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Irvine Slip & Fall Attorneys

irvine slip and fall attorneys

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, at any time.  Although we tend to associate these types of accidents with slipping on a wet floor, there are many other ways people are injured every year by slips and falls.  For example, the Centers for Disease

Control estimate that 1,800 elderly residents of nursing homes die from falls every year, and at least 15,000 people over 65 die each year as a direct result of injuries sustained during a fall.

In fact, the CDC reports that 2 million people over 65 are treated in an emergency room each year as the result of fall-related accidents.

The Prevalence of Slip & Fall Accidents

irvine-slip-and-fall-back-injury-attorneysWhy are slip and fall accidents so prevalent? There can be several reasons for this phenomenon.  First, people, especially the elderly, are more mobile than in previous generations.

With older people out golfing, fishing, walking, and biking, there are going to be more injuries per capita than in earlier years when older people often stayed at home and “rocked on the porch.”  Further, stores and other venues are far more crowded these days than in the past.  It is very easy for someone to knock into or otherwise accidentally push a senior citizen and cause an accident.

Finally, employees and employers both seem to suffer from a certain degree of apathy regarding keeping store or job site conditions safe—at least until someone falls and is injured.  At that point, the defending party may decide to fight the payment of just damages by citing all sorts of reasons that the accident is not its responsibility.

This is one reason why you need the services of professionals such as Irvine slip and fall lawyers if you have been involved in one of these accidents.

It is not likely that you will experience a sudden surge of generosity on the part of the defendants, so you will probably have to pursue a claim in order to get them to pay you fairly for your injuries.

This is difficult to do alone, although some people try.  However, by hiring expert slip and fall attorneys in Irvine, you are far more likely to win your case and collect fair damage compensation than if you attempt to handle your case alone.

Contacting An Expert Slip and Fall Attorney

Remember, expert slip and fall lawyers have handled many cases just like yours. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you are taken seriously by the defense and that your injuries and the suffering you have endured are compensated adequately.

If you attempt to negotiate with the defense or its agents yourself, it is likely you will be offered a small sum that in no way represents the totality of your needs or what you deserve to be paid for your damages.

Consultation with an expert personal injury attorney should always be free, so you have nothing but an hour of time to lose by making an appointment and talking with a personal injury lawyer about your slip and fall case.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how much your case is actually worth and how easily you could collect this amount. Of course, not every case turns into a significant monetary recovery, but you have nothing to lose by finding out if you have one. Please call us at 949-203-3814 for a free, confidential case evaluation.

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