, loss of emotional support and other related damages.

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