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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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The Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Bisnar Chase want to be the law office you call if you have suffered serious injuries in a bike crash.

We have helped thousands of clients recover from collisions. We have the resources to get the job done with a track record of success spanning more than 40 years.

Our personal injury attorneys have the experience and skill to fight for your rights.

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Steps to Take After Your LA Motorcycle Crash

The San Gabriel Tribune reports that the national rate of motorcycle fatalities is 28 times higher than those involving motor vehicles.

An accident can cause extreme stress and injured motorcyclists are often left at a loss of what to do next. The following are measures you can take to earn the maximum compensation for your case and make the legal process easier for you.

  • Receive medical attention: Motorcyclists have less protection than those who operate a four-door vehicle, making them more prone to catastrophic injuries. If you have been hit by a passenger vehicle and are unable to move, have someone nearby or the negligent party themselves call an ambulance for you. It is the law that drivers who are involved in a car accident cannot leave the scene of a crash. If the driver who hit you fled the scene of the crash, make sure you include this in your statement.
  • Call the local authorities: After catastrophic accidents, the police must be called.Police comforting person in accident Calling the police will ensure that the scene protected, evidence is secured, and a full report is recorded. When the police arrive, give them your statement of what occurred. It is important that the circumstances of the accident are documented. This statement will be valuable when filing a claim through your insurance company, or if you do take legal steps to secure the compensation that you deserve. This can also aid your Southern California motorcycle accident lawyer later in your case.
  • Gather information: One of the most important measures you must take after being involved in a motorcycle collision is exchanging information with the at-fault party. The information you need to collect includes the name, address, license number, license plate, insurance policy number, and the best contact you can reach the driver at. Remember you want to gather as much information as possible because if your insurance policy does not provide you coverage, you may have to handle the claim yourself.
  • Contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer: Once you have made your claim and received an offer, you need to take a step back and add up all your expenses. The insurance company may misrepresent what you are entitled to and pressure you to accept the offer. Do not accept their offer immediately. The Los Angeles motorcycle injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase believe that you should be compensated for the maximum possible amount, including damages, medical costs, and more. Our lawyers will handle your case for you so the only thing you have to worry about is your recovery. Call our LA law office for a free case analysis at (323) 238-4683.

Equipment You Need to Protect Yourself

Most cyclists are under the impression that the only equipment they need while riding a motorcycle is a helmet. Although some states do not require more than that, cyclists should take extra measures to protect themselves on the road.

Below you will find other equipment you will need to further protect you in the event of a collision.

  • Helmet
  • Motorcycle jacket
  • Boots
  • Motorcycle pants
  • Knee and elbow pads

Common Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Most people are confident when they become a motorcycle rider that they are skilled and cautious enough to avoid all hazards. The reality is that when a motorcyclist is suddenly presented with a road hazard, they will only have a split second to react. Sometimes that is just not enough time to avoid danger or a potentially catastrophic disaster.

If motorcyclists find themselves being a victim of a wreck, they can suffer from injuries such as:

  • Road rash: Road rash, otherwise known as abrasions, are superficial but extremely painful injuries that most cyclists experience in an accident. Abrasions happen when a part of the body skids on the road, exposing the underlying tissue. This can tear through flesh and even expose bone. You must seek medical treatment right away because abrasions can easily lead to a bacterial infection and worsen the injury.
  • Broken bones: Bone fractures in a motorcycle accident can be inevitable. Symptoms can range from discoloration of the skin, deformed limbs, numbness, or pain when moving. Typical areas that can be fractured include arms, legs and the spinal cord. The cost of a broken bone can be thousands of dollars, especially if surgery is involved. Speak to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to explore the compensation you may be entitled to.
  • Lacerations: The minimal amount of protection that a bike provides to a rider can lead to superficial or deep cuts in the skin. Unlike abrasions, lacerations are an actual cut through the skin.  When hitting the ground, a person can obtain cuts from vehicle parts, glass, and other debris. If not treated immediately, open wounds can lead to severe nerve damage.

Document stating liability insurance.

Liability in Your Motorbike Incident in LA County

If you have come out of a motorcycle crash with just a few scrapes, consider yourself very lucky. Most motorcycle accident cases we see are very serious, resulting in catastrophic injuries or even death. With none of the protection that a car would afford, the injuries tend to be serious. The law firm of Bisnar Chase believes that someone needs to be held accountable for the injuries that you have acquired from someone else's negligence.

