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San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Attorney

San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorney

Top-Rated Lawyers, Over $800M Recovered

Our San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident lawyers are ready to fight and win your case. We have represented injured plaintiffs in many severe motorcycle accidents with winning results.

Our most significant motorcycle accident win was $30 Million. Bisnar Chase has over 45 years of experience, establishing a 99% success rate, and has won over $800 million for our clients.

With a population of more than 216,000 people, some simply like the freedom of riding through the San Bernardino county Mountains. But an unexpected tragedy can change the course of your life in an instant.

We can handle your personal injury claim while you focus on recovery.

When Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

It’s best to immediately consult with a qualified motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Time is of the essence to protect your rights and secure evidence and witnesses. You must understand your legal rights if you or a loved one has been injured in a San Bernardino motorcycle accident.

Contacting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in San Bernardino is the first step toward achieving that level of understanding and securing your rights. Call 909-253-0750 for a free case evaluation and consultation about pursuing your rights.

How long will my motorcycle accident case take to settle?

  • Settling a motorcycle accident claim can be complex, and the time involved in resolving it ultimately depends on several factors. These include;
  • the severity of injuries sustained by those involved.
  • Whether or not all parties agree to a settlement offer, and if liability is disputed.
  • The complexity increases when multiple insurance companies are at play; however, experienced attorneys understand how to navigate these processes quickly while ensuring an adequate outcome for their clients.

Generally speaking, though, settling motorcycle accident claims typically takes 6-12 months as negotiations between both sides may lead to prolonged periods with no resolution until litigation becomes necessary.

In any case, significant damages awards often yield quicker settlements than small ones due primarily because insurers want closure without going through court proceedings that could cost them more money down the line.

San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident

What Compensation Will I Receive From My Motorcycle Accident?

As personal injury lawyers, we’ve helped many clients navigate the confusing work of winning motorcycle accident claims.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Compensation can come in different forms – things like;

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • property damage
  • non-economic damages
  • economic damages
  • and even punitive damages in some cases

The amount of compensation you might receive can vary based on many factors, such as;

  • the severity of your injuries
  • the amount of work you’ve missed
  • and the extent of the damage to your property

Can I collect PTSD after my motorcycle accident?

PTSD after a motorcycle accident is not uncommon. Victims may experience severe mental trauma, mainly if the crash was highly traumatic or resulted in death or serious injury to another person. Victims can sometimes recover financial compensation for their PTSD following a motorcycle accident through a personal injury lawsuit.

To do this successfully, the evidence that proves psychological and emotional damages have been suffered due to the incident and proof of related medical expenses accrued over time must be presented.

Working with an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer in San Bernardino county can make a big difference. We know how to assess your situation, are familiar with all local courts and defense teams, gather the evidence needed to build a strong case and advocate for your rights to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Ultimately, every case is unique, and it’s impossible to say precisely how much compensation you might be entitled to without looking closely at your situation’s specifics.  Typically the compensation can be from a few thousand dollars to a 7-figure settlement. But rest assured that we’re here to help guide you through the process and fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf.

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the average economic cost of a motorcycle crash in the United States is around $16,000. This figure includes medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and other related costs. It’s important to note that this figure is only an average, and settlements in California can vary widely from case to case.

What to do After a Motorcycle Accident in Califoria

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in California, it’s essential to know your rights and understand the legal process.

After an accident, gather as much information at the scene as possible – this includes;

  • contact info from any witnesses or drivers that were involved.
  • Call 911 for medical help if anyone needs assistance.
  • Contact law enforcement so they can investigate what happened and create an official record of the incident via police report, including facts about who was responsible for causing damages/injuries.
  • Once authorities have released you from their jurisdiction, take pictures of all vehicles used during the crash (for evidence), seek qualified legal advice regarding municipal liability-insurance policies, etc.
  • Lastly, document everything like receipts & treatments related to injuries incurred. This will serve helpful when pursuing personal injury claims due to negligence by another party(ies).

What Determines if My Motorcycle is Totaled?

The determination of whether or not your motorcycle is totaled after an accident depends on various factors. Generally, it’s based on the severity and scope of damage caused to your vehicle due to the crash.

The decision often considers cost-versus-value estimates that compare repair costs against current market value for similar vehicles in comparable condition.

When assessing, insurance companies will also consider any potential risks associated with repairing the bike versus simply replacing it altogether.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you navigate insurance requirements while fighting to ensure fair compensation throughout this process and more effectively protect your rights following a motorcycle accident.

Top 10 Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

There are many types of situations in which a motorcyclist can experience danger, accidents, and injuries, including catastrophic and fatal injuries.


Excessive speeds make it much more difficult to avoid road hazards, and sudden stops and to judge upcoming road conditions and changes. Experiencing a crash at high speeds increases a motorcycle rider’s risk of serious or fatal injury.

Speeding also makes it much more difficult and nearly impossible for drivers ahead to tell how fast you are going, or even see you at all.

