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Fullerton Personal Injury Attorneys

Fullerton personal injury lawyers

Contact the Fullerton Personal Injury Lawyers of Bisnar Chase for a free consultation if you've been injured. Many people do not know who to turn to when they have experienced a catastrophic injury.

Since 1978 Bisnar Chase has been the voice for the severely injured.

We represent plaintiffs and have collected over $650 Million in winnings for over 12,000 clients. Bisnar Chase has earned a reputation for being top-notch lawyers who obtain high recoveries for their clients.

Call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation.

3 Elements That Classify a Personal Injury Case

Every suit is different depending on the type of injury that has been experienced. There are three main factors for solidifying that in fact, you do have a personal injury case. The following are three consistent determinate for a personal injury claim.

  1. Negligence: For example, if you have suffered from a dog bite due to the owner not supervising their pet this can be grounds for negligence. Negligent parties that are responsible for severe injuries can include property owners, employers, reckless drivers or pet owners.
  2. Pain and suffering: There are several ways that you can prove pain and suffering. Pain and suffering includes emotional, psychological and physical damages. Evidence of these types of losses can involve an accumulation of medical bills, lost wages and photos that were taken at the scene of the accident.
  3. Redeemable losses: The number of earnings that you will win will depend on the severity of your injury. Much of personal injury suits have what you would call “compensatory damages.” Compensatory damages are the losses a victim has faced after their accident. It isn’t until the person involved in the accident is compensated that they are made “whole” again. Types of losses that could be recovered in your personal injury settlement are medical expenses, physical therapy and loss of wages.

Fullerton personal injury attorneys

Personal Injury Claims for Animal Bites

The California dog bite law states that if a person falls victim to a dog bite the owner becomes strictly responsible for the damages the victim has faced. If your dog has been involved in an attack you must report the incident right away.  In some cases, if the dog attack was severe the dog is to be put in an enclosed area where it cannot reach other people. Whether your dog faces euthanization after an attack depends on the laws of the state.

What to do after a Fullerton animal attack:

Receive medical attention immediately: You must seek help from a medical professional right away. The quicker you get to a hospital the quicker you will receive care and the necessary medication for your injuries. It is also strongly suggested that you seek medical attention immediately just in case the dog is not vaccinated.

Compile as much evidence as possible: If there were any people that witnessed the attack, talk to them and ask them if they would contribute to your case. Also, any photographs of your wounds following the incident will aid you in receiving compensation for your medical bills.

Speak to a Fullerton personal injury lawyer: First and foremost, hold off on speaking to the dog owner’s insurance company. Contact an attorney first who specializes in these cases, so they may earn you the settlement you are entitled to.

Who Is Held Accountable?

Each year, millions of people experience serious injuries or even lose their lives to tragic accidents. Victims of the incidents and family members seek justice and compensation to move forward in the healing process.

There are a few components that hold an individual responsible for personal injuries. For example, if you have experienced a slip and fall due to a floorboard being wobbly at a store, the property owner would be held as the responsible party.Personal injury lawyers in Fullerton

One element of holding the negligent party responsible is the legal term of “the burden of proof” and the “preponderance of the evidence.” In a civil suit, both are needed to prove carelessness.

The burden of proof involves the plaintiff(victim) proving that the negligent party was the cause of their injuries. The preponderance of evidence displays to a jury evidence proves “more likely than not” the fact that the defendant indeed is accountable.

Injured at a Fullerton Construction Site?

In one year alone, over 5,190 construction workers were killed on the job.

Most of the causes of workplace injuries or deaths:

  • Electrocutions
  • Falls
  • Caught in machinery
  • Struck by equipment

There are many misconceptions of who is liable for an injured worker. Employers are not the only one who can be held accountable for the damages an employee faces. Other responsible parties can be manufactures of equipment used on the job site, contractors or engineers.

What to Look for in a Fullerton Personal Injury Lawyer

Many accident victims do not know how to claim a personal injury let alone find a suitable lawyer for their case. It is important though that you seek an experienced personal injury lawyer that specializes in the type of case that you have. The Fullerton personal injury attorneys at Bisnar Chase have been representing clients that have cases involving motorcycle accidents, car accidents, dog bites and slip and falls.

There are certain qualities that your personal injury lawyer should obtain such as:


Years of experience adds to the credibility of an attorney's legal representation skills. Through out the years the personal injury lawyer may have acquired good relationships with claims adjusters or even insurance companies. Hers/his reputation may be widely known as either good or bad. Search for current reviews Online to find out the types of experiences past clients have had with before proceeding with your injury claim.


Do you initially feel uncomfortable or intimidated the first time you meet with your attorney? If so it may serve in your best interest to seek out legal representation elsewhere. Suffering from an accident can be devastating and not building a good relationship with your lawyer does not only add stress to you but it can also weaken your case.

Offering the “No Win, No Fee” Option

If your personal injury lawyer does not win your case, then you are omitted from paying any fees. At Bisnar Chase we do not only make this our promise, but we also offer a free consultation with an experienced trial lawyer upon your call. Bisnar Chase mission statement is: "To provide superior client representation in a compassionate and professional manner while making our world a safer place."

Bisnar Chase Success Stories

From horrific car accidents to paralyzing on the job-incidents, since 1978 our personal injury attorneys have strived to win our clients what they deserve. John Bisnar and Brian Chase have built their success on excellent customer satisfaction.

Below are just a few of many client reviews of Bisnar Chase attorneys:

John Bisnar is like family, he really took care of us. I'm so happy that we found Bisnar Chase. They've been outstanding. They kept us informed with what's going on with the case.

- Maria Chan, former client

They were always diligent in following up with me and keeping me abreast of where they were in the process. They did everything, everything. They actually doubled the original offer from the insurance company.

- Ed Solomon, former client


Top-Notch Legal Representation

Many attorneys simply settle cases -- much to the chagrin of their clients, but our law firm has trial lawyers representing our clients and are willing to go to court for you. A jury trial can be a powerful tool in justice and if we feel the other party is not offering fair compensation, we are prepared to take your case to a jury.

Our mission statement has always been to provide superior client representation. We provide you with the highest quality of representation in the legal field. We will fight for you and with you until the job is done. We also strive to be extremely compassionate as we understand an injury carries a lot of physical and emotional stress for many.

Contact us today to see if you have a case. Whether its a car accident, dog bite or auto defect, our trained personal injury attorneys may be able to help you. Call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation.

Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys
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