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San Bernardino Job Injury Lawyers are always ready to fight for your situation. A workplace injury or job injury is an injury or illness that occurs during the course of the worker’s job and should never be overlooked as a minor situation.

After seeking medical attention for your injuries, follow up by contacting a skilled San Bernardino Personal Injury Attorney. Our team of work injury attorneys will be able to give you an initial consultation for free to decide how we can best help you and your situation reach the most successful outcome possible.

A workplace injury is one that arises out of and in the course of employment. Employers are required under state and federal law to ensure that workers are provided a safe environment in which to do their jobs.

When workers suffer injuries or illnesses on the job, it affects not only the individual worker but his or her family, emotionally and financially.

The more severe the injury, the longer it takes for the worker to make a complete recovery and rejoin the workforce. This means unpaid household bills, escalating medical expenses, and other costs to bear.

If you have been injured on the job, it is important that you contact a San Bernardino workplace accident lawyer who can help you receive compensation for your losses.

Bisnar Chase understands how much work-related injuries can affect you, your family, and your future employment, and we will fight to make sure that you are compensated completely for any pain and trouble that you have gone through and may go through in the future.

If you have been injured due to a workplace injury or have suffered the wrongful death of a family member, call the law offices of Bisnar Chase and receive a free consultation.

For immediate assistance, call 909-253-0750.

Common Workplace Injuries in San Bernardino County

Most everyone figures injuries, accidents and other situations won’t happen to them, until it does. Ensuring that you are doing everything in your ability to stay safe, cautious and alert is all you can do.

  • Overexertion injuries: This includes injuries that are caused by pulling, lifting, pushing, holding or other strenuous activities at work. Overexertion has consistently been the number one cause of workplace injuries in the United States.
  • Slip-trip-and-fall accidents: This pertains to falls on slippery or wet surfaces as well as tripping over debris in the workspace.
  • Fall from heights: This occurs when a worker falls from an elevated area such as roofs, ladders and stairways. Falls may be caused by slip-and-fall accidents or due to faulty equipment. It is critical that workers are provided proper personal fall protection gear.
  • Struck-by accidents: Objects that fall from heights or are dropped by another person can cause serious head injuries and other types of trauma. Using protective gear such as hard hats can help minimize these types of serious injuries.
  • Fires and explosions: Workers suffer severe burn injuries due to fires or explosions in the workplace. Chemical burns could also result in serious injuries.
  • Vehicle accidents: Employees who drive for their jobs are often injured in auto accidents. These could result in catastrophic or fatal injuries. In some cases, workers are run over by vehicles on the job such as forklifts or trucks.
  • Accidents involving machinery: This type of injury occurs in factory settings or construction sites where heavy equipment is used. When worker or his or her body part is caught in a piece of machinery, crushing injuries and amputations can occur.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: This type of workplace injury is often less obvious is definitely harmful for employees, especially in the long run. Repetitive motions such as typing and using the computer can strain muscles and tendons causing issues such as vision problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. Proper use of ergonomic equipment can help reduce these types of injuries in the workplace.
  • Violence in the workplace: Recent reports of attacks in the workplace due to disgruntled employees or office politics show that these types of incidents can be catastrophic. Workplace violence employee training and vigilance can help keep these types of incidents at bay.
workers working in workplace job Injuries on the job in San BErnardino

Southern California Workplace Accident and Injury Statistics

Depending on where your job is, what your job is and the job duties and responsibilities, types of job injuries and job accidents can vary.

  • In recent years, over 4,400 workers were killed while on the job
  • Approximately 13 people go to work and never return home
  • 3.3 Million people suffer a workplace injury from which they never recover

Top 10 Most Common Work Accidents and Work Injuries

Here are the top 10 Most Common Work Accidents and Work Injuries, according to

  1. Violent Acts on the Job
  2. Repetitive Motion Injuries
  3. Machine Entanglement
  4. Vehicle Accidents
  5. Walking Into Injuries
  6. Falling Object Injuries
  7. Reaction Injuries
  8. Falling From Heights
  9. Slipping/Tripping
  10. Overexertion Injuries

Top 10 Most Frequently Sited OSHA Standards Violated in Recent Years:


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has set guidelines and rules that must be followed to avoid serious work related injuries and casualties. When these guidelines are ignored seek legal advice from various attorneys in San Bernardino.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Frequently Sited OSHA Standards Violated in Recent Years:

  1. Fall protection
  2. Hazard communication standard
  3. Scaffolding, general requirements
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Powered industrial trucks
  6. Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)
  7. Ladders
  8. Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment
  9. Machinery and Machine Guarding
  10. Electrical systems design, general requirements

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Compensation for Injured Workers in the Inland Empire

Anyone who has been injured on the job can seek damages by filing a workers’ compensation claim. Typically, workers’ compensation benefits include medical care, rehabilitation expenses, and disability coverage to compensate the worker for lost wages.

