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The Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers at Bisnar Chase understand the specific needs of individuals who have suffered severe and life-changing injuries. Those who have experienced a traumatic event such as a car accident, pedestrian accident, or dog bite should not be left out of pocket by their injuries.

Since 1978, our attorneys have served thousands of clients and have recovered more than $750 million in compensation. Our law firm has not only received top ratings from prestigious organizations, but we also have the trust and support of the accident victims we have helped for the past four decades.

If you have endured pain and suffering due to someone’s carelessness and are near the 92626 area, contact our Costa Mesa personal injury attorneys today or call (949) 203-3814 for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Costa Mesa Injury Victims

Suffering an injury can be traumatic and life-changing. At the very least, it might leave you short-changed by medical expenses and lost wages. Many people do not know where to turn, whether you have been hurt in a car accident, suffered a dog bite, or a slip and fall injury.

That is where Bisnar Chase comes in. We are experts in the legal field, particularly in personal injury law. Millions of people suffer accidental injuries every year. If you are one of them, we can answer any questions you may have and offer the superior representation you need to make you whole.

Commonly asked questions include:

If you have experienced serious injuries after an incident, seek medical attention right away. Even if you believe that you did not suffer a major injury you should still be examined by a medical professional. Some symptoms from an injury such as a concussion do not appear until weeks or even months later. Make sure to keep all medical documentation as well. This can be helpful later for your personal injury case. Once it has been confirmed that you have suffered from an injury, immediately after, file a claim through your insurance company. The insurance representative that is handling your claim will then speak to an adjuster to discuss the compensation that you may receive. Remember that most of the time the job of the negligent party’s insurance company is to provide you with as little compensation as possible for your losses. You should not have to settle for an amount that will not cover the costs for your medical bills, lost wages, or mental anguish. The Orange County accident lawyers of Bisnar Chase have taken on the most unyielding insurance companies for the last four decades. We are well informed of the techniques and strategies that insurance adjusters use to intimidate injury victims. Contact our law offices at 949-203-3814 to get more information on your legal rights.

California carries out a regulation known as comparative negligence. There are two types of comparative negligence. The first is known as “pure comparative negligence”. Pure comparative negligence means that the plaintiff can recover compensation for damages even if they contributed to the accident. What will determine the compensation that the plaintiff will earn will be dependent on “how much” of the incident was their fault. The second kind of comparative negligence is known as “modified negligence”. There are 12 states operating under the modified negligence rule, and it can differ slightly from state to state. If a plaintiff is more than 50% at fault for an accident, then they cannot recover damages for their injuries. States that operate under “modified negligence” include West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Utah, Main, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia, and Colorado. There are other states that follow the 51% rule. This rule states that if a plaintiff was 51% at fault then they cannot recover any sort of compensation.

In California, an accident victim has two years to file a personal injury claim. This regulation states that you have two years after the actual incident to file a claim, not two years after you filed a claim through your insurance company. Experts say that you should still file an insurance claim immediately after the collision or dog bite. If your claim is denied by the insurance company and you still want to pursue compensation, you will still be left with a window of time to do so. If your claim is denied you can file a lawsuit with a Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer. There are cases where a person involved in an accident will experience pain and soreness months later. If it is confirmed by a doctor that you are suffering from injuries that can be related to the incident, you can still file a claim. For example, if you have pain in your back one year after the accident, you then have one year left to pursue legal representation.

Medical expenses that you may need to recover for your injuries can be expensive. The types of services you may potentially need after an accident can include emergency transportation costs, hospitalization, surgery, medical equipment, and medication. In addition to medical care, injured victims may need extensive rehabilitative care. Rehabilitation for an injury, which might include physical therapy, may be required so a person can completely regain their strength and mobility. When you are injured, you will need to take time off work to recover. In some cases where individuals have suffered major injuries, they may even lose their jobs or be unable to return to work in the same capacity. If you have lost your livelihood as a result of your injuries, you may potentially have a case. Pain and suffering can also be rewarded in an accident claim. This includes the physical pain you endure as the result of an injury, as well as emotional trauma. Those who are severely injured, disfigured, or scarred could, for example, suffer from depression. Dog bite victims, for example, at times suffer from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The value of your claim will rely on the nature and extent of the injuries, damages, and losses you have sustained. For example, if the incident resulted only in property damage or in minor injuries such as scrapes or bruises that did not require you to seek medical treatment, then your case may not be worth much. However, if you did suffer injuries serious enough to require hospitalization you may be eligible to receive much more in terms of compensation. Negligence is also a crucial element in a personal injury case, which might affect the amount of compensation you receive.

