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Los Angeles Scooter Accident lawyer

Los Angeles scooter accident lawyer

A Los Angeles scooter accident lawyer like Bisnar Chase has been winning compensation for victims who have suffered physically and emotionally due to a manufacturer’s negligence.

Users of motorized scooters have found themselves in the emergency room and have been left with severe injuries, hefty medical bills, and lost wages.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase has held a 99% success rate for over 46 years and is determined to win even the toughest of cases. 

If you or someone you know has endured pain and suffering from a Los Angeles scooter accident, contact our legal team for invaluable information on how to proceed with financial recovery and justice for victims.

Contact the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase at 323-238-4683. You will receive a free consultation and legal advice for your scooter injury case. 

You don’t have to pay out of pocket for someone else’s carelessness; call now to speak with a top-rated scooter accident lawyer with trial experience.

Los Angeles Scooter Injury Lawyer

How Much Are Scooter Accidents Cases Worth in CA?

The damages and your scooter accident case value depend on the severity of the injuries sustained. An average settlement could be anywhere from $5,000.00 to $100,000.00.

The most common injuries in these cases are head, ankle, and wrist, so your attorney must evaluate all your medical costs to determine their value.

Once the value is determined, your attorney and paralegals will begin negotiating with the defense team and insurance companies to get you the highest compensation possible. 

We do not just “settle” cases; we fight to obtain maximum compensation. If your injury lawyer quickly settles, they aren’t working hard enough for you.

We are prepared to take tough cases to trial if we deem the offer too low for our client. Many California personal injury lawyers do not go to court. We do and there are no fees until we win your case.

What Percentage Do Personal Injury Lawyers Take in California?

In California, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we win the case on your behalf.

The percentage that personal injury lawyers take in California varies, but it is typically around 33% of the total settlement awarded; this percentage may be higher or lower depending on the specifics of the case and resources used or going to trial, but it is usually within the range of 33-40% of the financial award.

How Long Does a Scooter Injury Lawsuit Take in California?

The time it takes to settle your scooter injury claim depends on the insurance companies, defense team, and your attorney agreeing on a fair amount of compensation. Typically PI claims can take from a few months to up to 2 years to settle, depending on the facts of the case or how complex it is. 

How long does it take to get money after the settlement?

Typically you will receive the funds from your scooter injury claim around 4-6 weeks after closing the case. A settlement fund is set up for you, and a check is cut for you and sent by mail, delivered via ACH, or can be picked up in the office of your lawyer. 

Will I have to pay taxes on my personal injury settlement? 

In California, most personal injury settlements are tax-free.  Some exceptions include punitive damages, taxable in California, but damages awarded for pain and suffering, injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages are not.

How long do I have to file an injury claim in California?

You have two years from the accident date or two years from when you discovered you were harmed to file your lawsuit in California. Time is of the essence in accident claims because all the evidence needs to be secured to be evaluated by your lawyer correctly.

How Bird and Lime Scooter Share Programs Operate

There are a wide variety of electric scooters comprised bikes, motorcycles, and electric-kick scooters. Scooter rental companies such as “Bird” have accumulated millions of dollars in revenue due to accessibility.

The motorized scooters that are available for rent in beach areas such as Santa Monica, California, are accompanied by a phone app that allows you to find a scooter company near you.

The phone app also unlocks the scooter for riding usage. The “Bird” scooter costs $1 dollar to rent and 15 cents per minute to ride. Motorized scooter companies have claimed that this new form of transportation makes getting around more accessible and also gives an environmentally friendly option for short-distance commuters.

3 Common Types of Bird Scooter Injuries in Los Angeles

Motorized scooters such as “Bird” scooters can go up to 15 mph, and without a helmet or any safety gear, can have serious consequences. Not only that, but without proper driving laws, many motorized scooter users have endured severe bodily harm from being struck by a vehicle and faced many legal issues.

Below are the three most common kinds of injuries experienced in scooter incidents.

Motorized scooter injury causes

Head Injury:

Each year over 1.7 million people experience traumatic brain injuries. Recreational activities account for 21% percent of the brain trauma that has been reported. Scooters do not provide any protection and leave riders vulnerable on the street.

Motorized scooter brand, “Bird Scooters” has gained notoriety for many users being involved in dangerous instances. Riders have suffered from catastrophic head injuries and have accumulated various kinds of head trauma such as concussions.

broken bones from an e-scooter injury

Broken Bones:

“Bird” scooters’ defective brake systems have caused riders to break multiple bones. Users in Santa Monica, in particular, have reportedly had many broken bones, and the scooters have led people to be involved in a car accidents due to being unable to stop at dangerous intersections.

