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Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers

The experienced Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at our firm have a long and successful track record of helping injured victims and their families obtain fair compensation for their losses. Insurance companies may not have your best interest.

Please contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys today for a Free Case Evaluation and comprehensive consultation if you’ve been hurt in a pedestrian accident or have lost a loved one from a wrongful death in the LA area. The call and consultation are Free and your compensation may be waiting. For immediate assistance call 323-238-4683.


Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident

Dangerous Drivers in Los Angeles County

Driver negligence is one of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles. Examples of driver negligence that can result in pedestrian accidents to occur include:

Excessive speed

Pedestrian accidents are a serious and growing problem in Los Angeles. Excessive speed is one of the primary causes of these types of collisions, with tragic consequences for both drivers and pedestrians involved.

According to studies, driving at a safer speed on city streets can reduce pedestrian deaths by up to 40%. Most accidents involving excessive speeding involve young people who may not realize the danger they’re putting themselves or others in while driving too fast.

Drivers should understand the importance of slowing down near intersections or areas where there are high volumes of pedestrians.  It has been found that if an individual was moving faster than 25 mph their risk for deadly injury increases significantly due to lack of reaction time given a person’s body size vs vehicle weight & velocity.

Driving drunk

Motorists who are under the influence of alcohol may have impaired reaction times. This means they may struggle to react quickly to avoid striking a pedestrian.

Drunk driving is clearly a problem because, in recent years, 79 fatalities and 1,989 injuries, including brain injuries, occurred as the result of drunk driving collisions in the city of Los Angeles, many of those victims were pedestrians.

Driving distracted

Distracted driving is a major problem on roads today. It’s estimated that around 3 million people are injured in car crashes each year, and many of those accidents can be prevented by paying attention to the act of driving.

Distractions such as talking or texting while behind the wheel take away from focusing on important aspects like speed limits, traffic signals, pedestrians, and other objects around you.

Unfortunately, these distractions frequently result in pedestrian-related injuries, which do not always have happy endings for victims of accidents brought on by distracted driving.

At Bisnar Chase our Los Angeles law firm has worked hard over 45 years with clients who have been affected through no fault but their own due to careless acts related to negligent drivers’ distraction, resulting in complications that cause life-changing experiences.

Knowing your rights under California law pays off in terms of getting the best possible compensation.

Deadly pedestrian statistics

Over the past two decades, there has been a steady increase in pedestrian fatalities in California. From 2001 to 2020, pedestrian fatalities increased by 58%, from 523 to 827. In addition, pedestrian injuries increased by 12% during the same time period, from 6,842 in 2001 to 7,664 in 2020.

The data also reveals certain trends and patterns in pedestrian accidents. For instance, distracted or intoxicated drivers frequently contribute to the majority of pedestrian fatalities that occur in urban areas and at night. Older adults and children are more vulnerable to pedestrian accidents.

Protecting your rights

Hiring an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney can help victims navigate the legal process and obtain the compensation they deserve. In cases of severe injuries or fatalities, a lawyer can help families seek justice and hold negligent parties accountable. It is important to act quickly after a pedestrian accident to preserve evidence and protect your legal rights.

Dangerous drivers are not the only reason why walking in Los Angeles is dangerous. Los Angeles is a large city that has many areas that are poorly designed and maintained. Potentially dangerous intersections may have:

  • Inadequate line of sight for speed limit postings and stop signs.
  • Faded stop, yield, and crosswalk signs. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that roadways and signs are properly maintained.
  • Poorly coordinated traffic signals. Some intersections are confusing for pedestrians and many simply do not allow enough time for pedestrians to safely cross.
  • Traffic signals in disrepair.
  • Poor design. Is the intersection inherently dangerous because of where it’s located?
  • Lack of crosswalks.
  • Dangerous crosswalks are hazardous due to their location or because they lack lights or visible signs to warn motorists.

