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The experienced Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorneys at Bisnar Chase have successfully represented individuals who have been seriously injured in all types of auto accidents including bus accidents. We have also helped families that have lost loved ones obtain fair compensation for their significant losses.

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Thousands of Americans are seriously injured or killed each year as a result of bus accidents. Due to their size and weight, buses can be particularly dangerous when they are involved in crashes with smaller passenger vehicles.

At the same time, when a large bus rolls over or is involved in a violent crash, its passengers may get ejected on to the roadway or suffer other types of blunt force trauma that may even prove fatal. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, an experienced Los Angeles accident injury lawyer will be able to better advise you regarding your legal rights and options.

Traveling by bus is a cost effective and relatively safe way to get around Los Angeles. LA County bus crashes, however, can occur, and when they do, the results can be devastating. Many victims of Los Angeles bus accidents need immediate medical attention and have to miss work while they heal. To make matters worse, bus companies have a long history of refusing injured victims the support they need. It is important that negligent drivers and careless bus companies are held accountable for their actions.

If You Are in a Bus Accident in Los Angeles

If you are injured while riding a bus in Los Angeles, there are a number of steps that you can take to protect your best interests. First, you should make sure that the authorities have been notified about the crash. Remain at the site of the collision and try to determine if anyone needs assistance.

As you wait for the police to arrive, write down everything you remember about the crash. Keep these questions in mind when making notes. Where were you seated? What were you doing at the time of the crash? When and where did the accident occur? What types of injuries did you sustain? Who were the people who witnessed the collision? These are all important questions to ask in order to gather critical information, says California bus accident lawyer John Bisnar.

If you are able to move around without suffering additional harm, write down the contact information for the bus company and the bus driver. Photograph the bus, the damaged vehicles and where you were seated. When the police arrive, make sure that your name is on the police report. Last, but not least, seek medical attention right away. Your medical records can help you prove that you were injured in the crash.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents in LA

Recently there was a stream of California bus accidents involving tour bus companies. The Feds stepped in and cracked down on unsafe bus companies. Typically these charter buses are poorly maintained and put lives at risk. Some of the most common causes of Los Angeles bus crashes include:

If You Are in a Bus Accident in Los Angeles

Getting Fair Compensation

You have the right to request compensation for all of the damages you have suffered if injured in a LA bus crash. The bus company or its insurance provider may claim that you were not hurt or that they are not responsible for your losses. Remember that you have rights. Whether it is through an insurance claim or an bus injury lawsuit, there are ways to ensure that they are responsible for your considerable losses. It's best to consult with a bus accident attorney familiar with Los Angeles, its roads, and its courts.

Driver Negligence

A number of bus accidents are caused by bus driver error or negligence. Bus drivers and bus companies have a legal obligation to safely transport their passengers. There are many ways in which a bus driver's negligence can cause a bus to crash. Some of the actions that can lead to a catastrophic bus accident include:

Bus Company Negligence

Bus companies have a legal obligation to ensure that they hire the right people to operate their buses. They should also make sure that their bus drivers are properly trained and supervised. In addition, the responsibility of maintaining the buses also falls on the bus company. Companies should perform regular inspections on their vehicles while paying special attention to the tires and brakes to reduce the number of bus crashes annually.

Accident Prevention

When you are a passenger on a bus, there is very little you can do to prevent an accident beyond making sure that you are not a distraction. Bus drivers can prevent accidents by consistently checking their mirrors, traveling at a safe speed and by keeping their eyes on the roadway at all times. Bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists can reduce their chances of being in a Los Angeles bus accident by giving buses plenty of room.

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