The brakes on a “Bird” scooter have been unreliable, and the instantaneous acceleration is also an issue riders face. Bystanders or pedestrians have undergone injuries due to collisions as well.

scooter malfunction lawyer


The loss of sensation or movement of all muscles or specific muscles are symptoms of being paralyzed. What causes a person to be paralyzed can range from having a genetic disorder to experiencing spinal cord damage.

If a scooter rider endures spinal cord trauma or a “Bird” scooter death occurs from being hit by a vehicle, and the cause was due to a malfunction in the scooter, more than likely, liability for the accident will fall on the scooter manufacturer.

If you have been a victim of a scooter collision, the Los Angeles Scooter Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase are here to provide you with quality legal representation. Riders who have experienced a “Bird” scooter injury call 323-238-4683 for a free case analysis.

Common Causes of Scooter Accidents in California

The following are the main reasons for scooter collisions in Los Angeles:

Inexperienced rider. The majority of scooter users have never driven a motorized vehicle before. When users are unfamiliar with traffic laws or how to drive a scooter properly, this might result in accidents.

Driving carelessly. Many dangerous drivers who ride scooters rush, dart in and out of traffic, and disobey traffic regulations. This can result in serious accidents, especially when scooters clash with cars or other vehicles.

Driving when distracted. Distracted driving can cause accidents and is also a risk for scooter drivers. Talking on the phone, texting, and music listening are typical distractions for scooter drivers.

Terrible driving conditions. Poor road conditions in Los Angeles also result in accidents with e-scooters. This includes road debris, potholes, and uneven pavement.

Wearing a helmet incorrectly. Riders on scooters must wear helmets in California. Yet, many motorcyclists choose not to wear helmets, which raises the possibility of a major head injury in an accident.

If you have suffered injuries in a scooter accident, you should immediately contact a lawyer. A knowledgeable scooter accident attorney can fight for the just compensation you are entitled to while assisting you in understanding your legal rights.

Negligence in a Scooter Accident

Negligence in e-scooter accidents can occur from the rider, company, or third party. Riders can be negligent by not following road rules, being underage, not wearing a helmet, or engaging in reckless behavior.

Companies can be negligent in maintaining scooters, providing adequate training, adequately warning riders, and preventing accidents.

Third parties, such as car drivers, can also be negligent. To prove negligence, the victim must show the at-fault party owed them a duty of care, breached that duty, and caused their injuries. They must also prove actual damages.

In some cases, both parties can be negligent. This is referred to as comparative negligence, where the compensation may be reduced if you were found partially at fault for the accident.

What Should I Do After a Scooter Accident?

Statistics show that scooter accidents are one of the leading causes of head injuries in cities nationwide.  From car versus scooter collisions to errant pedestrians, there are many potential causes of scooter accidents.

The most common causes of scooter accidents are distracted or impaired driving, overspeeding, and improper road maintenance. Additionally, riders failing to obey traffic laws and lacking safety gear can increase the risk of scooter-related injuries.

  • After the accident, immediately contact the police and seek medical attention.
  • If you’re able to, document the accident with video and images and gather any witness statements you can. 
  • Make sure your police report is detailed with exactly what took place because, as time passes, it’s easy to forget important details.
  • Contact a scooter injury lawyer in Los Angeles and find out your legal options to recover your medical bills and damaged vehicles.

Accidents Involving Electric Scooters in Los Angeles

Brands such as “Bird” have become a staple in Los Angeles specifically in beach cities such as Santa Monica. Unfortunately, there have been many mishaps with the scooter and many injuries.

The Washington Post reported that Santa Monica law enforcement took issue with the new self-transportation.

“These scooters just began showing up on our streets last fall, the challenge is that they decided to launch first and figure it out later. People have been riding on these scooters for months without helmets, with young people on them, so there’s a sense of this how they’re meant to be ridden,” stated Santa Monica deputy city manager and director of policy Anju Gupta.

Just in a few months after the release of the “Bird” scooter, the Santa Monica police department had made 97 citations, and officers responded to over eight scooter accidents.

City officials have stated that their main concern is to ensure the safety of the scooter riders.

Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer shared “Nothing would make me happier than to have them out there operating legally and safely with the appropriate permits. It’s just a matter of talking; talk helps a lot.”

Bird scooters have been appearing all over Southern California and have not only been infamous for their accessibility but also for their dangerous malfunctions. The Los Angeles scooter accident attorneys of Bisnar Chase will win you the compensation you need after a scooter accident.

What Kind of Electric Scooter Accidents Can I Claim?

Multiple factors can play into a scooter injury incident. Some of these elements can include potholes, uneven concrete, or even a car crashing into the scooter. Most of the time though the key cause of a motor-scooter accident can rely on the design or on faulty parts.

Who is responsible for your injuries and the medical bills that follow?

It depends on how you were harmed in the scooter accident. For example, if the scooter itself had faulty brakes then liability can rely on the manufacturer of the defective product. Manufacturers have what is known in legal terms as a duty of care.