Unsafe Lane Changes 

Changing lanes with your turn signal on, and going the speed limit with a slow and steady lane change can be dangerous enough. Being reckless, not using your turn signal, and weaving in and out of traffic can be deadly at any speed.

Lane Splitting 

Motorcycle riders many times have chosen to ride a motorcycle to get through congested roadways and heavy traffic, with the ability to lane split. But all it takes is one driver to change lanes in your line of drive, not seeing you or disregarding your position for any reason can prove fatal in milliseconds.

Sudden Stops

 Braking on a motorcycle is not the same as braking in a vehicle. If you apply too much pressure on the front brake, chances are you are going to stop and fly over the handlebars or slide out. It is easier to slam on the brakes and come to a sudden stop, but not on a motorcycle.

Driving Under the Influence 

Driving under the influence is never advised and there is never any excuse for driving under the influence. Alcohol, prescription meds, marijuana, and any other type of mind or body-altering items should never be consumed before or during driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle.

You not only put yourself and your property at serious risk but other innocent lives that are vulnerable to your reckless endangerment.

Car Doors

 Riding too close to parking, driving, or stopped cars allows the opportunity for the door of a vehicle to open into your line of drive. Running into a vehicle’s car door at any speed can inflict serious or fatal injuries, and expensive property damage, and can definitely ruin your day.

Inexperienced Drivers 

Inexperienced drivers do not have the amount of knowledge or experience to react in sudden or complex situations. Even in everyday simple circumstances, an inexperienced driver can panic and cause a potentially dangerous or deadly situation. Inexperienced motorcycle riders should take extreme caution when learning how to ride a motorcycle or when practicing riding a motorcycle.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle, stay safe on the road, and watch for hazards takes time, patience, experience, and skill. So take extra caution.

Motorcycle Defects 

Any type of defect on a motorcycle or on a vehicle can cause serious and hazardous situations. Locked steering, brake failure, tire blowouts, or engine stalls; our team of lawyers has experience fighting and winning any and all of the listed defects.

It’s up to you to ensure your vehicle or motorcycle is not on any current recall or auto defect lists. You can check by entering your VIN number at

Dangerous Road Conditions 

Road conditions can change at any moment and in the blink of an eye. Road Debris Accidents and Injuries can occur when objects like ladders, furniture, trash, and an infinite list of potentially deadly road hazards can fall out of the back of trucks or off the tops of cars. Whether it was their fault or not does mean it can’t still kill you.

Left Turn Accidents 

When making a left turn, drivers feel they have enough time to complete their turn before you approach them, or sometimes, due to a narrow profile of a motorcycle, never see you approaching at all. These situations can be immediate fatalities that nobody ever saw coming. In the blink of an eye, you are soaring through the air or head first into the side of a vehicle.

Even if you land and are still alive, other drivers are not expecting a body to be landing in their path on the roadway in front of them. Many motorcycle riders who experience serious and catastrophic injuries weren’t from the first initial accident, but from getting hit and run over by other vehicles once they landed in the street after the initial crash.

Be ready, stay alert and cautious, and if you are still involved in a motorcycle accident or have experienced an injury on a motorcycle, contact our team of skilled and experienced San Bernardino Motorcycle Attorneys who are ready to win your case.

Most Common Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries.

  • Head and brain trauma are the most common injuries due to the lack of safety features on a motorcycle.
  • Bone fractures or breaks are also common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents.
  • Neck and back injuries, such as whiplash or nerve damage, can occur if there is not enough protection or support for riders during an accident.
  • Spinal cord injury may cause physical disability depending on severity.
  • Internal organ damage is possible from blunt force trauma caused by impact with another vehicle or terrain/object at high speed.

All motorcyclists should wear proper headgear and protective clothing while obeying traffic signals when riding to avoid suffering life-altering consequences if an accident occurs.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), one fatality and 80 injuries occurred as the result of motorcycle accidents within the city of San Bernardino each year.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Over 30 Million emergency department visits are due to motorcycle-related accidents and injuries.

Countywide, 26 people were killed and 436 were injured in motorcycle crashes
4,502 people were killed in motorcycle crashes.  Motorcycle-related deaths increased by 55 percent since the year 2000.

According to the California Highway Patrol, in 2019, there was no indication of safety equipment used in 46 of the 484 motorcyclist fatalities. Also, there was no indication of safety equipment used in 2,069 of the 12,935 motorcyclist injuries.

In 2018, there were 511 motorcyclists killed and 14,073 motorcyclists injured. Motorcyclists killed in 2019 decreased by 5.2 percent from 2018 and those injured decreased by 9.2 percent over that same year. Licensed motorcycle drivers in 2019 decreased by 1 percent over 2018.

Motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in a crash than occupants of passenger cars per vehicle mile traveled. These statistics highlight the importance of motorcycle safety and the need for riders to take proper precautions on the road.

It is common for motorcyclists to suffer devastating injuries in an accident because of the lack of protection that motorcycles provide. There are no seatbelts. Motorcycles do not have airbags. There is no metal frame surrounding the motorcyclist. The only protection that a motorcycle rider has is what he or she chooses to wear.


