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Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyer

Newport Beach bus accident lawyer

If you have been the victim of any type of bus accident, please contact the Newport Beach bus accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase. Bus crashes can leave passengers with catastrophic injuries and may also lead to extreme property damage.

Bus accidents can cause life-altering injuries in a variety of ways. A bus crash victim may be a passenger or someone in another vehicle involved in a collision with the bus. No matter how an injury happens, victims can turn to a Newport Beach bus accident attorney for help.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase has won more than $850 million dollars for our injury clients. Bisnar Chase’s legal experts have been providing superior representation to victims for more than 46 years. We excel at ensuring our clients get the compensation they deserve.

Contact our Newport Beach bus accident attorneys now to find out if you have a case. We offer a free consultation and a guarantee of a ‘No Win, No Fee’.

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Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyers

How Do I Know If I Need a Bus Crash Attorney?

If you have been injured in a bus accident in or around Newport Beach area, including the 92660 area, you may be in need of a bus crash lawyer.

When you are not fully compensated for the damages you have faced after a public transportation accident, you might be left paying hefty medical expenses and costs. But an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to investigate your accident. Your attorney will examine the evidence and help you decide whether to make an injury claim.

Hiring a bus accident lawyer can also help you maneuver through the complexities of a bus crash case. The law offices of Bisnar Chase are passionate about winning your case. We look at every possible angle to get you every penny of the compensation you deserve.

Types of Bus Accident Cases We Handle

There are several different types of buses on the roads around Southern California. In Orange County, you are likely to see everything from bright yellow school buses to city-run local public transport vehicles.

The bus accident cases we handle include:

  • School buses
  • Public transportation and commuter buses
  • Private commuter buses
  • Party bus accidents
  • Long-distance transport buses
  • Tourist tour buses

A bus accident counts as any kind of collision involving a bus. If you were a driver in a car accident caused by a bus, or a cyclist who was hit, you should contact a bus accident lawyer in Newport Beach for expert help.

If you are not sure whether your crash qualifies for a personal injury claim, call Bisnar Chase now and speak with a top-rated Newport Beach bus accident lawyer. 

Bus Accident Statistics

bus accident statistics

There are far fewer bus crashes than car accidents across the U.S. every year, thanks largely to there being far fewer buses than cars on the roads.

However, bus accidents are likely to result in more severe damage and injuries. Buses are extremely large and heavy vehicles. As a result, they are tougher to steer and stop quickly. They also have large blind spots.

These are just some statistics showing how dangerous a bus accident can be:

  • A standard city bus measures up to 45 feet long.
  • School buses can weigh up to about 36,000 lbs – 10x the average weight of a midsize car.
  • According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were nearly 5,000 fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses in 2017.
  • In 2017 there were 116,000 crashes involving trucks and buses that resulted in injuries.
  • Of all recorded bus crashes, 40% involve school buses, and 35% involve transit buses.

Types of Bus Crashes – Who Is Responsible?

All crashes are different, and several potentially liable parties could be responsible for a bus accident.

These include:

  • The Bus Driver: A bus accident can be caused by negligence on the bus driver’s part. Negligent bus driver behavior, which can result in an injury, could include driving while fatigued or intoxicated. Bus drivers also need to have the required training to operate large, specialist vehicles.
  • Third-Party Drivers: In many cases, bus accidents are caused by the dangerous or reckless driving of other people on the road.
  • Bus Operating Company: In some cases, the bus service company may be liable. This might be the case if they have knowingly used a sub-par driver, have not completed proper maintenance on the vehicle, or provided the correct equipment.
  • Bus Manufacturer/Maintenance Workers: Accidents can result from technical or mechanical faults due to manufacturer error. Problems can also arise if proper vehicle maintenance is not carried out.
  • Passenger Behavior: In rare cases, passenger behavior onboard a bus can cause driver distractions and result in a bus accident.

Bus accidents can involve anything from a vehicle striking a pedestrian or cyclist in Newport Beach to a bus colliding with another vehicle or crashing into an obstacle in or alongside the road.

Riding on a bus can lead to serious injuries or even wrongful deathYour Newport Beach bus accident lawyer will be able to guide your lawsuit based on the evidence in your case. Call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation. 

