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Anaheim Dog Bite Lawyers

Anaheim Dog Bite Attorneys

According to AVMA, over 4.7 million people yearly suffer serious injuries from dog bites in the United States. If a dog bite has hurt you, please call us for a free consultation with our top-rated Anaheim dog bite lawyers.

Bisnar Chase has represented thousands of clients throughout California, and we are here to provide you relief. Our legal team has the expertise and resources to handle complex dog bite claims. We’ve recovered hundreds of millions for our clients with a 99% success rate.  There is no fee if we don’t win your case.

While many attorneys may turn down complex cases, we take them on. Call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation with no obligations.


Anaheim Dog Bite Resources

If You Have Been Bitten by a Dog in Orange County

Contact a qualified Anaheim personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after your dog bite injury. Taking photos and recording details after the attack will further help your attorney. This information will be used to file a dog-bite lawsuit against the canine owner.

Be sure to gather all the evidence you have, including witness statements. It can hurt the case, so be sure not to indulge in conversations with the insurance companies or the other side without consulting your attorney.

Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone other than your legal team, and do not sign anything. Your lawyer will guide you throughout the process to ensure you receive maximum compensation.


Treatment after Being Bitten by a Dog

After surviving a dog bite, the first step is to make sure you have moved to a safe location away from the dog.

It is best to seek medical attention immediately, especially if the dog has punctured or torn the skin. It is also strongly advised that you speak with the dog owner to learn more about the dog’s rabies immunization status.

Even if the injury after the dog bite does not look severe, it is still recommended that you see a doctor. The reason being is that although there may not seem to be any injury on the surface of the skin, there could be a possibility that the tissue under the skin could be damaged.

Quick actions to treat a dog bite injury

  • – seek medical attention immediately
  • – wash the wound with soap and water
  • – apply pressure to the wound
  • – ice the wound
  • – keep the wound clean and dry

Infection from dog bites

A dog bite infection can be a serious medical condition, so it’s essential to be aware of the symptoms and seek treatment as soon as possible. The most common symptom of a dog bite infection is redness and swelling at the bite site.

Other symptoms can include fever, pain, and drainage from the wound. If you think you or your child has a dog bite infection, it’s essential to see a doctor right away. The doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection.

Surgery may sometimes be necessary to drain the wound or remove damaged tissue. With prompt treatment, most dog bite infections can be successfully treated.

The medical expenses after the dog bite can be expensive. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket because of someone else’s negligence. Contact us, and one of our dog attack attorneys will fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Dog bite supportive therapy

Dogs are often seen as man’s best friend. But sometimes, even the best of friends can have a falling out. Dog bites are a serious problem, and they can happen to anyone. That’s why dog bites supportive therapy is so important.

This type of therapy can help people who a dog has bitten to recover emotionally and mentally from the experience. It can also help to prevent future dog bites from happening and how to be proactive to avoid future canine attacks.

Dog bite supportive therapy usually involves a combination of counseling and education. Counselors will help people to deal with the emotional trauma of being bitten. They will also teach people about dog body language and how to interact with dogs safely.

This therapy can be extremely helpful for people whose dog has bitten them.  It can help them to recover emotionally and mentally, and it can also help to prevent future dog bites from happening.


Dangerous Dogs

Potentially dangerous dogs can pose a serious risk to the safety of people and other animals. Depending on the state, the legal definition of a potentially dangerous dog may include any dog that has caused bites, injuries, or death to either a human or a domestic animal. Owners of potentially dangerous dogs may be subject to certain restrictions, such as leash and muzzle requirements, and may also be responsible for any damages caused by their dog.


Tragic Dog Bite Attack in Anaheim

Two-year-old Grayson Bishop and his mother Samantha were brutally attacked by dogs when leaving their Orange County home in 2016.

ABC 7 reported that two dogs escaped a neighbor’s residence and surrounded the mother and son. The dogs attacked and quickly started to chew on the mother’s arm.

After six minutes, Samantha and Grayson Bishop were finally able to enter their home when a man passing through the neighborhood came to their aid.