There are two types of lawyers that deal with personal injury lawsuits: trial attorneys and litigators. Litigators are employed by large law firms and can be quite costly since they charge clients by the hour. They generally do not have experience in the courtroom and try to avoid it altogether. Personal injury lawyer Brian Chase explains why you should only hire a trial attorney. Chase states: “You want to hire a trial lawyer, not a settlement lawyer. So many lawyers are settling cases and they’re getting fifty cents on the dollar because they’re not trial attorneys. You want to find a law firm where the lawyers are trying cases. The judges know who they are, the insurance companies know who they are, and then if you do settle that case you’re going to get a hundred cents on the dollar. At Bisnar Chase you know we’re in trials all throughout the year, every year.”

If you were involved in a collision, you need to gather as much information as possible to prove that you were hurt or were left with an extensive amount of property damage. It will be beneficial for you to file a claim straight to your insurance company first. If you do not feel satisfied with the amount that is offered by the insurance adjuster then you can proceed to hire a Costa Mesa accident lawyer. The evidence that is recommended to gather includes photos, witness accounts, and medical documentation. What most people do not know is that you can also collect physical material from an incident as well. For example, if you fell off an electric scooter, you can physically take the scooter and save it for inspection later. Photos are the primary form of evidence that most victims gather before filing their injury claims. The types of objects that are photographed can consist of the street the collision took place at, any skid marks on the road from one of the vehicles, or the weather conditions at the time the incident occurred.

Every accident lawyer has their own payment system set in place when charging a client for their services. There are some factors to keep in mind when seeking legal representation though that can potentially save you money in the long term. The first way in which you can save money is by contacting a law office that provides a free consultation at the beginning. A legal expert will be assigned to you and analyze your case free of charge. It is also best to seek a law firm that operates on a contingency fee basis. An attorney working under a contingency fee basis means that if a lawyer does not win your lawsuit then you do not have to pay for their services. The law firm of Bisnar Chase offers their clients both a free consultation and functions under a contingency fee basis. We understand that lawyer fees can become costly and want to alleviate those costs as much as possible. When you call a Bisnar Chase personal injury attorney in Costa Mesa, CA, you will receive free legal advice from a top-notch legal team member.

After losing a loved one, many families that are grieving are too distressed to think about what legal steps to take. One of the first steps to take is determining whether you can file a wrongful death claim. In the state of California, a spouse, surviving parent, or surviving child of the deceased can file a wrongful death claim. People who were not related to the deceased can file a claim as well if they can prove that the deceased was legally responsible for their livelihood. Types of compensation you can file for as a surviving family member can include income the deceased would have accumulated in their lifetime, medical bills that the deceased acquired due to their injury, and mental anguish. If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s carelessness let the lawyers of Bisnar Chase hold those wrongdoers accountable. Your loved one deserves justice. Call our Orange County law offices today for a free case analysis.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Have Taken Care Of

After an accident, many injury victims are scared and confused. How do you know if your case is strong enough to recover compensation or whether you should move forward with a lawsuit? If you pursue legal representation, your Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer will provide you with more information on what you are up against and how much compensation you can earn. The law firm of Bisnar Chase has maintained a 99% success rate when it comes to securing the best possible results for clients for over 40 years.

The practice areas we specialize in include:

Car accidents

According to, twenty-seven percent of car crashes result in serious injuries. One study shows that there are about 1,500 car accidents in Costa Mesa every year. Car wrecks, truck accidents, or motorcycle crashes can leave victims with serious physical injuries and leave behind an extensive amount of property damage.

The causes of these losses can range from a negligent driver to poor weather or road conditions. In other instances, motor vehicle wrecks can result from an automobile defect. Auto defects can involve faulty car parts such as a defective brake system or airbags that did not deploy on impact.

The intersection of Bear Street and South Coast Drive has proven to be one of the most hazardous areas in Costa Mesa. Reports from the Los Angeles Times say that over 10 accidents happen per year in this specific area. The reason? People running red lights. South Coast Plaza is one of the biggest shopping centers in Orange County, and the mix of signals and shopping foot traffic make the roads dangerous.

Dog bites
Dog bites can be extremely dangerous. A canine attack can cause anything from minor puncture wounds to deep cuts, torn flesh, emotional trauma, and worse. Costa Mesa is a growing city with a lot of dogs. It has plenty of dog-walking hotspots, such as the Back Bay Loop. Children are the most vulnerable group to being bitten by a dog, but anyone who a dog mauls can experience catastrophic and lasting injuries.
California enforces a strict liability law that states that: “The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness…”
This means that any dog owner in Costa Mesa that fails to control their pet and allows it to attack another person, whether the dog has shown any prior signs of aggression or not, can be held liable. We can help victims file a dog bite lawsuit in Costa Mesa.

