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Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorney

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When an individual is injured as a result of hazardous conditions on someone else's property, he or she can file a premises liability claim seeking compensation for injuries, damages and losses suffered. Premises liability cases may involve fire or explosions, swimming pool accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, dog attacks and inadequate security.

Dangerous conditions may exist on public or private properties such as parks, beaches, apartment complexes, theaters, shopping centers, amusement parks and other properties. When a property owner or property manager's negligence causes or contributes to an injury accident, the injured victim can seek compensation by filing a premises liability claim.

Types of Premises Liability Claims In Los Angeles

There are several types of premises liability claims that are filed in Los Angeles. Here are just a few examples that we commonly encounter in Los Angeles.

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: These are accidents that occur on a daily basis. However, some slip-trip-and-fall accidents are more serious than others. Slip-and-fall accidents can result in severe and debilitating injuries, especially for the elderly. A common example of a slip-and-fall accident is when an individual slips and falls on a supermarket or grocery store aisle where a spill was not mopped up in a timely manner or when customers were not warned about a spill or wet floors.
  • Fires and explosions: Property owners are responsible not only to maintain their premises, but also to ensure that certain mandatory safety features are in place. For examples, apartment complexes in Los Angeles are required to be compliant with earthquake code and must have fire alarms and sprinklers in good working condition. Injuries or fatalities caused by property owners' negligence can be a basis for a premises liability claim.
  • Swimming pool accidents: With its year-round good weather, near drowning and drowning incidents are extremely common in Los Angeles. In the case of a tragic drowning or near drowning, the property owner can be held liable.
  • Amusement park accidents: The Greater Los Angeles area is home to world-famous amusement parks including Six Flags, Universal Studios and Disneyland, which is in neighboring Orange County. When an amusement park accident is caused due to poor maintenance or negligence on the part of the operator, then, a premises liability claim may be filed to seek damages.
  • Public properties: Accidents can also happen on public properties such as beaches, parks and government buildings. In such cases, a premises liability claim can be filed against the governmental entity in charge of maintaining the property where the injury occurred. Under California Government Code 911.2, any personal injury claim against a governmental entity must be properly filed within 180 days of the incident.
  • Dog attacks: Animal attacks, when they occur on someone's property, can also become the basis for premises liability claims. For example, when a landlord knows about the presence of a dangerous dog on his property and does nothing to remedy the situation, he could be held liable for a dog attack that occurs on his property as a result of his negligence.

Damages Sought in Premises Liability Claims

Injured victims would be well advised to take the necessary steps to protect their rights. They should seek prompt medical attention, file a report with the concerned authorities, document evidence including doctor's visits, medical expenses and days missed at work and obtain contact information from eyewitnesses and other parties involved. If you can, you should also photograph the location where your accident occurred as well as your injuries. Injured victims can seek damages including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Hospitalization and rehabilitation
  • Permanent injuries
  • Lost future income
  • Disabilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Many defendants in premises liability cases have insurance companies and legal defense teams that will do their best to make the claims go away. It would be in your best interests as the plaintiff to refrain speaking with insurance companies or defense attorneys without first talking to your own Los Angeles premises liability attorney who will uphold your legal rights and best interests.

For example, an insurance company may try to gain access to your medical records. Often, they do so to try and find information that may make it appear that you had a prior medical condition that caused the injury. Also, information you give insurance companies often will be used against you. It is important to understand that the insurance company is not your friend. They are out there to make large profits. And often, they do so by invalidating or minimizing your claims.

Contacting an Experienced Premises Liability Attorney

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