Personal injury attorneys are seeing more pedestrian accidents cases said John Bisnar. “There are a lot of transportation options in Los Angeles and that included many pedestrians on bicycles and walking. The more congested the city becomes with commuters, the more injuries we see to those walking and dealing with aggressive drivers.”


Is It Safe to Ride Bicycles in Los Angeles?

Bicycle accidents and scooter accidents are more prevalent in Los Angeles than anywhere else in the country. Many bicycle riders and pedestrians are cautious of vehicle traffic and reckless speeding drivers but don’t always have the opportunity to see danger coming.

Bicycle riders and joggers who share the road with automobiles and motorcycles have a larger chance of getting struck, rundown, seriously injured, or killed than the majority of pedestrians who walk sidewalks and public pathways that are in close proximity to roadways.

Los Angeles is a popular city among cyclists, but safety is a serious issue. Despite the many bike lanes that have been added to some of the busiest streets in downtown LA, there are still risks associated with cycling due to traffic congestion and other hazards such as potholes or uneven pavement.

To stay safe while riding your bicycle in Los Angeles it’s important to always wear protective gear like helmets and gloves.

  • Obey all laws related to biking
  • Remain alert on roads for cars moving quickly around you
  • Ride defensively by using hand signals before turning
  • Avoid making sudden moves when riding close behind another cyclist or vehicle
  • Carry supplies like flat tire repair kits just in case anything goes wrong during your trip 

If you have been hit by a car while riding a bicycle, contact our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys at 323-238-4683. To learn more about how to avoid hit and runsclick here.


Ways Pedestrians Get Hit in Los Angeles

Besides a vehicle running someone down in a crosswalk or by hopping a sidewalk, there are many other ways pedestrians can get hit:

Walking behind a car when it is backing up 

When you see bright white lights on the back of a vehicle, this means the vehicle is currently in reverse and most likely about to start reversing. Avoid walking behind a car with reverse lights on.

Walking on train tracks

 Most people assume that they will always hear a train coming and therefore it’s safe to walk the tracks. Many students and even homeless people use the train tracks as a shortcut to their destinations. Train accidents are almost always catastrophic.

Not using a crosswalk

Use a crosswalk appropriately when attempting to cross a roadway. Vehicles are not expecting pedestrians to cross in the middle of the road.

Also, try not to run through a crosswalk to beat the oncoming traffic. You risk getting run down, could fall and hurt yourself or could cause a car accident due to approaching vehicles having to suddenly stop.

Lack of eye contact

Cars yielding to moving traffic on a right turn: when a car is pulled out on a right corner, the driver is most likely waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic so they can proceed with their right turn.

Their attention is most likely focused on the left side of the car watching the vehicles coming towards them and is most likely not expecting to see a pedestrian walking in front of their car when they look forward to proceeding with their right turn. Wait to make eye contact with the driver so you are confident in their awareness of your location in front of their car.


Pedestrians Can Cause Car Accidents (Mutual Fault)

It is possible that a pedestrian can also be at-fault for their injuries. If they were reckless and had a hand in causing the accident then the damages can be reduced. This is known as comparative negligence and it can reduce your compensation by up to 40% depending on how involved you were in causing the accident.

If a pedestrian runs out when a vehicle is approaching and they must suddenly brake for the pedestrian, they could be rear-ended, cause a traffic jam which could result in multiple vehicle-related accidents, and could potentially cause severe property damage, serious injury, or catastrophic results.

If you have been involved in a car accident as the result of a car vs. pedestrian, call and speak with one of our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys for a free consultation.


Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles

A recent magazine report listed Los Angeles as third among the most dangerous cities in the world for pedestrians. According to the report, for every 100,000 pedestrians in Los Angeles, there are 7.64 fatalities suffered in pedestrian accidents.

Why is Los Angeles ranked only below Atlanta and Detroit? While there are a number of roadways in Los Angeles that can be conducive for pedestrians, dangerous drivers and hazardous roadways and intersections can make walking risky in this city.