Factors Affecting Bus Crash Claims

factors affecting your bus accident injury claim

Whether the accident involves a person on the bus injured during a crash, a car driver hit by a bus, or a pedestrian or bicycle rider who was injured in a bus crash, each type of case brings its own challenges to the victim and the attorney. But experienced personal injury attorneys understand the laws regarding bus crash injuries and can help you gain a fair settlement no matter the circumstances of your accident.

Whether the bus is privately or publicly owned will affect your case. No matter who is operating the bus, a duty of care is owed to the passengers. However, with city-run public buses, there might be a shorter statute of limitations. 

As with any vehicle crash injury, medical costs can soar. But this is not the only factor that can impact a victim’s compensation in a bus accident claim. Others include:

  • Type of injury and level of pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings and the ability to work
  • Property damage

An experienced Newport Beach bus accident lawyer will be able to maximize your compensation by assessing all of these aspects and more. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating with bus companies and insurance companies for our clients.

If a case cannot be resolved through a settlement, our Newport Beach bus crash lawyers can also offer top-quality legal representation in the courtroom. Call 949-203-3814.

Common Bus Accident Injuries

When a bus crash happens, it often has dire consequences for the victims. The following are common injuries that bus crash victims suffer from:

Spinal Cord Injury: A spinal cord injury can lead to devastating physical and emotional outcomes. Many people who suffer from spinal trauma will be left with a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury

An incomplete spinal cord fracture is an injury that leaves the accident victim partially paralyzed. This means that the individual loses sensation or movement in a certain part of the body.

A complete spinal cord injury involves a person being completely paralyzed from the point of their injury. If a person has suffered an injury directly to the neck, they may lose sensation and the ability to move any body part from the neck down. 

Spinal cord injury victims can accumulate huge medical costs – immediate and ongoing care. These costs can include rehabilitation and equipment.

Whiplash: A person suffering from minor or extreme neck pain after a bus incident can possibly be suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is when the neck experiences a strong impact that forces the neck to move back and forth. 

Symptoms can include extreme pain in the neck and jaw, ears ringing, or feeling stiffness in the shoulder, and can last for months.

A 3D rendering of how a whiplash injury occurs

Lacerations, Bruising and Broken Bones: Many people suffer from broken bones when they are involved in a bus accident. The force and the weight of the bus can lead many victims to strike the inside of the bus violently. 

Bus accident victims can also suffer lacerations – from flesh wounds to deep cuts. This may result in a victim requiring stitches or surgery.

Internal Injuries and Head Injuries: The force of a bus accident can result in severe internal injuries. In addition, many buses are not fitted with seatbelts. This means that a serious collision can easily cause a passenger to fall and hit their head. 

Injuries involving the head and brain can be particularly serious and should be treated immediately.

What Evidence Does a Bus Crash Lawyer Need?

You should provide your attorney with as much evidence as possible if you have been involved in a bus accident. The more evidence they have, the better the case they can make on your behalf. Evidence can include:

  • Pictures and video footage from the scene helped to support an account of the incident.
  • Pictures of your injuries, as well as supporting medical records.
  • A police report from the incident.
  • Eyewitness statements or witness contact details.
  • Proof of medical expenses and lost earnings related to the crash.
If you are unsure if you have a case to bring, contact a Newport Beach bus accident lawyer to have us review your evidence and determine if you are entitled to compensation. Call 949-203-3814.

Contact a Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyer

Bisnar Chase is based in the Newport Beach community and has been helping residents for more than four decades. We have successfully helped more than 12,000 clients, collecting more than $850 million for them in verdicts and settlements.

Our mission statement is to provide superior representation with a compassionate approach. Moreover, our ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee ensures that our services are open to everyone. We only charge a fee if we win your case.

Call our Newport Beach bus accident lawyers for immediate help at (949) 203-3814, or click to contact us now.

Newport Beach Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus accidents can be complicated cases. We’ve represented thousands of Orange County plaintiffs with winning results and may be able to help you too. Contact our bus accident Attorneys in Newport Beach for a free consultation.

  • Public transportation accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Private company accidents
  • Church bus accidents

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