The toddler suffered a major laceration on his face and leg. Grayson’s father said that the incident left him shocked, and he hopes for it never to happen again.

“Very scary to know that, you know, we can’t walk out the door to get coffee wondering if there’s going to be an animal to come attack,” said Grayson’s father, Spenser Grayson.

Answers to Common Dog Bite Questions

You might not think it happens too often, but dog bites and attacks by dogs are a fairly common occurrence. Man’s best friend can turn on you in the blink of an eye, and when they do, it’s somebody’s moral and legal responsibility to pay for your pain and suffering.

Just because dogs are lovable creatures, it doesn’t mean they can’t become aggressive. Oddly enough, dog bites and attacks have increased nationally while dog ownership has remained the same. There are a few possible reasons for this:

  • Irresponsible dog owners
  • Drastic changes in temperature (during summer months) create irritability
  • More abandoned aggressive dogs in shelters
  • More mixing of large and dangerous breeds
  • Are dog attacks on the rise?

We can’t know for sure, but one thing we do know is that unprovoked dog bites will not be tolerated whatsoever. Especially in California, where the law is “one bite is enough.” A dog doesn’t have to show a propensity towards being aggressive or even have a past for biting. 

Strict Liability

California has a strict liability rule regarding dog bites.  Dog owners are subject to “strict liability” regarding dog bites, which means that the dog owner is legally responsible for any injuries caused by their dog, regardless of the animal’s history of violence or if the owner was negligent. To receive compensation for a dog bite, a person must prove that the dog’s owner is legally responsible for the incident.

Proving a California Dog Bite Claim

There are a few things you need to prove before you have a solid dog bite case:

  1. The defendant owned the dog
  2. The dog bit the plaintiff
  3. The plaintiff was lawfully on the premises where the dog bite took place
  4. The dog bite caused the plaintiff’s injuries

What if the dog owner knew of the animal’s aggressive or violent history? Victims must only show that the dog bit them and caused injuries. 

Do You need An Attorney for Your Case?

That depends on how complex your case is and the extent of your injuries. If you have a relatively simple case, you may be able to negotiate a settlement with the dog owner to pay your medical costs and time off work.

If it’s more complex than that, involving surgery, follow-up care, mental or emotional trauma, and pain and suffering, then a dog bite attorney with a lot of experience would be ideal for handling your dog bite lawsuit.

This is especially true if you receive extended medical care because of the injuries, as your future medical expenses can be ongoing.

It’s also quite common for insurance companies to try and derail your dog bite claim. They’ll use every tactic in their arsenal to deny the claim, and a personal injury attorney with experience in dog bites can increase compensation.

in Anaheim, as throughout the rest of California, allows dog bite victims to file a claim for damages that can help them recover their losses. However, dog bite claims always have the potential to become complex. If a dog has injured you or someone you love, it is important to speak to an Anaheim dog bite lawyer who can help you with your dog bite lawsuit.

California Dog Bite Statute Meaning

Even if there is a sign posted on the premises that declare “Beware of dog,” and a person is bitten while on your property, you will still be at fault.

Short of someone attacking you or being on your property without consent, a dog bite is the owner’s fault and can result in heavy fees if a case is brought.

Homeowners’ insurance will usually cover the general liability of a dog bite unless the breed has been excluded. If that’s the case, the person could be personally sued by a dog bite victim.

California state law recognizes that a personal injury victim’s experience deserves compensation, and a dog attack can be a terrifying and traumatic ordeal.

Our Anaheim dog bite lawyers are valuable for calculating the damages you can include in your personal injury claim. The attack likely resulted in physical injuries such as deep scratches, puncture wounds, soft tissue injuries, and possibly even broken bones. Dog bite victims have the right to seek compensation and to be rewarded pain and suffering including PTSD.

Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Anaheim

If you need more information give us a call and one of our skilled Anaheim dog bite attorneys will be happy to assist you. We can go over the details of your case including medical treatment, loss of earnings, and continued therapy.

Time is of the essence to preserve your rights. Be sure to provide your attorney with all of the evidence you have collected from the attack. Call 949-203-3814 for a free consultation.

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