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Chow Chow Dog Breed

chow chow dog breed

Chows: A beautiful breed that combines elegance and power, history and loyalty. The dignity these dogs carry in their confident posture is a perfect example of why these strong-minded dogs are loved so much.

But with all dog beeds, no one kind of dog is excluded from the risk of an attack or bite. With the sheer power the Chow exudes, owners must use caution to keep their Chow Chows locked up and away from others,especially if their Chow has a history of aggressive behaviors.

This page gives a break down on the Chow Chow breed. If you have been attacked by a Chow Chow or other dog breed and you need information on what to do next, contact us for your Free consultation and case evaluation at 800-561-4887.

Getting Attacked by a Chow Chow

Dog bites, animal attacks and any unwanted physical confrontations can be mentally traumatic, physically dangerous and overall an emotional rollercoaster.

Many people never figure they could ever be in the situation of coming face to face with an aggressive dog. That's why it is always a smart idea to plan ahead for everything, responsibly, appropriately, and effectively. Here are some tips to help you avoid a dog attack.

7 Tips to Remember When You're Getting Attacked by a Dog

Imagine this: You are walking down the sidewalk on your way to school, the store or a friends house, and you come to a large empty dirt lot between houses. You start walking through it and all of a sudden, you hear growling... You turn around and 20 feet in front of you is a large, growling black dog with foam around its mouth - what do you do? Nothing to jump on, nothing to defend yourself with; what do you do?

First, let's take a look at this brief video, How to Survive a Dog Attack, by Bright Side.

Whether it's a small, medium or large-sized dog, all confrontations can be quite frightening and feel like a long and hostile standoff. Sometimes, that's all it is, is a staring contest. But often, the dog feels threatened, confused, or a long list of other reasons why dogs attack, and could result in serious injuries or even death.

Here are 7 Tips to Remember When You're Getting Attacked by a Dog:

  1. Make sure you stay standing on your feet and never get down on the ground or allow the dog on top of you, if you are able to keep it from happening.
  2. If possible, keep or place an object/item between you and the attacking dog, such as a purse, backpack, skateboard, bike, even a cell phone - anything that can keep a protective barrier between you and the snapping jaws of the aggressive and attacking dog.
  3. Three Things to make sure you protect during the dog attack:
    1. Face
    2. Neck
    3. Groin
  4. Never pull away from a bite or show that you are struggling to "hold your own." Don't show any signs of weakness.
  5. Strike the dog continuously in a vital area (head, back, abdomen, genitals, eyes/face/mouth. Use any weapons available or objects/items that will make the dog want to stop and protect their safety from your defensive attack.
  6. Try and always appear larger, taller, louder, brighter and more powerful at all times.
  7. Never turn your back and run away from the dog.

History of the Chow Chow Dog Breed

The Chow Chow breed is one of the world's oldest dog breeds, dating back to before the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.)

Circa eighth century, an emperor of the Tang Dynasty was believed to have owned a facility with 5,000 Chow Chows and a staff of twice as many as permanent and full-time keepers.

Throughout time, the Chow Chow breed earned their stripes as guarders, haulers and hunters. Although the Chow Chow is not considered a "sport/sporting" type, they have an innate sense for tracking and hunting.

With the combination of a dynamic persona, serious minded power-houses of stamina, deep skill and strategy, as well as loyalty unlike most other dog breeds, the chow holds it's place as the #74 out of 194 other breeds.

Did You Know?

  • An ancient nickname for the Chow is derived from a Cantonese word meaning "edible."
  • Chow Chows were put on exhibit at the London Zoo in the 1820's, and marketed as the "Wild Dogs of China."
  • Queen Victoria popularized the Chow for the Western World later in the 1890's.
  • Chows were accepted into the American Kennel CLub (AKC) in the year 1903.

If you have been attacked or experienced a dog bite from an Chow Chow or other dog breed, you are always urged to seek medical attention immediately and to contact a team of skilled and highly experienced Dog Bite Lawyers.

Call us for a Free consultation at 800-561-4887 or visit us at

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What Reputation Do Chow Chows Have?

chow chow popularityHave you ever seen a chow in person? Have you ever owned a chow or knew someone who has? They are truly magnificent and unique dogs. Their loyalty and confidence are two traits Chows carry down from generation to generation and continue their legacy of solid and attractive qualities.

Besides their good looks, Chows are also very intelligent. Although Chows can come of stingy, stubborn and very strong-minded, with the right trainer, Chows can do anything other dogs can do, if not better.

With power and confidence comes the elevated risk of danger. A dog bite from a Chow has proven to be damaging and potentially fatal. Being mauled by a dog is obviously horrible, but the size and strength of an angry chow? Steer clear.

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Temperament of a Chow Chow

Known for their cleanliness, Chow owners say they are the cleanest dogs. The potty-train easy and quick, not a stinky breed, and are very fastidious.

The Chow breed is appreciated for its loyal companionship. They are standoffish towards strangers, loving and affectionate towards family members, intelligent and curious. Typically very focused and rarely ever clumsy or oblivious.

A "good Chow" should never be aggressive or shy, but we believe that about any dog, according to the nurture vs. nature theory.