Dependent family members of workers who are killed on the job might be entitled to death benefits through workers’ compensation. It is always advised to seek appropriate legal help when dealing with complex workers’ comp situations.

Obtaining legal representation from a personal injury lawyer in San Bernardino can save you financially when dealing with fighting against insurance companies and large or small businesses and corporations.

However, in California, workers’ compensation benefits are woefully inadequate. Learn more about California Workers’ Compensation laws at

Although workers’ compensation can provide monetary and medical benefits to injured workers, temporary and permanent disability payments are usually quite low and do not compensate the worker for losses such as pain and suffering.

Workers’ compensation also does not provide punitive damages to penalize employers for poor safety controls or hazardous conditions in the workplace.

In some cases, in addition to workers’ compensation, injured workers or families of deceased workers can file what is known as a “third-party claim” against a party other than the employer who may have caused or contributed to the injury or illness.

Here are some examples of situations in which you may be able to file such a third-party claim:

  • If you were injured on the job by negligence on the part of a general contractor or sub-contractor, you could file a claim against those parties.
  • If you became ill as the result of exposure to a toxic substance, you may be able to bring a toxic tort lawsuit against the manufacturer of that substance.
  • If a defective product injured you, you may be able to file a product liability lawsuit against the product manufacturer.
  • If you suffered an injury at work due to a dangerous condition on the property, then the property or building owner can be held liable.
  • If negligence on the part of a utility company caused a fire, explosion, or electrocution, that party can also be held liable.

Contacting an Experienced San Bernardino Injury Lawyer

The experienced San Bernardino Job Injury Lawyers at Bisnar Chase have a long and successful track record of protecting the rights of injured workers and their families.

We protect our clients from paying fees or costs if their case is not successful. We provide this guarantee in writing for our clients. Our law firm is unique in that we advance all necessary costs of your case and you will not have to repay those advances if your case is not successful.

We also have a 99% success rate and have won over $750 million for our clients. With over 45 years of experience, our skilled San Bernardino Injury Attorneys are always ready to fight for you and win your case.

For immediate assistance call 909-253-0750 and receive a free case evaluation and consultation.

San Bernardino Job Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured at your job that isn’t a worker’s comp case or has special circumstances you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our San Bernardino job injury lawyers for a free consultation.

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I’m so impressed with this law firm. I lost my mother because of a seat defect when she was rear-ended in an auto accident and Bisnar Chase stepped up and took our case. The staff is wonderful and Brian Chase took his time explaining everything via phone with me. I’m honored to have the best of the best working on our family’s behalf, trying to get justice for my Mom, because of a negligent car company still manufacturing faulty seats. I look forward to working with this firm and am hopeful for a positive outcome. Thank you so much, Brian Chase. I know you will work your hardest on this case. God Bless you.

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I wasn’t sure if I needed a personal injury attorney because I’d never been in a car accident before. I assumed I’d just go straight through the other driver’s insurance but that quickly became a nightmare. I spent months fighting over the simplest of issues about my case, which was 100% the other driver’s fault. I hired Bisnar Chase to see if they could just take it over for me. I was really impressed with how much they communicated everything to me! I suddenly started getting calls from the insurance company, imagine that. My final settlement was 6 times what I asked for to begin with. Everyone I dealt with was really involved in what was best for me, not the insurance.

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Bisnar Chase is a model #veteranowned business that is purpose-driven — showing the power of patriotism in action! Because of Bisnar Chase, low-income veterans will be able to forge new futures at home through pro bono legal care. Team Veterans Legal Institute is grateful to have Bisnar Chase as a sponsor for Lawyers for Warriors — supporting the promise to be there for our veterans when they need it most.

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I had an attorney for my truck accident who wanted almost 60% of what my case was worth. Worse than that, he was willing to settle for $5,000.00 with the insurance company even though I was still treating for whiplash and back pain. I contacted Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys because a friend recommended them. My case was handled exceptionally well! I was being kept notified throughout the whole process and only when I was comfortable with the settlement figure, did my attorney Gavin Long, accept it. I felt like we were working together and I felt listened to. I would refer Bisnar Chase to anyone who wants quality over quantity!

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