Job injuries

Data from the National Safety Council shows that there are thousands of preventable work-related deaths annually across the U.S. The industry with the most injuries and deaths was construction. Some common causes of those injuries involved a person being hit by an object, an employee overexerting, or an object falling on them.

Costa Mesa has a broad mix of businesses, from retail stores and office buildings to construction sites to support the city’s growing population.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees and should prioritize their safety as a worker. If you did not receive proper training or you were working with faulty equipment, speak to a personal injury attorney in Costa Mesa, CA for more information.

Slip and fall accidents

Slip and falls usually take place at locations such as department stores or construction sites. For example, if a grocery store manager was informed about a leaky fridge and did not place a “caution when wet” sign or inform customers to be careful around the area within a reasonable time, then the manager or company can be sued for negligence.

Trip and slip lawsuits can also be filed when stairs, floors, sidewalks, and other underfoot areas are damaged or unsafe. Our attorneys are experts in dealing with premises liability issues in Costa Mesa.

Product liability lawsuits

You can file a product liability lawsuit in Costa Mesa if you have suffered an injury due to a dangerous or defective product. There are a few reasons that a product may be defective. It may have been designed poorly or manufactured, or the company may have cut corners with materials. It may also have come without proper use instructions or appropriate warning labels.

When a company involved in the distribution chain is negligent and puts consumers at risk, it should be held accountable. Contact our personal injury lawyers to find out if you could recover compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle accident

Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries for the victims. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable because bikes have little in the way of protection. A collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle can be catastrophic.

California Highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) shows that more than 80 people are injured in cycling accidents in Costa Mesa every year.
One incident that took place involved a cyclist being severely harmed. A 34-year-old Costa Mesa woman was riding her bicycle when she was suddenly hit by a pickup truck. The collision took place on Cecil Place and Newport Boulevard. She was rushed to the hospital and treated for serious injuries.
The Los Angeles Times reported another collision in which Jose Vasquez-Perez of Costa Mesa was killed in a bike collision. The 41-one-year old was killed in a hit and run. Authorities eventually caught the perpetrator, Taylor Evans, and arrested him on a DUI felony, hit and run charges, and vehicular manslaughter.

Motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents in Costa Mesa can be deadly. They often involve higher speeds but are also very dangerous because bikers are exposed without much in the way of safety devices.

Statistics show more than 400 motorcycle accident deaths across California annually, and there are plenty of examples of dangerous motorcycle incidents in Costa Mesa. 

In recent years there have been several serious incidents in the area. One biker was critically injured in a crash with an SUV, while another motorcyclist was killed in a collision.

Truck accident

Trucks can be deadly in the wrong hands. From large semi-trucks and big rigs to smaller pickups, these are large vehicles that can do serious damage.

The average commercial truck weighs 80,000 lbs and can reach 72 feet in length. Collisions can be caused by anything from speeding and distracted driving to driver fatigue. Aside from user error, some truck accidents in Costa Mesa might be caused by vehicle defects, such as brake failure.

Wrongful Death

When someone loses their life due to the negligence of another person or entity, it could constitute wrongful death. For example, if somebody is killed in a fatal accident in Costa Mesa, such as a car accident, the victim’s family could file a wrongful death lawsuit.

You could secure compensation for your losses when you file a wrongful death lawsuit in Costa Mesa. Nothing can bring a loved one back, but this can hold the wrongdoer accountable and give you a sense of justice, in addition to recovering the financial compensation you deserve. 


At Bisnar Chase, we do not only handle personal injury cases. We also have an expert team that takes on employment cases in Costa Mesa. Our attorneys handle employment cases, including wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, workplace harassment and discrimination, whistleblower lawsuits, and much more.

Establishing Fault for your Costa Mesa Accident Claim

Liability is one of the primary terms used to refer to a fault in a personal injury case. Responsibility for your injuries will fall on the wrongdoer, an individual or an organization. One of the main aspects that must be proven is negligence.

The law firm of Bisnar Chase holds wrongdoers accountable, be it individuals, entities, or large corporations. In doing so, we encourage the public to be more responsible, governments to properly carry out their duties, and manufacturers to make safer products.

