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Newport Beach Slip-and-Fall Attorneys

Newport Beach Slip-and-Fall Lawyers

If you have fallen and suffered an injury, it is time to contact the Newport Beach slip-and-fall lawyers of Bisnar Chase. Whether you have slipped in a grocery store aisle or tripped down a set of stairs, we may be able to help you pursue legal action.

Many victims of slip-and-fall accidents suffer very serious injuries. These can include everything from broken bones to traumatic head injuries. Our injury lawyers have seen it all, including severe falls causing paralyzing and fatal injuries. If you have been hurt in or around the 92660 Newport area, we want to help.

If your slip or fall has been caused by another party's negligence, we can help you secure the compensation you deserve – and hold the culprits accountable.

Call our specialist Newport Beach slip-and-fall attorneys now on (949) 203-3814 for immediate help, or click the button below to arrange a free case review.

What is a Slip-and-Fall Accident?

Slip-and-fall is a term used to describe a certain type of injury lawsuit. Essentially, a slip-and-fall – or trip-and-fall, as they are sometimes called – is a form of premises liability accident involving the victim falling and suffering an injury.

There are a few factors which make an accident a slip-and-fall. The victim must slip, trip, or fall, and suffer some form of injury – no matter how minor. The incident also must happen in a location which is owned or managed by another person or company.

Common slip and trip risks include:

  • Uneven surfaces This can include hazardous conditions such as broken paving stones, torn carpet, or potholes.

  • Slippery floors Often caused by spillages, or rain and mud being tracked onto an interior floor.

  • Outdoor elements When elements such as rain, snow, ice, and sleet create a dangerous underfoot surface outdoors.

  • Debris If objects are left on the floor where they should not be, this can cause a serious trip hazard.

  • Poor visibility When an area carries a high danger of falls due to poor lighting or a lack of visibility.

  • Unstable flooring This can include trip hazards such as loose floorboards, bricks, paving stones or tiles.

  • Stairs and escalators A malfunctioning escalator or a compromised set of stairs can provide a serious danger.

If you or a loved one have suffered an accident caused by one of these trip dangers, or any other type of underfoot hazard, you should call our slip-and-fall lawyers in Newport Beach for expert guidance.

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Common Slip-and-Fall Accident Locations

A slip-and-fall accident must happen on premises owned by another party. Some of the most common places for a victim to trip or slip include:

  • Grocery stores, general retail stores, malls, and shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Office buildings and businesses
  • Sidewalks, parking lots and similar public areas
  • Parks and other outdoor areas
  • Private homes
  • Amusement parks
  • Sporting stadiums, concert halls, and similar event venues
  • Theaters

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Who Is Liable for a Slip-and-Fall Accident in Newport Beach?

A cracked and raised sidewalk paving stone which is creating a dangerous trip-and-fall hazard for pedestrians.

Who is at fault for a slip-and-fall injury if it is suffered at one of the above locations?

In many cases, the owner of the property will be liable. A manager responsible for running or maintaining the location could also be at fault, while a slip or trip hazard on a sidewalk or in a public park might involve council or government liability.

It is the responsibility of the owner or manager to keep their premises safe. If they have failed to do so then our Newport Beach slip-and-fall attorneys can help you launch a lawsuit to seek compensation for their negligence.

A property owner is at fault if:

  • They caused the dangerous condition
  • They knew about the danger and failed to do anything about it
  • They should have known about the hazard

Example: A store manager is informed of a liquid spill but fails to have it cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time, or put a warning sign out by the slick surface, and a customer slips and is injured. In this case, the owner/manager would be liable, as they knew about the problem but failed to act.

Example: A building owner is aware of loose and broken paving stones on their property, but puts off having them replaced. In the meantime, a person trips on the hazard and falls. The owner would be held liable for failing to provide a safe environment.

However, it is important to note that an owner/manager is NOT always at fault.

If they have taken all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment and reacted quickly to any hazards, there is unlikely to be a liability issue. If you have been injured in a fall, contact our slip-and-fall negligence lawyers in Newport Beach to find out if you have a case.

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Slip-and-Fall Accident Statistics

A huge number of people suffer injuries in slip-and-fall accidents every year. These injuries account for a large portion of hospital visits, as well as billions of dollars in compensatory personal injury claims.

  • More than one million people visit emergency rooms each year due to slip-and-fall accidents

  • Slip-and-fall incidents make up the leading cause of workplace injuries and employee compensation claims

  • The National Safety Council states that the cost of workplace slip-and-fall accidents in compensation and medical costs tops $70 billion every year

  • At least 20% of all fall accidents result in serious injury, including broken bones and head wounds

  • The CDC indicates that falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries

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What Should You Do After a Slip-and-Fall Accident in Newport Beach?

There are several key steps you should take after suffering a slip or trip accident in Newport Beach. These include gathering evidence, allowing you to pursue a lawsuit with the help of a slip-and-fall attorney.

Take the following steps when possible:

  1. Treatment:
    Get medical attention, depending on the severity of your injuries.
  2. Documentation:
    Document the scene. Identify the cause of your accident if possible, and take pictures. Write a first-hand account of the incident when you can.
  3. Witness:
    Talk to anyone who witnessed your fall. Take statements and contact details from any witnesses.
  4. Report:
    Make an official report of the incident and request a copy.
  5. Paperwork:
    Collect proof of any expenses relating to the fall.
  6. Hire an Attorney:
    Speak to an experienced Newport Beach slip-and-fall accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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How a Slip-and-Fall Attorney Can Help

A man slips on a slick floor and falls next to a caution sign.

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, you should contact a professional who can provide expert help. Some victims believe that they can handle a personal injury case themselves, but this rarely goes well.

Our Newport Beach slip-and-fall lawyers have extensive experience when it comes to handling these cases. We are adept at negotiating with insurance companies, but are also prepared to go to trial if an agreement cannot be reached. Bisnar Chase knows the Orange County court system well and will fight to make sure our clients receive the maximum compensation possible.

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Finding the Best Newport Beach Slip-and-Fall Lawyer Near Me

Bisnar Chase is proud to support residents in the 92660 Newport Beach area, as well as anyone else who needs help across Southern California.

We have been based in Newport Beach for more than 40 years and our personal injury attorneys are passionate about taking on slip-and-fall claims for members of our community.

Our knowledge of the local area – from the courts and judges to California law – is a significant benefit when it comes to tackling tough slip-and-fall cases for our clients. When you are looking for the best Newport Beach slip-and-fall accident attorneys near you, look no further than Bisnar Chase.

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Slip-and-Fall Injury Compensation

The injuries you can suffer in a slip-and-fall accident can be significant. Common injuries include:

The level of compensation that our Newport Beach accident lawyers can win for you will depend on a range of factors. It will depend on the severity of any injuries suffered and the level of pain and suffering a person goes through, as well as medical bills and ongoing care costs.

Any compensation award will depend entirely on the individual case.

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Bisnar Chase: Superior Representation

Bisnar Chase is dedicated to providing clients with superior representation. Our law firm is made up of staff members who are passionate about what they do and dedicated to helping fall injury victims.

We have an outstanding track record, maintaining a 99% success rate. We have also collected more than $650 million for our clients, ensuring they are made whole for their suffering.

Better yet, Bisnar Chase offers a 'No Win, No Fee' guarantee. We advance all costs and make sure you do not have to pay a cent unless we win your case.

Contact the Newport Beach slip-and-fall lawyers of Bisnar Chase now. Call us on (949) 203-3814, visit our law offices in Newport Beach, or click to contact us and arrange a free consultation.

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