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Newport Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyers

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Bisnar Chase has been representing Newport Beach clients since 1978 for no fault and serious bicycle injury cases. Our top rated attorneys in Newport Beach have helped recover over $200 million for our clients. We know the local courts, defense teams and insurance companies and have the resources and skill to get top compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle accidents in Newport Beach are very common as more people take to the streets on two wheels to avoid high gas prices or to get needed exercise. While bicycling is a fun, active sport that many people enjoy, the crash statistics are grim when you compare them to those for pedestrians or other forms of transportation.

newport beach bicycle accident lawyersAccording to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in 2011 there were 740 bicycle-related fatalities directly due to accidents, most of these caused by collisions with a passenger vehicle.

There has been an upsurge in bicycle-related accidents in the past few years, probably due to the fact that more people are out cycling than ever before.

Other Bicycle Accident Statistics

  • Every 6 hours a cyclist is fatally injured
  • Approximately one million children are injured every year in bicycle related accidents
  • Nearly half of biking accidents occur in children under age 16

What are Some of the Common Ways Bicyclists Get Injured in Newport Beach?

In Newport Beach many pedestrians bike to the beach. Intersections that cross the PCH as well as beach access roads are areas where bicyclists are vulnerable.

  • A motorist failing to yield at an intersection/running a stop sign or traffic light
  • A motorist turning directly in front of a biker
  • Failure of a motorist to look both ways

Alcohol can also play a role in bicycle accidents.

  • A motorist that is inhibited by alcohol
  • Also keep in mind that if you were drinking and riding a bicyclebicycle crash newport beach that you might be subject to a fine and jail time if you are drunk.

Seeking Legal Help in Newport Beach

If you are the victim of a bicycle accident that is not your fault, DO NOT discuss it with anyone including the other party involved until you speak with an experienced lawyer who understands bike accidents.

Bicycle accident lawyers work with bicycle accident victims to navigate the complex law surrounding accident cases. Even though your case may seem clear-cut, there are many legal implications surrounding bicycle accident cases that do not necessarily affect other types of accidents. It is very important to get good legal advice from a solid attorney before you attempt to negotiate any type of bicycle accident settlement.

For example, after a bicycle crash, police have sometimes charged the bicycle rider with the accident, although the law is clear that it is a driver's responsibility to watch out for cyclists rather than the other way around. Faced with such an accusation, many bicycle riders would naturally assume they have no grounds for a lawsuit. This is probably not the case, but many victims who could receive compensation may never know it unless they consult with a professional bike accident attorney.

Bicycle riders have a right to enjoy the road and be free of injuries and accidents. Of course, wearing a helmet and observing bicycle safety laws is the best way to stay safe.

If you have been the victim of a bicycle accident in Newport Beach, discuss your case immediately with a competent and professional bicycle accident lawyer. In most cases, you will find that you are entitled to far more in damages than you have been offered by the driver or his or her representatives.

Insurance companies and defense lawyers work hard to convince victims to take immediate settlements, with the result that many of these victims end up taking far less than the amount to which they are actually entitled.

Please contact us for more information about your situation. Talk to a bicycle accident lawyer today, and begin the process of collecting a fair settlement for your injuries, pain and suffering, and the trauma you have sustained as a result of your accident.

It is very important to pursue your case in a timely manner, as you can lose the right to file a suit after a certain time.

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