You have experienced an aggressive Chow Chow or other dog breed, and have been injured or severely traumatized, seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow up with a Free consultation with one of our skilled Dog Bite Lawyers. Call 800-561-4887.

chow chow breed characteristic infograph


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Owning a Chow Chow

owning a chow chow dogEvery dog is different. Just because they come from the same breed doesn't mean they are going to act like all the other same breed dogs. Chow chows are one of the most unique popular breeds, and for good reasons:

  • There are rough-coated chows and smooth-coated chows, vbboth of which need regular grooming, twice per week.
  • Eye, ear and nail care regularly
  • The Chow chow is a very active dog. It needs walks, run, play time and moderation used when roughhousing or playing aggressively
  • Early training and socializing recommended to minimize the chances of aggression and any awkward social behavioral issues
  • Involving your Chow in first hand interaction with strangers, friends and family can benefit their aggression and emotional/physical responses toward people they do and don't know later in their life
  • Chows need a lot of praise and attention
  • Responsible breeding regardless of the breed

Chow Chows, like many other breeds require lots of attention, confidence in the owner, skillful handling and care when needed around others, such as elderly people or infants and toddlers. If you are looking to adopt or rescue a Chow, make sure you will be able to meet all of your dog's necessities.

Are Chow Chows More Aggressive Than Other Breeds?

aggressive chow chowsWith all things considered, it's relatively simple to just say certain breeds are more dangerous than the other, or one breed has a tendency for aggressive behavior, these dogs are prone to, so on and so forth. But when it comes to breeds being more aggressive than the other, were all factors considered?

Chow chows are relatively large dogs. This breed may be shorter and broader, a deeper bark and an impressive display of strength and power when it comes to playing, roughhousing or being aggressive.

Rather than judging a breeds overall aggressiveness as a whole, we believe you need to look at more than just the severity of the dog bite wound or injury.

First, we need to establish that Chow Chows are dogs and a popular breed at that:

  • Some Chows go for as much as $8,500 and more
  • They weigh from 40-90lbs and stand approximately 17-20 inches tall
  • Live about 8-12 years
  • Non-sporting dogs (even though they were used for hunting at one point)
  • Originate from Japan
  • The American version is larger than the Japanese version

With all of the other breeds in the world, of all different shapes, sizes and strengths, it's impossible to state whether the Chow breed have aggressive-dominant genes more than other breeds, without including ALL breeds temperament.

The Chow makes the list mostly because of its strength and size, where even though Chihuahuas are commonly known to be yappers, ankle biters and finger-tip-snippers, they aren't put on the same level as the chow.

Other dog breeds we have developed pages for include:

Overall, the danger of a specific dog breed is categorized by the severity of the bite that breed can inflict. Chihuahua bites are not as severe as a Chow bite, thus, the Chow is considered more aggressive - even though the Chihuahua may bark and bite more.

Medical Attention After a Chow Chow Dog Bite

aggressive chow chow breedNot everyone feels they need to go to the hospital, go to urgent care or even follow up with a doctor after being attacked or bitten by a dog. The problem with not seeking medical attention is that you run the risk of dangerous side-effects and symptoms of dog bites.

After getting bitten or attacked by a dog or Akita, make sure you do the following:

  • Make sure your environment is safe to call for help (Do your best to not endanger others)
  • Give as much information about your attack experience as possible
  • Be honest and do not downplay anything
  • Listen to your doctor/health care provider
  • Treat as directed
  • Document everything, especially throughout your treatments
  • Follow up with a skilled Dog Bite Lawyer

Regardless of the type of dog, all dog bite victims should seek medical attention immediately following a dog bite attack. All animals could potentially be carrying a disease that can easily be transferred through biting you.

Just because the bite is not really bad or doesn't hurt, doesn't mean you don't need to see a doctor. Having the dog bite wound properly cleaned, sterilized and bandaged is important to avoid any infections or issues down the road.

Seeking medical attention is also another great way of having your injuries documented in association to the dog bite attack. Trying to prove your case without injury documentation can make things very difficult and more complex than they need to be. It doesn't take long, and you will thank yourself when you receive the winning verdict and maximum compensation.

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How To Document Your Chow Chow Dog Bite Injuries

Every dog bite injury is different. Depending on the size, breed and aggressiveness of the attacking dog, many dog bites can often have a catastrophic result.

Documenting your injuries is one of the most important things you can do for your case. Trying to prove that all of your injuries are a result of the dog bite incident is difficult, unless done in the beginning, immediately after the dog bite attack, and here is how you document your injuries. Here is what you should do after your dog bite experience to ensure your dog bite case is as full-proof as possible:

  1. Once the environment is safe, seek medical attention:
  2. Call 911
  3. Drive to the nearest
    • Hospital
    • Urgent Care
    • Walk-In Clinic
    What not to do:
    • Do Not: Go to a Veterinarian
    • Do Not: Touch the wound with dirty hands/objects
    • Do Not: Attempt to play with the dog again
    • Do Not: Act like nothing happened

    Make sure, if you are able to safely do so, take pictures and video of the location, dogs involved, injuries, any witnesses and their testimonies, organized information of what happened, where, why, when and what.

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    How To Win Your Dog Attack Case with Bisnar Chase

    When you have experienced a traumatic dog attack, you need to make sure that your legal representation has the experience, skill and resources to win your case.

    Bisnar Chase has been representing and winning dog bite cases for over 40 years. With over $650 Million won, our reputation is strong, feared and always respected.

    Our team of skilled Dog Bite Lawyers have established a 99% success rate and we want to represent and win your case and get you maximum compensation possible.

    If you have further questions about what you should do, actions you have already taken or any other comments or concerns, call the skilled and experienced Dog Bite Lawyers of Bisnar Chase to represent you and your case, at 800-561-4887.

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