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Buena Park Bus Accident Attorney

Buena Park bus accident lawyer

Bisnar Chase's Buena Park Bus Accident Lawyers have been helping victims of transportation accidents for over 40 years.

Our clients have won over $650 million dollars in compensation and we have sustained a 99% success rate.

After a bus accident, many are left with multiple injuries and can lose out on months worth of wages. Through our legal representation, our personal injury clients have been able to pay off hefty medical bills and recover the income they have lost from taking time off of work.

If you have experienced great pain and suffering due to a bus crash contact the law firm of Bisnar Chase at 949-203-3814 for a free case analysis.

5 Steps to Take After A Buena Park Bus Crash

In one year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that there were 13 fatal intercity bus accidents. Bus crashes can involve elderly individuals or even children. It is important to take the following measures to make sure that all passengers are physically and legally protected.

  1. Seek medical attention: Make sure you and all of the people that were involved in the accident are safe and away from danger. Check if there any catastrophic or minor injuries. If there are not any obvious injuries, still, call an ambulance to be examined right away.
  2. Report the incident: Victims of bus accidents will need to prove that they were involved in the accident and that they suffered an injury in the accident. It is important to have your name on the police report, to obtain the contact information from the drivers and witnesses of the crash.
  3. Gather evidence: When you are in a safe location begin collecting information such as photos. You should not only take pictures of the bus but also of your injuries. If other vehicles were involved in the crash then take photos of the damage done to the other cars as well.
  4. File a claim with your insurance company: After a public transportation incident, you need to get in contact with your insurance company. Your insurance company will provide you with a step by step process of what to do after the accident. Next, a claims specialist will be assigned to your case. They will review the details of your case and proceed to speak to the negligent party's insurance company.
  5. Speak to a bus accident lawyer in Buena Park: Determining the potential value of a bus accident claim can be a challenging process. The experienced bus accident attorneys at our law firm can help you calculate your losses while holding the at-fault party accountable for the crash. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Buena Park bus crash, Call 949-203-3814 for free legal advice.

Public Transportation has a Duty to Keep You Safe

A number of people who live and work in Buena Park use public transportation on a daily basis, especially buses. Many utilize the Anaheim Resort Transit buses (ART) when traveling to Anaheim and Buena Park attractions. bus seats and rails to hold onto in a bus

Others use the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA), which has approximately 77 bus routes and 6,200 bus stops throughout Orange County.

Thousands of children ride Orange County school buses every day as well. While bus travel can be inexpensive, it can also be extremely dangerous. Anyone who has been injured in a bus accident would be well advised to contact an experienced injury lawyer to obtain more information about his or her legal rights and options.

Injuries Suffered in a Buena Park Bus Accident

There are many types of injuries that can occur as a result of a bus accident. Even on buses equipped with properly working seatbelts, there is the potential for serious injuries to occur. Here are the most common types of injuries that may occur in a bus accident:

  • Brain injuries: There are several ways in which a bus passenger may suffer a traumatic brain injury. Some victims may suffer brain trauma after striking their head on the window, the seat in front of them or on another hard object. Others may experience whiplash so severe that their brain can strike the inside of their skull. Victims who have lost consciousness or who are suffering from headaches after a bus crash should seek out immediate medical attention.
  • Whiplash: Neck injuries are serious and can take a long time to heal. Some victims may not even experience symptoms until hours or days after the crash. Anyone who has a sore neck following a bus accident should seek medical attention before his or her symptoms get worse.
  • Spinal cord damage: In instances involving a sudden and powerful collision, passengers may suffer spinal cord trauma. Victims of spinal cord injuries may experience numbness or even paralysis.
  • Bone fractures: It is particularly common for victims of bus accidents to suffer bone fractures. Some may suffer broken bones in their arms if they attempted to brace themselves for impact or crushing bone fractures in their legs when the bus sustains substantial damage.
  • Broken teeth: Another consequence of slamming your head into a seat or object during a bus crash is the possibility of broken teeth and facial disfiguration.
  • Lacerations: Many bus accidents result in broken windows. Flying shards of glass and metal can cause devastating laceration injuries.
  • Internal bleeding: This is possible if the victim was wearing a seatbelt that caused severe abdominal pressure or if he or she was crushed in the accident.

Other Bus Accident Victims

Bus passengers are not the only potential victims of bus accidents. Victims who are in a car, on a bicycle or walking on the roadway at the time of the accident can suffer major or fatal injuries as well.

Buses are large vehicles, which means that they can cause devastating damage. All injured victims of bus accidents can hold the at-fault party accountable for their injuries, damages and losses.

Who is Responsible for your Injuries?

Multiple parties can be held liable for the damages that you have faced after a crash. Some of those entities can include the bus company, the city or the bus manufacturer. It can be complicated at first though to pinpoint which party is responsible for all of your losses.

If a public transportation bus which is usually a government entity is to blame for the accident it is usually a lengthy process to receive compensation for the injuries. Sometimes government transportation has immunities from personal claims or they have a short period of time in which you can file a claim.

We Will Take on The Huge Insurance Companies

The Buena Park Bus Accident Lawyers of Bisnar Chase have over four decades of experience fighting against powerful insurance companies. Our personal injury attorneys thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case to get you the compensation you deserve.

Call 949-203-3814 and be like many of our past clients that have won millions for their personal injury.

When you contact us today you will receive a free consultation.

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