According to MoneyGeek, the five most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles are

  1. E. Manchester Ave. and Avalon Blvd.
  2. W. Manchester Ave. and S. Vermont Ave.
  3. Victory Blvd and Lindley Ave.
  4. W. Manchester Ave. and S. Normandie Ave.
  5. S. Vermont Ave. and W. Florence Ave. 

The data also states that downtown Los Angeles has the intersections with the most crashes.


Los Angeles, California Crosswalk Laws

Under California laws, drivers are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in crosswalks. Drivers are also required to exercise due care when it comes to pedestrians. Here are some of the laws relating to drivers and pedestrians:

  • At crosswalks: Under California Vehicle Code 21950, drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians legally crossing the roadway “within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection.”
  • Outside of crosswalks: Under California Vehicle Code 21954, pedestrians attempting to cross the road outside a crosswalk and away from an intersection “shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the roadway.” This vehicle code does not, however, excuse drivers from failing to exercise due care when it comes to avoid striking pedestrians.

Los Angeles Pedestrian Safety Tips

Even pedestrians who are obeying the law can be involved in an accident if a driver is behaving negligently. Here are a few tips to help you avoid being injured in a Los Angeles pedestrian accident:

  • Walk sober: Walking while intoxicated can be as dangerous as driving under the influence. According to The Governors Highway Safety Council, one third of pedestrians killed nationwide have blood alcohol levels of .08 percent or higher.
  • Wear bright clothing: When walking late at night, it is important to wear bright clothing and to carry a flashlight.
  • Walk toward traffic: If there is no sidewalk, you should walk to the far left side of the road facing traffic.
  • Stay attentive: It is easy to forget that drivers can pull out of driveways at any moment. Keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on your surroundings.
  • Never enter traffic from between cars: Motorists will have a difficult time seeing you if you are standing between parked vehicles or if you walk into the roadway from between parked cars.
  • Never dart into traffic: This is extremely dangerous and could result in serious pedestrian injuries.

Injuries Suffered in Los Angeles Pedestrian Accidents

Victims of pedestrian accidents typically have to miss work while healing. In some cases, they are never able to return to work or at least earn what they were once capable of earning.

Economic damages after a pedestrian accident can include:

  • Medical expenses for treatment of injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Lost wages due to being unable to work due to the injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Rehabilitation costs for physical therapy, medical equipment, and other treatments related to the injuries.
  • Property damage to items such as a cell phone, wallet, or clothing that was damaged in the accident.
  • Funeral expenses, if the accident results in death.
  • Pain and suffering due to the physical and emotional trauma of the accident.

Fortunately, compensation may be available for all of these losses if the at-fault driver’s negligence contributed to the crash. Contact our pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles for a free personal injury claim evaluation.


Contact a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you could seek compensation for damages from the at-fault parties such as negligent drivers or governmental agencies that allow dangerous conditions to exist on the roadway.

Any personal injury claim against governmental entities must be filed within 180 days of the incident. Your insurance policy may not cover you fully for damages. Contact a top rated personal injury lawyer to preserve your rights.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, please call and ask to speak with one of our highly skilled and experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers for free at 323-238-4683.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

What are the benefits of hiring a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer?

1. Knowledge and Experience: Our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers are familiar with the laws, regulations, and court procedures in the area, so they can provide expert advice and representation.

2. Maximum Compensation: An experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer can maximize your settlement or award by negotiating with insurance companies or bringing a successful lawsuit.

3. Proper Documentation: An experienced lawyer can ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed and evidence collected to strengthen your case.

4. Representation at Court Proceedings: A lawyer can represent you at court proceedings, helping you to navigate the legal system and fight for your rights.

5. Stress Relief: Working with an experienced Los Angles pedestrian accident lawyer can greatly reduce your stress by taking care of the legal aspects of your case, and allowing you to focus on recovery.

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