Potential parties that can be held accountable for the damages include:

  • Reckless driver: In California, careless driving can cause a motorist to face up to 90 days in jail, a fine up to $1,000, or a driver’s license suspension. Vehicles pulling out from blind spots, running red lights, stop signs, or the situation of a moving obstruction suddenly impacting the path of a moving motorcycle can also cause a devasting accident. Due to cyclists only having moments to react, this can result in a deadly situation.
  • Governmental entity: Premise liability cases consist of hazardous or dangerous conditions on privately owned establishments, residential or commercial properties. Governmental entity cases consist of dangerous or hazardous conditions to city streets, airports, municipal transportation, etc. Contact Bisnar Chase and one of our skilled premise liability or governmental entity attorneys can decide whether you have a case or not.
  • Property owner: Property owners have an obligation to ensure that their property does not cause any hazards to the public. For example, if a private construction zone created a dangerous condition to motorcyclists on the road, the property owners could be held liable.

Causes of Los Angeles Motorcycle Wrecks

When traveling on the road, according to, the odds of a car occupant dying in a transportation accident were 1 in 47,718 over the course of a one-year sample.

When inside a vehicle, you are mostly protected from debris, rain, and other hazards by a metal barrier surrounding you. It is also equipped with other safety devices, such as seatbelts. Unlike a car, you and your motorcycle are vulnerable to the elements and debris, putting you in danger of being thrown from your bike with zero protection.

Here are some possible dangers you may experience while riding a motorcycle:

  • Other vehicles: Vehicles pulling out from blind spots, running red lights, stop signs, or the situation of a moving obstruction suddenly impacting the path of a moving motorcycle. You will only have moments to respond when faced with a sudden obstruction.
  • Road hazards: This ranges from debris in the street to potholes in the road surface. Debris might include items that have fallen from a truck and are now lying in the street, as well as other potential hazards. Road hazard sign
  • Traveling on the freeway or fast-moving roadways behind vehicles offers the chance of the vehicle in front of you blocking your early awareness of the hazard, running the item over and having it kicked up into the air in front of you, making it impossible to avoid.
  • Oil, ice, or any potentially slippery surfaces.
  • Potholes, cracks or any other road damage that motorcycle tires can have issues with.
  • A substance hitting you and blocking your vision or obscuring your goggles, helmet, or eyes directly.
  • Poor weather like rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog, and black ice.
  • Poor motorcycle condition or maintenance is also a hazard. This could potentially lead to flat tires or blow outs, engine failure, sudden stalls, parts falling off, and other issues that could lead to a sudden crash.

Safety and Laws for Motorcycle Riders

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, motorcyclists must adhere to the same safety laws as car drivers. However, extra caution should be paid to motorcycle riders especially when lane splitting is legal. Every year thousands of bikers are injured, and car drivers need to pay extra attention to the presence of bikers behind or next them. The California DMV has a motorcycle handbook on Preparing to Ride that can help answer some very important safety questions.

California Motorcycle Crash Statistics: Every year, 50,000 motorcyclists are injured and an average of 2,000 are killed in collisions. Over 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. If you ride, first and foremost, be careful.

The Types of Damages You Are Entitled To

Your policy should always have uninsured motorist coverage because you may be left with no legal recourse if you were injured by a party with no coverage and no assets. You will want to do an asset search to find out if the at-fault party owns property or has income that could be targeted to make you whole, in lieu of having motorcycle coverage.

You can be entitled to losses such as:

  • Property damages
  • Medical expenses
  • Wrongful death
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

Los Angeles County Motorcycle Collision Reports

Vehicle collisions are a frequent occurrence in LA County. Some incidents can lead to amputations or being dragged under a car. Countless motorcycle crashes have also involved passenger drivers leaving the scene of an accident.

Below are just a few motorcycle cases that have occurred in Los Angeles.

Granada crash leaves motorcycle rider without part of his leg: Police arrived at the scene where a man had lost part of his leg, after reports of motorcycles traveling at high speeds. Paramedics rushed to the scene of the collision located on the 118 Freeway.

Motorcycle trapped under a bumper of speeding car: George Valentin of Corona, California, was caught on camera leaving the scene of a crash. A motorcycle became trapped under a vehicle after the rider, Chain Arunritthirot, was thrown 200 feet away. Arunritthirot did not suffer any serious injuries.

Bisnar Chase Motorcycle Case Results:

  • $30,000,000 - Motorcycle Accident
  • $3,000,000 - Motorcycle Accident
  • $1,000.000 MVA - Motorcycle Accident

We have recovered more than $650 million with over 12,000 clients served. We have represented Los Angeles injured victims for over four decades and we may be able to help you too. Our experienced legal team will provide you with first-class personal attention and take care of every detail of your motorcycle accident claim. From settlements to trial, we will have your back every step of the way.

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A personal injury lawyer has the perspective needed to help you get fair compensation for damages such as lost wages and medical bills.

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