A personal injury victim will need to prove this key component in order to win compensation for a claim. This means that the defendant had a duty to keep its consumers safe.

Another key aspect that needs to be proven in an accident claim is that the cause of the accident and injuries was due to the negligence of the defendant. This is known as a “breach of duty”.

For more information contact the personal injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase at 323-238-4683 for a free case analysis.

Deaths at the Hands of Defective Scooters

Being injured in a scooter accident can not only leave a person with serious injuries but can also kill a rider.

Twenty-four-year-old Jacoby Stoneking died due to falling off a scooter. Reports stated that Stoneking attempted to save his own life by calling a Lyft when he fell. Unfortunately, when the Lyft driver arrived on the scene Stoneking lost consciousness.

The next day the aspiring doctor was pronounced dead at Baylor University Medical Hospital. Dallas Officials stated that when they were examining the location in which Stoneking was hurt they found a “Lime” scooter in pieces.

The father of Jacoby Stoneking said that his son “…cared for people” and “was all about life.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stoneking family.

Wrongful death incidents occur every day due to negligence manufacturers. A family who has suffered a wrongful death is strongly advised to seek compensation and legal aid from an experienced scooter injury lawyer. Expenses that can be compensated include medical expenses and funeral costs.

Los Angeles Electric Scooter Safety Regulations

The abundance of scooter collisions had not only taken place in Los Angeles beach areas but also in downtown regions in Los Angeles as well. The L.A. Department of Transportation took the initiative to introduce a “one-year test program” to regulate the number of scooters and bikes that would be allowed in the city.

The initiative would only allow a maximum of 2,500 self-transportation vehicles within city boundaries.

University campuses had also taken safety measures to limit the usage of scooters in certain areas of the school. The Daily Burn revealed that there have been numerous accounts of students riding scooters running into pedestrians.

University Police Officer Kevin Dodd said that the regulations are set in place to bring awareness of the proper usage of scooters.

“Students are dismissing all the rules and regulations they’re supposed to read before they ride them. We don’t want to cite. We want to get out there and educate,” Dodd stated.

Campus Police Officers had also enforced students to wear helmets when operating a scooter.

Types of E-Scooters in California

Lime: Lime offers a variety of e-scooters, including the Lime-S, Lime-E, and Lime-X. The Lime-S is the most basic model, the Lime-E has a longer range, and the Lime-X is the fastest.

Bird: Bird offers two main types of e-scooters, the Bird One and the Bird Two. The Bird One is the more basic model, while the Bird Two has a longer range and a more powerful motor.

Spin: Spin offers a variety of e-scooters, including the Spin S1, Spin S2, and Spin S3. The Spin S1 is the most basic model, the Spin S2 has a longer range, and the Spin S3 is the fastest.

Lyft: Lyft offers a single type of e-scooter. The Lyft Scooter is a basic model that is designed for short trips.

Razor: Razor is a well-known brand of kick scooters and offers a line of e-scooters. The Razor EcoSmart Metro is a popular model that is designed for commuting.

Skip: Skip is a smaller e-scooter provider that offers a single type of e-scooter. The Skip Scooter is a basic model that is designed for short trips.

Statistics For Scoot Accidents and Injuries

1. In 2019, there were 1,086 scooter-related injuries in Los Angeles, representing a 19% increase from 2018.

2. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most scooter-related injuries (45%) involve head trauma.

3. In 2018, scooter-related deaths in Los Angeles increased by 33%, with 11 fatalities.

4. According to a 2019 study, rider inexperience is the most common cause of scooter accidents in Los Angeles (37%), followed by loss of balance.

5. Reckless driving is The second most common cause of scooter accidents (21%).

6. Distracted driving is The third most common cause of scooter accidents (17%).

7. In Los Angeles, the average cost of a scooter accident is $25,000.

8. According to a 2022 survey, 95% of scooter accident victims in Los Angeles are male.

9. There were 160 confirmed e-scooter injuries over 800,000 miles, according to an e-scooter injury investigation.

10. Casualties from electric bikes and motorized scooter road accidents study.

11. Scooter injuries in children as studied by the Journal of Pediatric Surgery.

Contact a Los Angeles E-Scooter Accident Lawyer

Riding a scooter should not be dangerous, and the personal injury lawyers of Bisnar Chase believe that if that becomes the result, manufacturers should pay for the outcome.

Our mission at Bisnar Chase is to provide you with exceptional legal representation. We will be with you each step of the way to keep you aware of what is happening in your case. Since 1978, the Los Angeles Scooter Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have compassionately been helping victims gain the compensation they deserve to get their lives back.

When you call 323-238-4683, you will automatically earn a free consultationYou do not have to face negligent manufacturers or a big insurance company alone. Contact the law offices of Bisnar Chase to receive legal advice for your scooter injury case.

Scooter Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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