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Buena Park Car Accident Lawyer

Buena Park car accident lawyers

The Buena Park car accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase have been helping victims of motor vehicle collisions get back on their feet for over 40 years. Being involved in a car crash is terrifying, and speaking to insurance companies can be nerve-wracking.

Our dedicated team of legal experts will inform you of what is happening with your claim every step of the way. Bisnar Chase’s Buena Park accident attorneys have handled and won the most complicated car accident cases. Our personal injury lawyers have won over $700 million in compensation for our clients, including some in the 90620 area.

If you or a loved one has experienced a serious personal injury in a Buena Park car crash, contact the law firm of Bisnar Chase. Call our law offices at 949-203-3814 for a free consultation on your motor vehicle accident case.

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Car Accidents Happen Often in Buena Park

Motor vehicle collisions frequently occur in many Orange County cities, including Buena Park. reported that over a one-year sample, 16 people were killed in fatal car accidents. One incident that took place and cost a person their life involved three vehicles colliding on the Buena Park I-5 freeway.

Experts say that most of the time, motor vehicle incidents can be prevented. Suppose motorists abide by the rules of the road by eliminating cell phone usage while driving and operating a vehicle without being influenced. In that case, they can decrease their chances of being involved in a car wreck.

In California, if you are found driving recklessly, you can face heavy jail time and also expensive citations. The CVC 23152(b) states, “It is unlawful for a person who has 0.08 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle.

5 Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Wreck

Millions of car accidents take place in the United States every year. Motor vehicle accidents can lead many to suffer from significant injuries and property damage, and some may fall victim to wrongful death. After a car crash, there are immediate measures you can take to ensure that you are physically and legally protected.

  1. Pullover to the side of the road if possible: After an accident, you may be in a situation where you are on a freeway or busy street. Make sure to safely pull over to the side, away from incoming traffic. This will keep both parties safe and allow you to contact the local authorities and begin collecting each other’s information.
  2. Call the police: Even if you do not have any catastrophic or life-threatening injuries, it is still best to call the police. When the authorities arrive, you can file a police report that you can later provide your insurance company. Experts say to leave the vehicles in the same area as well. You do not want to add further damage to your car.
  3. Exchange information: When the scene is cleared, or while both parties involved in the accident are waiting for the authorities to arrive, this can be the time to start exchanging information such as the other driver’s license number, license plate, insurance company, and policy. You also want to take photos of your car and the other driver’s car, so you may provide this as evidence to your insurance company.
  4. Contact your insurance company: To cover the costs of your injuries and the property damage, you need to call your insurance company and file an accident claim. From there, the insurance company will handle your claim by negotiating with the other party’s insurance company. You will be contacted after with more information on how much you can receive for your collision.
  5. Seek legal representation for your claim if needed: At times, insurance companies can take a long time to proceed with your claim and may even not negotiate the amount you need to recover from your injuries. At the law firm of Bisnar Chase, we believe you do not have to settle for the minimum amount of compensation. Our legal experts have been fighting the biggest insurance companies for over four decades and winning clients the recovery they deserve. Contact our Buena Park car accident lawyers today for a free consultation.

What Are Buena Park Car Crash Victims Entitled To?

If you get into an accident, a car accident attorney can fully advise you of all your rights. Regrettably, many accident victims are under the false impression that they are only entitled to the fundamental right of reimbursement for medical costs, or having their vehicle repaired.

Fortunately, car accident victims are entitled to far more. They can seek reimbursement for lost wages, even if they have used sick time. They may also recover any monies while their vehicle is repaired or replaced. You may be entitled to pain and suffering damages if the injuries are severe.

Do not use an online calculator to estimate the amount you might receive for your personal injury settlement. You can either be underestimating or overestimating the amount you will receive in compensation. There are many other damages that a car accident victim can claim that many may not know about. One primary loss that a victim can claim is pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering do not have a specific dollar amount attached to them. This can be one of the most difficult losses to prove, but when you meet with an experienced Buena Park car accident attorney, they can convince the jury that you are experiencing this. Emotional pain and suffering can be determined through several methods, including documentation of prescription payments, counseling sessions, or testimonies from close friends and family of the car accident victim.

If you feel you have become emotionally distraught from your vehicle collision and are unable to do daily tasks or perform up to par at work, speak to a car accident lawyer in Buena Park to explore your legal options.

Insurance Companies May Not be Looking Out for You

The first entity you might turn to after a car crash may be your insurance company. While this may be protocol, this may not benefit you later in the claims process. Even though you pay monthly for a particular insurance policy and may be told by the company that you are protected in an accident, this is not always the case. Obtaining a specific insurance policy doesn’t always guarantee the compensation you need after your motor vehicle collision.

With so many rights available to you, it makes no sense to give them up by trying to handle things yourself or to let the insurance companies “fight it out.”

Insurance companies, even your own, have no obligation to look out for your interests as an accident victim; their goal is to keep compensation amounts to an absolute minimum. The cold truth is that insurance company adjusters, investigators, and attorneys assigned to a car accident are looking out for the insurance company, not you.

Ways in which insurance adjusters can cheat you out of the finances you need can be denied any sort of coverage, they may claim that you were liable for the incident, slow down the process, or may give you a really low settlement offer.

The Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

The process of filing a car accident claim can be complex and stressful. A car crash attorney can be a strong advocate for you and your family and take the legal pressures off you while you recover. Your lawyer will know how to navigate the legal process quickly and have the resources to earn you the finances you need for the damages.

Your car accident lawyer can also help with:

  • Communicating: An insurance company may make you feel you were to blame for the accident or that you are asking too much for your losses. A vehicle collision attorney can act as your voice and fight for what you would need to heal from the accident. They will be able to provide a substantial amount of evidence to prove and argue that you need the maximum compensation for your injuries.
  • Investigating: A motor vehicle accident lawyer will know exactly was is necessary to prove your pain and suffering. Your legal expert can perform a thorough investigation, including accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction involves your attorney hiring investigators to recreate the collision. The recreation of the incident can involve factors such as physics and engineering. This can provide the court with what precisely took place and what caused the accident.
  • Negotiating: Most catastrophic car crashes go to court to negotiate a settlement. Many personal injury lawyers have not stepped into a courtroom for most of their careers and may not know how to negotiate for you. Trial lawyer Brian Chase has spent his entire career in the courtroom fighting for his clients and works day and night with his legal team to provide the best outcome for your car accident settlement.

Choose Our Buena Park Car Accident Attorneys

The law firm of Bisnar Chase stands out not only by the number of wins we have obtained but how we treat our clients like family. Our mission statement states that we aim: “To provide superior client representation compassionately and professionally while making our world a safer place.

Our team of experienced and hard-working paralegals keeps you updated on what is happening on your case frequently and if you have any questions regarding the process, we are here for that too.

We also work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay if we do not win your case. For 45 years, the personal injury attorneys of Bisnar Chase have fought and won millions of dollars in recovery for car accident victims.

If you are in or around the 90620 area and are seeking legal representation for your collision, contact the Buena Park car accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase at 949-203-3814 for superior representation. We will fight for you and deliver the justice you deserve.

The Ultimate California Car Accident Guide 2023

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Over $800M recovered with a 99% success rate. Please reach out if you have been injured. Our Buena Park car accident lawyers have taken on some of the most complex cases with winning results.

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