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Do I have a case for my car accident injury?

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Anaheim Bus Accident Attorneys

The experienced Anaheim bus accident attorneys at Bisnar Chase have more than three decades of experience helping injured victims and their families obtain fair compensation for their injuries, damages and losses. We treat each and every case with care, compassion and commitment. Our personal injury lawyers have collected hundreds of millions for our clients and you may be entitled to compensation too.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Anaheim bus accident, please call our experienced attorneys at 949-203-3814 for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

Frequent Bus Accidents in Anaheim

There's a lot of tourist traffic in Anaheim California. The Disneyland Hotel, amusement park and hundreds of motels and lodging create street congestion that residents of Anaheim are all too familiar with.

The buses clog the streets in Anaheim dropping off and picking up passengers to all the tourists destinations day and night.

Because of this traffic congestion and the aggressiveness of some of the bus companies to get their passengers to and from on-time, a large majority of the accidents on downtown Anaheim streets are from buses and commercial transportation owned by private companies.

The sheer number of tourist attractions in Anaheim is a recipe for road disaster. House of Blues, ESPN Bar, The Jazz Kitchen and hundreds of other dining and entertainment spots have the city streets packed with taxi cabs and buses. Bus accidents are very different from other types of vehicle accidents.

In these types of vehicle accidents, most are owned by commercial operators that affect other drivers on the roads. This changes the type of case you may have if you were involved in a car to car accident with another driver. The company that owns the buses has a duty to protect their passengers and the general public so taking action against them may be twofold and require the help of a seasoned and experienced bus accident attorney.

When you or a loved one has been injured in an Anaheim bus accident, it is important that you seek the counsel of a local experienced bus accident attorney who has successfully handled bus accident cases like these and is familiar with the problems of Anaheim transportation issues.

A lawyer you choose to represent you must have experienced handling cases involving large vehicle accidents. He or she would also have experience working with accident reconstruction and biomechanics experts.

In addition, the lawyer you choose should be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as they apply to bus companies and bus drivers. Here are some general guidelines about choosing the right Anaheim bus accident attorney to represent you.

Bus Transportation Experience Matters

Dealing with an accident or injury is stressful. Medical bills, insurance claims, time off work and other factors can make recovery hard. It is important to ask an attorney how long he or she has been practicing law specialized in commercial transportation matters.

This will become more important when you have a case that involves complex legal issues and investigations, and it is also important that you find out if he or she has experience handling bus accident cases and to what degree. A standard consumer attorney may not be enough. One well versed in injury and accident cases should be consulted.

A trial lawyer is recommended to protect your rights in case the claim cannot be settled outside of court.

There are several issues that are unique to bus accident cases. For example, bus accident cases involve laws that are specific to bus companies and bus drivers. The attorney should understand the concept of "duty of care" that a mass carrier owes to their passengers. The attorney may also have to deal with a variety of players such as insurance companies, bus companies, transit authorities, governmental agencies and defense attorneys.

Attorney Track Record

The quality of the attorneys experience is also critical. What is the law firm's success rate? How much have they recovered for injured victims or their families? What is the law firm's reputation? How are they rated by their clients and peers on lawyer rating web sites such as Avvo.com? Did you ask for a list of their case results? Results really matter in any profession and personal injury law is no exception.

Also, ask the lawyer about how many cases they have settled and how many have gone to trial. Although a majority of personal injury cases settle out of court, it is good to know that your attorney, in addition to being a skilled negotiator also has trial experience and can take the case to trial if necessary. When you do your research, also look into whether the attorney has been disciplined by the California State Bar. Remember, you are entitled to know the disciplinary record of any lawyer you are interviewing.

Immediate Legal Help

Call and talk with one of our bus accident lawyers. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Bisnar Chase has a proven track record of multi million dollar wins four our clients. Call 949-203-3814 today.

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