Our passionate representation and pursuit of justice for injured clients and their families make us unique. You will see this passion when you make that initial phone call and schedule your free consultation. We’ve won cases where others have said it couldn’t be done. Our trial attorneys have had a successful track record in proving tough cases to juries. We go the extra mile for our clients to collect every cent in your case that the law and the circumstances allow.

Our mission is to provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place.

Contact a Costa Mesa Personal Injury Attorney

Our Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers have been representing injured clients involved in collisions such as pedestrian and bicycle accidents since 1978.

Our attorneys do not hesitate to take on significant cases against giant corporations that typically have high-priced legal defense teams at their beck and call. This is because we have the experience, expertise, and resources to get results.

We understand how a severe personal injury can turn lives upside down. It affects not only the individual who has suffered the injury but also his or her family members. It affects victims and families emotionally and financially. Our lawyers will fight for your legal rights every step and help ensure that you receive fair and full compensation for all your losses. Our legal services extend to multiple locations such as Riverside County, Los Angeles County, and other regions in Southern California.

Call the personal injury law firm of Bisnar Chase at 949-203-3814 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

Most Dangerous Intersection in Costa Mesa

Last 5 Years

  • 62 Accidents
  • 64 Injuries
  • 0 Deaths

City of Costa Mesa

  • Population: 112174
  • Avg Annual Auto Injuries per 1,000: 11
  • Costa Mesa Crime Index* 214.3

Nearby Cities Crime Indices

  • Newport Beach: 143.6
  • Fountain Valley: 153
  • Huntington Beach: 184.5
  • Santa Ana: 200.6
Adams Ave & Harbor Blvd intersection - street view image

* Crime index data taken from The national average is 315.5. The crime index is calculated using the population and severity of crimes vs the frequency of crimes committed.

More Unsafe Intersections in Costa Mesa

Harbor Blvd & Wilson St

  • Accidents: 74
  • Injuries: 61
  • Deaths: 0

Newport Blvd & 19th St

  • Accidents: 86
  • Injuries: 56
  • Deaths: 1

Harbor Blvd & Gisler Ave

  • Accidents: 59
  • Injuries: 50
  • Deaths: 0

* All intersection data is taken from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System and is measured over the last 5 years of local and arterial street car accidents (non-highway). The data is not updated in real time.

Costa Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Costa Mesa is a growing city with a rising population of about 115,000.
  • The city of Costa Mesa incorporates both freeways and surface streets. It has many auto accidents every year, including injuries and multiple fatalities.
  • Costa Mesa zip codes include 92626, 92627, 92628, 92646, and 92707.
  • If you have been injured in an accident in or near Costa Mesa, know your rights and contact a Costa Mesa personal injury attorney.

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Bisnar Chase Review - Natalie

I’m so impressed with this law firm. I lost my mother because of a seat defect when she was rear-ended in an auto accident and Bisnar Chase stepped up and took our case. The staff is wonderful and Brian Chase took his time explaining everything via phone with me. I’m honored to have the best of the best working on our family’s behalf, trying to get justice for my Mom, because of a negligent car company still manufacturing faulty seats. I look forward to working with this firm and am hopeful for a positive outcome. Thank you so much, Brian Chase. I know you will work your hardest on this case. God Bless you.

Natalie C.
Bisnar Chase Google Review

Bisnar Chase is a model #veteranowned business that is purpose-driven — showing the power of patriotism in action! Because of Bisnar Chase, low-income veterans will be able to forge new futures at home through pro bono legal care. Team Veterans Legal Institute is grateful to have Bisnar Chase as a sponsor for Lawyers for Warriors — supporting the promise to be there for our veterans when they need it most.

KellyAnn Romanych
Bisnar Chase Google Review

I had an attorney for my truck accident who wanted almost 60% of what my case was worth. Worse than that, he was willing to settle for $5,000.00 with the insurance company even though I was still treating for whiplash and back pain. I contacted Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys because a friend recommended them. My case was handled exceptionally well! I was being kept notified throughout the whole process and only when I was comfortable with the settlement figure, did my attorney Gavin Long, accept it. I felt like we were working together and I felt listened to. I would refer Bisnar Chase to anyone who wants quality over quantity!

Lauren B
Bisnar Chase Google Review

Great people in this office, everyone was really helpful explaining everything. I was referred by my aunt for my car accident in October and the case went pretty fast. No problems and very professional. I was kept in the loop thru the whole process and was able to get a better settlement than my insurance company said I would. I can’t really compare them to other law firms because it was the first time I had to use an attorney, but my bad experience with the car accident was handled as well as I could have hoped.

P. Montgomery

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP

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