No Win, No Fee Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

A lot of bills related to your personal injury case can pile up quickly. Bisnar Chase will advance all costs throughout your case because we want to make sure you are taken care of while still maintaining peace of mind.

This is a difficult time in your life and we are here for you every step of the way. If we do not win your case, you will not pay.

When you hire a personal injury attorney to represent you in your case, one of their primary roles is to help shield you from financial liability.

Your attorney will work to prove that you were not at fault for the accident or incident that caused your injuries, and they will also work to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance companies or the other party’s legal team to secure a settlement or judgment that covers the costs of your medical care / medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy and other expenses related to your injury.

If you are found to be partially at fault for the accident, your attorney may be able to negotiate a settlement that accounts for it and reduces your financial liability.

 They will also advise you on the best course of action for protecting your assets, such as setting up a trust or transferring ownership of certain assets after you win your case.

Why Can You Trust Bisnar Chase Motorcycle Lawyers?

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Bisnar Chase understand how difficult this time in your life is, financially, mentally, and emotionally. Having a legal representative you know has the skill and ability to fight and win against anyone in the world will give you peace of mind.

Being able to trust and lean on your attorney allows for a relationship and bond to take formation, decreasing your stress and concerns, making this legal process much less burdensome, and more enjoyable, from a perspective of understanding that someone who cares is fighting for you, to get you what you want, need and deserve.

Our staff is always available to take your calls or meet with you in person to discuss any questions you have about your case or situation. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable paralegals, pre-lit staff, and mediators are always making sure every detail is thoroughly examined and ready early.

We won’t keep you waiting or wondering what’s going on with your case, giving you the peace of mind you need in this difficult time of your life.

We also support undocumented immigrants to have proper representation in the same way we protect undocumented workers.

Do you handle wrongful death cases from motorcycle accidents?

Yes. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, a personal injury lawyer in Southern California can help you with a wrongful death case. Their job is to guide you through the legal process and represent your interests.

To start with, our lawyer will investigate the accident to establish who was responsible and gather evidence to support your wrongful death case. They may also consult experts such as accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals to bolster their arguments.

After that, the law firm will file a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. The lawsuit may demand compensation for various expenses, such as funeral expenses, medical bills, lost income, and emotional pain and suffering.

We will negotiate with the insurance company or legal team representing the person responsible for your loved one’s accident to reach a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, our law firm may take your case to trial and present your evidence to a judge or jury.

California Motorcycle Helmet Laws

According to California Vehicle Code Section 27803: “A driver and any passenger shall wear a safety helmet meeting requirements established pursuant to Section 27802 when riding on a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, or motorized bicycle.”

In fact, it is unlawful to operate a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, or motorized bicycle if the driver or any passenger is not wearing a safety helmet.

Can you still represent me if I wasn’t wearing my helmet?

Yes, but you will bare some of the blame for your injuries which can reduce how much compensation is recovered. 


California motorcycle helmet laws

There is no question that helmets save lives and prevent serious head injuries. In fact, the CDC reports that motorcycle helmets prevent 37 percent of crash deaths among motorcycle riders and 41 percent of crash deaths for motorcycle passengers.

Helmets are the best pieces of safety equipment a motorcyclist can wear. But it is also important for motorcyclists to pay attention to their clothing.

Motorcyclists should wear upper body clothing that covers their skin.

Gloves, long sleeves, and long pants should be worn at all times. They should be bright colors or reflective outerwear to increase visibility. It is also a good idea to wear protective clothing that has armor points on the shoulders, elbows, back, knees and ankles.

Another great way to prevent a serious or catastrophic injury is to ride defensively. Motorcyclists who choose to exceed the speed limit, drive impaired, or dangerously split lanes of traffic, put themselves and others at risk of suffering serious injury.

Contact our San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Injured victims of San Bernardino motorcycle crashes can pursue financial compensation from the party responsible for the accident. For example, if a car driver causes a crash by driving carelessly or recklessly, then, he or she can be held accountable for the injuries suffered by the motorcyclist.

If the motorcycle rider crashed because of a defective motorcycle part, then, the manufacturer of the faulty product can be held liable. If a dangerous condition on the roadway caused or contributed to the crash, the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roadway can be held accountable.

In such cases, a claim must be filed within 2 years of the incident in California. Injured victims can seek compensation to cover damages including medical expenses, lost earnings, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and other related damages.

The experienced San Bernardino motorcycle accident attorneys know and understand the emotional and financial challenges faced by victims and their families.

We help these victims hold the negligent parties liable and obtain fair and full compensation for their losses.

Please contact us for a free consultation and a comprehensive case evaluation at 909-253-0750.

San Bernardino Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Let us evaluate your personal injury claim and see what we can do for you. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers in San Bernardino for a free case evaluation if another party has injured you.

  • Over $800M recovered
  • 99% success rate
  • Over 45 years of serving Californians

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