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Triumph Motorcycles Recalled for Possible Brake Defects

Triumph Motorcycles Recalled for Possible Brake Defects

Triumph Motorcycles America has issued a recall for a number of 2018–2020 models due to a possible defect with the brake pads. According to an alert posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a number of models are involved in the recall, including Triumph Speed, Street, and Tiger. According to the NHTSA’s defect notice, there is occasionally a chance that the friction material in the front brake pads could separate from the backplate. If that occurs, it could affect the motorcycle’s ability to brake efficiently and increase its stopping distance.

Details of the Recall

The problem is connected to a high concentration of nickel in the compound, which causes the material to become more porous and, therefore, absorb water and salt, particularly in areas where salt and deicing agents are used to melt ice on roadways. The infiltration of salt and water could result in corrosion and compromise the pad’s adherence to the plate.

So far, Triumph has received 13 incidents of pad detachment. But, no injuries have been reported. Owners of the affected vehicles will be invited to visit their Triumph dealer to have new front brake pads installed free of charge. Triumph has not yet set a start date for this recall. Vehicle owners with questions are asked to contact Triumph’s customer service number at 1-678-854-2010.

Liability Issues in Motorcycle Brakes

When motorcycle brakes fail, the consequences can be devastating. Riders may lose control of the vehicle and collide head-on with another vehicle or crash into trees or other stationary objects. Motorcyclists may crash into pedestrians or others on the roadway. Riders also run the risk of getting thrown off their motorcycles. This could cause severe head injuries or other types of traumatic injuries, even if they are wearing a helmet or other protective gear.

When an individual is injured due to a defective motorcycle or part, he or she can file a product liability claim against the motorcycle manufacturer or the maker of the defective part, which may have caused or contributed to the incident.

Injured motorcycle victims can seek compensation for damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, hospitalization, permanent injury, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Injured victims or their families would be well advised to contact an experienced product liability lawyer who has experience successfully handling similar cases and holding negligent manufacturers accountable.


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